Aunt Chick's Cookie Cutters

Aunt Chick's™ Jolly Days Set

Aunt Chick's™ Jolly Days Set

Not available since the 1960's! These cookie cutters were only offered for a limited time - now Gramma's Cutters brings them to you! Both cookie cutters are exact reproductions of the originals, and are as cute as ever. The sweet little angel is in profile and is saying a prayer. The Manly Cowboy is in chaps and looks perfect when made with the Aunt Chick Gingercookie recipe.

Cookie Cutter sizes:
· Cowboy Cookie Cutter is 5" Tall
· Angel Cookie Cutter is 3.5" Tall

Cost: $10 a set
(set cannot be broken)
All cookie cutters are made with FDA approved plastic and come bagged with Aunt Chick's recipes and decorating instructions.