Aunt Chick's™ Jolly Santa Cutter Special

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Aunt Chick's™ Jolly Santa Cutter Special

This set comes in a minimum set of 4 Jolly Santa Cutters and you add more for gifts! Each cutter will come packaged with a recipe booklet. You will have to choose either "Add No Additional Jolly Santa Cutters or up to 3 more).

For a limited time Gramma's Cutters, Inc is offering 4 Jolly Santa Cutters in a pack (these are made from the same Jolly Santa Cutter mold as the original Aunt Chick's Jolly Santa). Great for families who want to keep the tradition alive and have one for every member. Also a wonderful idea for office gifts or cookie swaps.

Cost: 6.00 per Jolly Santa Cookie Cutter
(All Jolly Santa's with a minimum order of 4)

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