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Audrey D
Dec 23 2015
Reading all the wonderful stories has brought back a flood of memories. My mom stated baking these cookies for my brother around 1949. He would have been about 3 at the time. throughout my childhood these cookies were a must have at Christmas time. I can remember every flat surface in the kitchen being covered with the cookies as we decorated up to 3 batches in a single day. At first I was in charge of putting in the raisin eyes. By the time I was in my teens I had mastered the sugaring of the cheeks and nose and graduated to making 7 minute frosting to frost the hat and beard. Mom's original cutter broke in the lat 60's but she was able to track down a full Christmas set and we were back in business. I still have the original cutter that like many of the other stories, is held together with glue. I will be ordering a new set for the girls in my family so that they can keep the tradition alive. I lost the cutter during a recent move but found it hiding in an old cookie tin. The cookies are baked and tonight they get decorated. This will be the first year that my great nieces and nephew will bet them. Thank you for making these precious cutters available to us again.


Kara Sherrill
My mom had the santa face cookie cutter all my life gave me and my sister one each before she passed, every year she would make these santa's for our class rooms .. of course we took over the tradition and now our kids are doing the same...


My husband remembers his mother decorating Santa cookies all his life. After we had our son, we looked for and found the same cookie cutters that she used. We have made it our family Christmas tradition to decorate Santa cookies in an "assembly line" process. We play Christmas music and everyone has a job on the assembly line. We have included not only our family, but our friends in some of our decorating productions. The best thing is that no two cookies are ever the same. Everyone uses their own imagination to make each cookie unique and wonderful. Our son is now 29 and we continued this tradition with his girlfriend and her mother this year. Hope you enjoy our pictures and begin your own traditions and memories.


George Kahlbaugh
Hello, I was so happy to find the Santa cookie press on your site. My story of the Santa cookies goes back to 1962. My dad was a physician and every year at Christmas, one of his patients would bring him one Santa cookie for each of the children. That kept going through 5 children and will into the 1990's until the cookie lady as we knew her was too arthritic to continue. As a present, she gave me the Santa cookie mold to keep the tradition going which I have. Every Christmas I make enough cookies for my brother, three sisters and their children, about 20 in all. This year the mold cracked and I was afraid I was going to have to find an alternative. I gave the internet a try and found your site and ordered 4 more Santa molds. Thanks for continuing to keep a great tradition through the exchange of cookies going. Best Regards, George


My mom made these Santa's for my Christmas parties at school every Christmas. The kids still comment on them. Mom and I tried to figure out how old the cutter was and knew it was over 55 yrs. I was asked to make cookies for my 35 yr. class reunion for a cookie know I had to make some of these little guys and they were the hit of the show :) Thank you so much for carrying them still. My daughter will get my set someday but I wanted her to have her own until then so I ordered them. I use Wilton's buttercream icing recipe for the decorating part. Soooo delicious.....

Love them so much!!!!


Patti Gee
Over 50 years ago, my father drove a truck for Consolidated Freightways. He did local deliveries. One of his deliveries was to Aunt Chick's. He was personally requested to be their delivery driver for each of their deliveries. One day he was called in to the building and the story was shared with him of the SANTA COOKIE cutter. He was given a set by "Aunt Chick" and so it began. My mom would bake these Santa cookies every year for each of us children for our Christmas parties at school. There were 5 of us children with 30 children or so in our home do the math. These were the hit of the school and requested by the teachers each year thereafter. When on one of my dad's deliveries he shared this story and was given 5 more sets so that each of us had a set when we had grown and became parents. We have all ordered for our children and the children's children. Needless to say as I sit here typing this wonderful memory of my dad and this story my niece has just facebooked me with pictures of the Santa cookies she is now baking for Christmas this year. What wonderful memories. My granddaughter who is 8 looks forward to us doing these each year now. Thank you.


Sandra Jacobs Riley
I purchased these cutters when I was 12 or 13. Since then I have been making them every year. I have ordered colored dragees for the christmas trees, painted with sugar, frosted the beard and layered them with coconut. I ordered new cutters a couple of years ago for my daughter and daughter-in-law so they could pass on the tradition.
I dearly love the cutters, still have the original recipe that was folded in the box from 1949, that I believe I paid $1.50 for the whole set.
I posted pictures on facebook this year and most thought they were the cutest cutters ever seen. I use the beaten egg white, paint it on a space, sprinkle the color on that I want, and go onto the next color. I am trying to download some pictures, and hope you can see them. I downloaded three.


Bea Whetsel
My Gandmother started making Santa, my Mom continued the tradition. I remember taking a Santa to the neighbors to give away to the "believers". I now carry on, making and giving away, and teaching my daughter. I am now on my 4th cutter set.


Melanie Braukman
I am now 69, my sister is 59 and my brother is 64. Some of our fondest Christmas memories are of decorating the Christmas cookies using this set. Dad would always do the Santas when we were little. I 'borrowed' (on a permanent basis, it turns out) Mom's set when I married and had my children. I haven't made them for probably 20 years - my eldest is 41, her brother is 37. Took a picture of the set and sent it to my daughter, and she was flooded with memories. I am about to try making the star and tree with my two youngest granddaughters - 2 1/2 and 4 - today, hopefully re-starting a family tradition. Sadly, Santa lost his ball from his hat, so we cut it by hand, and the tree cracked and is held together with tape. (Anyone know a good glue that isn't toxic?) But, fortunately I found the original directions that came with the cutters, and began a search with The Chicadee's out of Tulsa, and it led me to your site. Thanks for being there to restore old memories.


Tian foss
When I met my husband, his mother for Christmas had these Santa cookies. Her 4 sons ranted about these Santa cookies. My husband and I have been married 22 years now. And we alwys wait for grandma to come so our kids and I can make the Santa cookies with grandma, now that we live 22 hours away. 2 years ago, grandmas cookie cutter cracked on her trip to our home. Since this was the same cookie cutter her mother had used to make Santa cookies, she was sad. We continue to use the cracked cookie cutter. Today in my quest for the perfect gift, I finally got to your website to find grandmas Santa cookie cutter. I purchased one for each family for Christmas so, the Santa cookie can live on long past the crack. Thank you... This is going to be a GRAND Christmas!!!!

Sue Pentzer      
I don't have a childhood memory of making Santa cookies. However, within months of marrying my husband, my mother-in-law handed me a Santa cutter and said, "This is a Pentzer family tradition."
My husband and I have been married 30 years and I've missed only 2 years making the cookies. It's just not Christmas without Santa cookies!

Our son just asked for a cutter as a wedding present so that he and his fiancé could continue the tradition that "Nanny" had established. (his sisters had already received theirs as gifts when in college) Little did he know I had already ordered his set as a wedding shower gift.

I'm so thankful that I could find a way for all of my children to have their own cutters. Thank you.
Autumn N      
My great grandmother would make Christmas cookies every year using the 4 Christmas cookie cutters. She had done it every year since I was a little girl (for at least about 20 yrs). the past 3-5 years she was unable to make them because she was getting older and ill. Well this past year in October 2011, She passed away. Luckily I had been given the very old cookie cutters months before hand before I moved away to Hawaii. So this last Christmas I picked up the tradition of making the Christmas cookies with my daughter. We made a whole bunch of them and decorated them like i used to with my Grammy. They were so used that 2 of them were cracked and the stocking was broken. Finally I found the website where to order these cookie cutters and I made my order for new cutters today. Thank you Gramma’s Cutters/ Aunt Chick Cutters for your help in our wonderful family Christmas tradition. I will continue it every Christmas. :)
Teri Hurly      
When I was just a small lass my mother and great aunt used to make these cookies. We've loved making and decorating them. My aunt's santa face cookie cutter was held together by tape because it had been used so much.
The tradition has carried on with all my siblings and my children and grandchildren as well. So we have carried this through 5 generations to date. We make the cookies the day after thanksgiving and decorate the last sunday before christmas. Many mistakes have been made. They give us the funniest stories.
Cindy Fitzgerald      
Aunt Chick's Merry Xmas Cookie Cutters have been a very special addition to our holidays since my mother started making the christmas cookies for my 1st Birthday. I am now 60 years old. My birthday is in December, close to Christmas and she always made the Santy Face Cookies for my Birthday treat at School. I still have classmates commenting they remember the Cookies. I am very proud to say after my mother stopped making these cookies, I inherited the cookies and made them for my children and now I am making the Santy Face cookie, trees, stockings, stars, and snowmen. My family is delighted each and every year Christmas would not be Christmas without the Xmas cookies. One year I was sick and I mentioned I would not be making the cookies that year, my Grandson told me we have to have the special Xmas Cookies for Christmas. He also volunteers me to make the cookies for potluck parties he is invited to. "My Grandma makes the most beautiful Xmas Cookies you have ever seen!" He loves the excitement when the cookies are received. Since my cutters are glued and very old I am thrilled to get replacements, only I wish you were given the choice of Santa or Santy as Aunt Chick offered in the orders.
We moved to Nevada in 1948 and I sent for my first set of cutters with a Swiftning Shortning label. I made the cookies for years and my cutters broke. In 1964 I visited a neighbor and she showed me her new cookie molds. I was so happy to have finally found how to replace my broken cutters. With the address I ordered new cookie molds. Aunt Chick replied by writing on the back side of my letter. She was 82 at the time and assured me that someone in the family would have the cutters available for the future. Years later my kids discovered the cutters were available online and I have enjoyed making them ever since. I am now 84.
I made my Christmas sugar cookies this year using Gramma's cookie cutters for the first time since my childhood. You wouldn't believe how the wonderful memories flooded back to me at this special time of year. I remember how my sister and I used to decorate them with lots of frosting and sprinkles. I remember how my Mom had to clean them all up from the floor. I was so fortunate to share my Completed cookies with my Mom Thanks for bringing back my childhood. Carolyn
Steve Hullfish      
My grandparents always made these. They eventually rounded up ALMOST complete sets for their grown children (my dad included) from garage sales. I'm a TV producer and am used to tracking down stories and people. The first trick was that no one in my family knew what company made them... after several days of calling (this was pre-internet) various cookie cutter manufacturers and describing and faxing photographs, someone finally came up with a name - Aunt Chick. But they didn't know where you could buy them, but with a name, it was much easier to finally track down a company that actually owned the molds. I was prepared to have an entire run pressed just for me, but they had a few sets and I bought every one that they'd sell me. One for every single brother and cousin in my generation.

When they arrived, I was shocked that the ancient recipe card inside was not the same as my grandmother's recipe. I called her, indignant that the company had duped me. Not to worry, she told me... she'd long ago lost the original recipe, and the family recipe was completely made up! She said we should use the one that came in the box!
Growing up, my grandmother made Aunt Chick cookies with the original cutters, all perfectly decorated! My mom carried on the tradition, and now my sister and I use the original cutters and recipe to create our own cookies. Once my own children were grown, I started borrowing friend's kids to help with the decorating! As beautiful as they are (I have all the original instructions) made perfectly, there is nothing like a child's handiwork on a Christmas cookie! This Christmas, our children were asked what games and activities they might like - and guess what? Even in their late 20's, they asked for decorating Aunt Chick cookies! It isn't Christmas without them.
Like so many before me I watched my mother make these Christmas cookies when I was very young. I'm in my sixties now, and since I have grandkids, I want them to experience the joy I had watching my mother decorate them and helping her as I got old enough. My mother was so good at decorating she became a cake decorator. I enjoyed seeing the look on our neighbor's faces when I delivered a plate of them as Christmas gifts. Thank you for manufacturing these cutters again. If you ever do any of the others, such as the reindeer or angel, please contact me.
Jonathan Lane Jr.      
For as long as i can remember that’s 30 Christmas' my family has been making these Santa Claus cookies. It started with my Grandmother and then my Aunts and even my Father would make these fantastic cookies for me, my siblings and cousins to take to school and let me tell you there where at any given year 4 to 500+ cookies. For anyone who has made them knows that’s like 4 days of worth of cookies. The only bad thing about this tradition was the fact that no kids where allowed to eat there cookie until Christmas day unless the was a broken one and let me tell you occasionally there would be an accident and one would fall from the tree LOL it wasn't until a few years ago when my Aunt passed away and I wanted to start making them that it dawned on me why we couldn’t eat them. I would like to thank Aunt Chicks for helping my family keep a Christmas tradition together for over 50+ years and maybe someday my son and his family will make them as well.
My Mother baked the Christmas cookies every year when we were young. I found a set in 1964, paid $1.00 for it. Have been baking them every year since. I just finished baking them for my great grandchildren. My only problem is, my tree cutter somehow got broken after all these years but I managed to put the 2 pieces together and get my trees made!!!
1950's-1960's I waited in December for Grandma (who raised me) to begin her dough making for the famous Santa's Face cookies. It was a procedure, dough one day, cookies another and later that night she would decorate. I still have friends who remember the beautiful cookies that Grandma made.
If only the children today could appreciate the happiness and love just a cookie could bring.
Wonderful memories of seeing the Aunt Chicks Christmas Box Cookies Cutters come out for the happy they are still around.
Jan B      
My family and friends have been making the wonderful Santa cookies for over 50 years.I even had my dentist repair my cutter when they were not available. I have made them for school functions, family parties and all have loved them. Thank you Aunt Chick and family for this wonderful cutter.
The Merry Christmas cookies, featuring the wonderful Santa, have been made by me or my mother for 58 years. We prefer the cookie recipe with lemon flavoring. It is a delicately flavored, delicious cookie, with just the right amount of lemon and a sturdy dough for rolling, cutting and baking. I have my mother's original box, cookie cutters (still in good shape after all these years), and recipe sheet that came with the set. I have a picture of my mother, pregnant with me, decorating them. As children, my oldest brother and I helped decorate and as I grew older, my mother taught me her special secrets for easing dough out of the molds and baking and decorating. When I became a mother, I continued the tradition, enlisting the help of my two children as decorators. They may be grown, but I will continue the tradition because nothing brings a smile to the face of my autistic brother like seeing a Santa cookie made especially for him. To him, it is not Christmas without those cookies. My mother passed last year just before the holidays, and baking the cookies helped ease that transition for me. Like many others who shared their stories, my mother made many of the Santa cookies. She had a day care center for years and always made a Santa for every child. Those were my decorating years and I remember visions of Santas, not sugarplums, dancing in my head! Early onset Parkinson's Disease makes it a challenge to bake and decorate, but a lovely young neighbor friend will help me this year. My soldier son will be on leave from Afghanistan; my daughter and son-in-law will be here for an early Christmas. We will have a joyful time, and we will visit my special brother to share our cookies and family tradition. Before I found the web site, I was thrilled to discover a set of cookie cutters in an antique shop so I could buy them for my daughter. I will buy a set for my son, too, for his future. Traditions are important to weaving strong family history, especially these days when life is complicated. Thank you for your company that supports so many families continuing their precious memories. And, yes, I recognized the cookie cutter from the Sundance Catalog. I thought about calling them and telling them about it, but I decided they would not be interested. After reading the story from another person who searched the web after seeing the Santa cookie in the catalog, I wish I had! My apologies for making her work so hard. It is easy to see she is a true admirer of Santa!
I just got finished making cookies for my first cookie exchange using the Santa and Christmas tree cutters. I used them as a girl growing up in Chicago and have inherited the cutters from my Mom who traditionally made the Santa cookies for all my teachers in elementary school when I was growing up.
I couldn't sit that long at the kitchen table when I was young, so my job was to put the raisins in the eyes.
Well, today I mixed the dough, baked and decorated 48 of them! She is looking down and having a great laugh! Probably saying, "it took you long enough!" I'm 56
Moina Cooper      
I was born in 1956 and my grandmother had all the Aunt Chicks cutters. I could hardly wait for Christmas just to see the beautiful Santa cookies. When she passed away 25 years ago I asked for the cookie cutters. I continued the tradition. I moved away from my family fifteen years ago but I still mail Santa cookies to all the family. One year I didn't have time and trust me that will never happen again. Do not let go of tradition.
My husband's family always talked about the Santa face cookies that his grandmother made. The family really wanted to keep the tradition alive but had long since lost the special cookie cutter. I have spent the last 3 years searching and I have finally found it!! Now to figure out which recipe she used...
Ruth Deutmeyer      
My story sounds so much like everyone's story, but tradition is tradition.My mother had these red cutters that we used every year that I could remember from my childhood. I received the cutters from my mother and have carried on the tradition, even gluing across the top of the Santa cutter so I could continue to use it. I have ordered a dozen of the Santa cutters to give to my siblings, my children and my grandchildren.Everyone loves to look at the cookies first but somehow cannot keep from eating them.
I've been making your cookies for 51 years. Since I was 7 in my mothers kitchen. I made them with my children and their friends every year. Now we have a decorating party with our friends every year. After a few glasses of wine we get some interesting cookies. It is such fun we actually have two decorating parties a year. One with family and one with friends. It is a wonderful tradition.
Jo-Ann Boepple      
I found a copy of Aunt Chick's pie book in my mothers cookbook collection when she passed away. It was not in very good condition, falling apart. I showed it to my granddaughter who was a student at Michigan State Univ. and she was doing her work study in the school library. She said that she could fix my book. She took it to school and put a clear cover on it and glued all of the pages. It was as good as new. My granddaughter loved the book so I looked on eBay and found a copy, purchased it and gave it to her in thanks for the great job she did. She loves the book and uses it all of the time just as i do. My mother would be so happy to see the recipes past on.
Melinda Hardin      
My mother, Florence Hardin, made Santa Claus cookies every year, from my early childhood until about two years ago. She is now 100 years old. Until a few years ago, she would make a cookie tree, a small artificial tree on which she would hang the Santas. When children came to visit at Christmas time, they always left with a cookie. I have tried to continue the tradition, but we have moved around so much that I have only occasionally been able to make the cookies. Apparently, my cutter is in storage, so I had to order another one. I hope I'll find time to make the cookies for my friends' grandchildren this year! My first grandchild is due in February.
I don't have a childhood story but am so happy to have tracked down the Santa face cookie mold that was used for the cover shot of the Sundance jewelry catalog. I contacted Sundance and they tried to help me, and then I kept on web searching until this site and the mold that was obviously used for the cookie showed up. I just ordered it and hope to make my cookies look like the cover photo from that catalog.
Johnye Beasley Tarabocchia      
I have letters from Bill McBee dated 1976. My family have been making these cookies sine before that. Tonight I finished 55 Indian cookies to give to friends. They were a lot of work but I know these gifts will be received with fondness.
Tina Rowntree      
For the past three years, I have had an event at my home where we serve lunch and ask everyone to bring presents for the Christmas Bureau. Every year we get hundreds of gifts for the needy children. Everyone who attends leaves with a Santa cookie. I think that they keep coming back because they love the cookies. I have a different color scheme each year. Red hats and green trees the first year, Silver hats and trees two years ago, muted pinks and greens creating an old fashioned cookie last year. This year may be gold and white.
I also make extra cookies and include them with the money gifts I give to people who help me out through the year.
Norine Jordan      
In early '60's I sent for a Santa molded cutter with recipe. There was a choice of it or a tree and I think it was from a magazine, possibly Woman's Day. The recipe has never failed and I have made the Santa cookies every year since. Now my children are middle-aged, my grandchildren are marrying and having children. Some of the grands come to roll, cut out and decorate Santas with me still. I am 82.

The cutter is red plastic and looks like yours. It has a crack now and I must get a new one. I was afraid I would never find one.

The recipe is on a page of paper and in text form with a little girl shown following instructions, all in black and white. The little girl was five at the time and her name was Barbara. Her Grandmother gives the instructions. The recipe makes no mention of Aunt Chick nor had I heard of her before finding her on line. I have never known anyone who makes this exact cookie. This one is so cute when decorated even when I got old and less careful. I shall send a picture of my cookies when find one.

Sincerely, Norine Jordan
Bonnie Shugart      
When I was little back in the '60's, my mother, who worked full time would make these beautiful Aunt Chick cookies - Santa Claus, Indian Chief, Stocking, Snowman, Tree, Angel, Star, Santy - not only to hang on the tree, for we had few ornaments, but also for my and my sisters' and brothers' classroom Christmas parties. In those days we had the same kids in the same classroom year after year, and the kids favorite anticipated treat were those beautiful and delicious cookies! I don't know how my mom managed to do it all, for we had around 25 kids per classroom!
My sister and I have kept up the tradition, and I have hopes of training my daughter-in-law to do the same.
Ginny Emaus      
When I was growing up in the 50's my mom had a number of Aunt Chick's cookie cutters. There was one for every holiday and we loved having those cookies to celebrate.

When my girls were growing up they were passed to me. Every Christmas we baked and decorated Santas, Stockings, Trees and Stars, for Halloween we made Jack-O-Lanterns and at Easter we made Bunnies. The girls would paint and decorate the cookies with a flourish and the kitchen would be a mess, but that was part of the fun. We even made ornaments with them as gifts from the children.

As the years went by, my cutters started to crack and we had to be very gentle with them to preserve them. The girls, all four of them began to "discuss" who the cutters would be passed to next. Needless to say, it was a very lively discussion and would start every time we used them.

A few years ago when I found this site, I was more than thrilled and began ordering sets of cutters for each of my girls so that they can each have all of them to use with their children. My grandkids will be the fourth generation of Aunt Chick's lovers!
Marlys Hartman      
Many years ago, my dear Mother purchased the Santy Cookie Cutter, Star, etc and for years we would make the cherished Santa for Christmas getting together on a fun Saturday to make these beautiful cookies, at my Mother's death on November 8, 1967 at the age of 53, I got that cherished cookie cutter-always kept in the box--and to this day I have that box and the original cookie cutter, cracked with age---of which I purchased a new one---and every year I make that cherished cookie and decorate it---my children, at the time of my Mom's death my son was just barely 3---and then in 2970 our Daughter Andrea was born, and this is a tradition to have this cookie---I don't have any idea over the years how many of these beautiful cookies have been rolled out, cut, baked and decorated---but I know many lives have been touched with this precious and cherished cutter that my Mother so lovingly bought and kept and that I as the only Daughter inherited as one of the most cherished treasures I could have ever received----it has brought a lot of happiness in our family and it is a way of remembrance of that very dear Lady I called my MOM---to this day each year brings a tear and many smiles as we make and share these beautiful Santa cookies with friends and our family---Please know we love them so dearly----Marlys Beyer Hartman---2019 Hunziker Drive, Ames, Iowa 50010. I do know that is the one thing my two children ask for every year that we always have the Santa Claus Cookies and if they had nothing else, it would not matter as long as they have the Santa Cookies.
Susan Jernigan      
As far back as I can remember as a child, I was born in 1951, my mother made these cookies every Christmas. They became Mary's Santa Cookies because everybody wanted them at church, school, for parties. As soon as we got old enough to paint on Santy's face we started helping with the cookies. She still has the first one she ever had that is a clear red plastic, a little worn but she has it!! I have been now married 40 years and have made them all but 1 year because we had an ice storm which knocked out our electricity for over a week. Now my Mom is 84 and her hands don't work so well so my three sisters and I have picked up the slack and bring them every Christmas Day for the Grands because they say it's not Christmas without the Santa head cookies. Now our children are grown and each has their own set of cookie cutters hopping they will continue this tradition with their families. The day I found Aunt Chick's and that we could get replacements because all of ours were cracked you should have heard the phones ringing. How many do you want Yeah I found them!
So now we all have new ones!
Peg Miller      
I am the oldest of nine children and all the Christmases that I can remember, my Grandma Grace Elliott made us Santa Claus cookies. Later after I was married and had children of my own Grandma continued to send my family carefully packed Santa Claus cookies every year.
When Grandma was 90 she had to go to a nursing home and when I asked her about her cookie cutters she couldn't remember what had happened to them. I thought I would never taste them again.
When Grandma died at age 991/2, my brother Joe found the cookie cutters in a box in storage. He and his wife started making the cookies and sending them out every Christmas to all of our family.
When I became a grandmother, he surprised me by sending me the cookie cutter (now cracked and glued) with the original recipe, food coloring for the eyes and cheeks with a fine paint brush and a letter saying--now you are the grandma!
When I read the recipe and found out that the cutter was Aunt Chick's I went on the computer and found your site and ordered a new cutter. I love it and the other Xmas cutters too! I use the old recipe which calls for lard and think that they are much flakier, like a real pastry. Now I make and send cookies to my children, grandchildren, mother, mom-in-law and brothers and sisters. One of my daughters is in Japan and I send her extras to share with her Japanese friends. They love American cookies.
Terri Wright      
My mother made these cookies for my family and friends for years. When my brother and I started school, my mother baked 60 cookies to take to our classes several times a year. Everyone looked forward to her bringing the cookies to school. Over the years she also made the cookies for family and even her grandchildren's classes. We all looked forward to smelling the cookies baking, helping to decorate the beautiful cookies and eating them. My mother has passed and I found the cookie cutters in the cupboard and it brought back such memories. One of my sons tried to sculpt his own Santa cookie from memory. I have ordered a set of Merry Xmas cutters for him and I am sure he will be thrilled. I just found the Aunt Chick's site and found the recipe for the dough which was misplaced with my mother's sets. I am 58 years old and still remember the taste of these delicious and beautiful cookies. Thank you.
Cheryl Archer      
My mother used to make cookies all the time. I especially remember the pumpkin which she colored the dough orange and of course the Santa 's. As we got older she would enlist us all. There were 7 of us. My mother is gone but I baked up a couple of batches last Christmas and when we were all together I pulled them out and we decorated them together we had many laughs and fond memories. I'm purchasing Santa cutters for all my brothers and sisters so they can carry on tradition with their families. Thank You Cheryl
Linda Postman      
I have the same memory as many of you. I remember in 1949 having a production line with my two brothers, my mom and I making Aunt Chick's Christmas cookies. The Santa was the favorite. When I was grown my mom gave me her set and I continues with a production line of my own with my 7 children. To this day they are my kids favorite Christmas cookie. The Santa and the Christmas Tree were their favorites. I carried on this tradition with my grandchildren Until I decided to try to copy the instructions to decorate the cookies and copy the pictures of decorated cookies on the box and send them with already baked cookies to each of my married children. The directions crumbled when copying and I didn't have them now either (I didn't need them.) Then by chance I typed the name of the cookie company in 1949 into the internet and I FOUND AUNT CHICK'S cutters. I ordered a set for each of my 7 children and they now carry on the tradition. Two of the sets even came in the original boxes. I visit one of them every Christmas and still work on the production line. My mom died at 99 this year and this is such a sweet family memory. THANK YOU!!
Barbara Rosenberg      
I have a special, childhood memory attached to a specific cookie cutter. My Mom made the Santa cookies every year. They were very labor intensive, but oh my I loved them. The little raisin eyes, the sparkly sugar, the coconut beard…

By the time I was married my own my mom's cookie cutter was cracked and fragile. She had given up on making Santa cookies. So I inherited the cookie cutter. I tenderly used the cracked cutter for many years continuing the tradition. Everyone in my family and soon my husband’s family looked forward to the Jolly Santa cookies. My brother claimed each year that it wasn’t Christmas until he ate a Santa cookie.

Nine years ago while making the cookies for our grandson’s 1st Christmas the cookie cutter could hold together no longer. In the middle of the cookie making we held 2 pieces of the cutter. My son proclaimed he didn’t care how much it cost we were going to find a new cutter. He immediately went on line and bought a “new” old Aunt Chick cutter for $35.00. Hallelujah! We were back in business.

Just a few months later I received an email from you with information about your company and the cutters. How exciting. I order cutters for everyone in the family (12). They were all thrilled with their gift and the opportunity to carry on the tradition with their families.

Now every Christmas, my children and my children’s children look forward to making Santas. Yes, they are labor intensive. The kitchen becomes a complete mess. But to know I have passed on a special tradition from my childhood makes it all worthwhile. We are blessed!
My family has been making santa face cookies with the Aunt Chick's cutter for over 60 years and four generations.

My grandmother bought the set went my mother was about 7 years old. They baked together every Christmas using red sugar, chocolate chip eyes, red hots for mouths and icing to glue coconut to the hat brim and beard.

My mother and I continued the tradition making changes in the decorating process - deleting coconut and sticking with icing alone.

My daughter and I now continue the tradition. We both decorate cakes so we've experimented with looks over the years from very simple to color flow and more involved designs.

I still have the original cutter with cracks and chips from years of love and use. I have since replaced the cutter and was excited to see these loving memories from other families that found Aunt Chick's cutters a part of their family tradition.
B Gilzean      
Mrs. Minks was the lady who babysat for us when I was a child. Every year she would make these Santa cookies. I thought they were the most beautiful cookies I'd ever seen and begged my mother to buy some cookie cutters for our family. I started making them when I was in 6th grade and have never stopped.
My husband was in the Air Force for 21 years and no matter where we lived, England, Greece, Japan, Stateside I always made these cookies. Not only did people ow and awe over them but they were delicious too. Now my oldest son is getting married so I need to be sure he and his wife will have their own Santa Cutter. Many, many memories, making, sharing and eating these cookies.
carrie ann young      
For as long as I can remember we have made aunt chick's santy cookies every year for Christmas. And every year we always moan and groan about how hard they are to make but in good fun. My mom's mom used to make them for all the neighborhood kids and my mom says they were perfect. After 20 some years of trying our hands at it we aren't at perfection yet but we always have a great time making the cookies! We would love a sample of how the santy cookies are really supposed to look!
Cheers and Merry Christmas!
Terri Waggener      
My mother had a set of the holiday cutters when we were growing up. The box is tattered and torn but the cutters are still in great shape. My mom passed away in March and I plan on making the Jolly Santa cookies in her memory this Christmas! Thanks for making a cookie cutter that can make memories in young families like mine did. Happy Holidays!
Just wanted to share that I have an original set of Christmas cookie cutters from the 1940s! My mom use to make them-they weighed about a pound a piece, decorate them, wrap them up in siran wrap, tie them with red ribbon and we would hang them on the tree every year! They are some of the most special cutters I will ever own! I`m very surprised they are still being sold! I stumbled on to the web site by accident, but I`m glad I did!
Sue Bordner      
My mother ordered these same cookie cutters (in a much less sturdy plastic) when they first appeared in a magazine. Her Santas were legendary! I remember her staying up until 2 in the morning working with paint brushes and toothpicks to assure absolute perfection. I inherited the cutters and have continued the legacy ever since. The originals finally broke down from too many year of use, so I was thrilled to find a source for them. I ordered two sets, one for me and one for my daughter-in-law. Now it looks like I'm going to live far too long to pass mine along to grandchildren, so I'm ordering more for my grandchildren (and my mother's other grandchildren who still remember the best part of Christmas as my mother's artistry. Please don't ever stop making these "memory makers." I'd like to think the legacy will never stop. Thank you.
Rebecca Stewart      
My dad was in the Navy until I was in highschool. We were usually far away from grandparents and relatives at Christmas time. But, one tradition connected us to family. My grandpa (dad's dad) had begun a tradition of decorating cookies using Aunt Chick cutters and hanging them on his Christmas tree. He gave my dad and my two uncles their own set of Aunt Chick cutters. My dad carried on this tradition. Every Christmas my mom would make the dough and bake the cookies (lots of cookies). Then my dad would do the decorating. My mom helped too, of course. But my dad was responsible for the Sants. As my sister and brother and I got older we were allowed to help decorating. I remember feeling so special! The Santa Claus cookies were always fun w/ the coconut beards. No other ornaments were hung on our tree... cookies, popcorn & cranberry strings, lights, tinsel and candy canes. This is what I remember and hold dear about Christmas. I'm so excited to be able to get my own set of Aunt Chick cookie cutters and even though my own girls are already tweens I plan to carry on this tradition with them.
Cheryl Moon Jeppson      
My story goes back generations. My mothers, mother made these cookies and she made them for my sibling and me. I made them for my children. My children now make them for their children. The love we have for the cookie has also extended to friends we have made them for. Every year the first christmas treat we make is the Santa Claus cookie. Christmas would not be complete without this cookie. I am so excited to have been able to purchase the cutter for my childrens future. Thank you so much!
My birthday is 8 days before Christmas and for my birthday treat for my class, my Mom made the Jolly Santa's. She took particular care to make their eyes, mouths and cheeks with food coloring, their hats with icing and red sugar, then their hat trim and hair with piped icing, and their beards with icing stars. It was such a big deal when I was old enough to finally help decorate them. I am now in my 50's and still run into friends from my class who recall having those. There were tons of them for all the kids and grandkids, but other than my birthday, none could be eaten until after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. After Mom was no longer able to make them, one of my sisters and I made them for her to have for her Christmas guests (and for us of course!). Now that Mom is gone my sister and I make them for my niece and her family (and us of course!). It has become a fun tradition to get together for the "cookie fest", share some wine, some stories and just have fun. This year my niece's 10 year old daughter will be joining us, so we will be introducing a new generation to the tradition.
My dad remarried when my kids were little. My mom and her mom made holiday cookies, but never Santa faces. He and his wife would make Santa cookies each year the 10 yrs they were married. My dad, who had never done baking when we were growing up, loved putting on the coconut beard and laying them in boxes separated with layers of waxed paper. He passed away in 1989. She continued to give us each one (5 total). A few yrs ago she stopped giving my family any cookies and I miss them. My grown niece got a Santa cookie mold and makes them to sell each holiday season. I always thought they were too much work but this Oct my 7 yr old disabled granddaughter said she wanted to do things, 1-jump in a big pile of leaves (which she is doing today with my other son, and 2-Bake Santa face cookies. I ordered a set of 5 Santa molds, one for me, one for each of my own grown kids and one for her to have for herself. I will wait to give to her until she's older. For now we will use mine when it comes! Thanks so much for having these available. We can now create our own memories and I may even see if my my mom wants to join us to do these this year as well.
Cindy Kuenning      
I grew up in Tulsa, OK and my Grandmother gave everyone the cookie cutters as Christmas gifts. Before Christmas a day is set aside for making cookies together for at least the past 40 years. My son recently got married so this order is for my new daughter-in-law's set of cookie cutters to continue the tradition. There's no better cookies at Christmas than Aunt Chick's!
For as many years as I can remember we will spend every year making these cookies. My dad has the set now. He got it from my grandmother and he has 2 of the original sets. Every cookie and cutter with the set. I have never seen any other cookie like this. We will spend all day baking and decorating them. I hope to keep the tradition alive with my daughter when hopefully I get the set. For now we will continue to make these every Christmas at my dads. It is a tradition that I hope never dies. We cherish the sets of cutters and I would like to start making the others and not just Santa every year.
Megan Bryan      
Being Aunt Chick's grandaughter, Megan McBirney Bryan,
I have enjoyed sharing Chick's traditions and values with my own family.
Chick was passionate about establishing family traditions through cooking, and as well,
took an active role in the Tulsa community and it's many philanthropic organizations.

Every holiday season my daughter, Madeline and I spend weeks decorating Chick's cookies
to make baskets for our friends and family in San Diego. In addition, we contact various local charities through MADCAPS
(Mothers and Daughters Club Assisting Philanthropies) including
Children's Hospital, CRASH for Recovery, and Headstart to bring cookies and decorating supplies to the kids.
We set up long tables covered with holiday dressings, brightly colored frostings, sugars, and sprinkles with paint
brushes and squeeze bottles for icing.
Wide eyed children ponder over which cookies to decorate.....there is Santy, Snowman, Stocking, Christmas Tree,
Poinsettia, Holly, Star, Santa Claus and Angel.
As you can imagine, it turns into the biggest stickiest mess ever, but I believe that the degree of mayhem equates
directly to the happiness of the kids!
JoAnne Parcher      
My Mother, now 85 purchased a set of Christmas cookie cutters way back when I was a child. Every year after, she produced Santa faces for my three brothers and I, (of course we all got the same number of cookies). Two of my brothers "outgrew" the whimsical cookies but my younger brother and I never did. Mom still makes these wonderful cookies for fact we argue over who gets the cookie with more icing or bigger cherry noses (our ages are 63 and 58!) I hold no guilt over taking my husband's share and if I can get my brothers share, all the better. Last year, "the cutter" broke after years of heavy labour and I am hoping to purchase a set this year if I am able to get them shipped to Canada. Wish me luck!
Susan Heck      
My mom sent for the Christmas cookie cutter set in 1948 when it was offered on a can of Swiftin shortening. My brother was born that year and mom was very excited to start a family tradition of cookie baking for the holidays. Every year since then the Santa face cookie has been our family favorite. Our original cookie mold cracked so when Aunt Chick's cutters once again became available I ordered several sets so each of my grandchildren can carry on the tradition!
Ellen Trice      
Our family has been making Christmas cookies with these molds since they were first offered as a premium. We try to have a cookie party each Christmas. The "purists" work at the kitchen table being quite precise. The fun-loving decorators and "newbies" work at a long table on the enclosed porch. They often start their decorating experience with the Christmas trees. I'll admit we still use tinted egg whites to adhere the sanding sugar. One year my great niece came to me in the kitchen with her bowl. She didn't quite know what she needed, but looked at me expectantly. "Do you need more egg white?" I asked. "No," she said. "I need more egg green!"
Johnye kay beasley tarabocchia      
I still have letters written to me by Bill McBee in 1976. I have enjoyed my cookie cutters for longer than I care to remember. They still work no cracks & the indentions are all clear. you would have thought that 50 years of use would have damaged them in some way. I paid $3.00 for my original set but for any price they are worth it for all the memories made and shared while decorating theses treats!
Lois Davis      
Dear Aunt Chick's,

My story is very much like the others. My Mother, brother and I made the cookies at Christmas and what fun we had decorating and eating!

My Mother passed away at 62 and how we have missed her. She always read the " Mother West Wind"books to us and even canned fruit cocktail for us.

So when I saw your cutters in Vermont Country Store I couldn't wait to get them! My brother and his wife now live in Florida and I am baking cookies to send and ordering the set with the snowman which was a favorite of ours, to surprise him.

Thank you so much for bringing back a wonderful part of our childhood!!

Lois Davis
Steve Gilchrist      
I just knew there was going to be a fight.

My family made these Santa cookies ever since I was too little to walk, and it has never been Christmas without them. So now, with six siblings that all have kids of their own, we had a dilemma.

My mom tells me she has been approached separately by each of her six children for her one Santa cookie cutter. We didn't even know it was from Aunt Chick, and had searched high and low for copies of it for decades.

I am now officially the Christmas hero of the family, because with all but one sister's kids still under ten years old, I've been able to send the Santa cookie mold to each sibling to continue the old tradition, complete with ruby-red thinned-egg white food coloring paint for santa's hat and rosy cheeks, mouth and nose, red sugar for his hat, deep blue egg white paint for his eyes (much prettier than sliced raisins). His frosted, coconut-covered beard and cheery white frosted hat trim and eyebrows made Santa the most requested Christmas cookie every single year since my childhood in the early 1970s.

Now we give most of him away, because eating such a lovingly-made cookie seems like such a shame. The kids love him, but the 200 we made this year mostly went to friends and neighbors in plates of Christmas goodies, along with one for the teacher and one for each of my daughter's 22 classmates.
Sue Solowczuk (Simmons)      
I was out to dinner before the holidays with a few of my gal pals and we were talking about baking and cookie making. I mentioned the plastic cookie cutters my mom, brother and I used in making the most special Christmas cookies. I was shocked when one of the gals spoke up and said she had the same red plastic cookie cutters that you formed the dough in to make the cookies! As many times as I've talked about them to people no one has ever hear of them. I don't have a lot of memories of Christmas's as a young girl, but this was a tradition I remember well. They were the only Christmas cookies I cared about because they were so very special. I can still hear the sound of them slapping on the table top! I made them with our kids when they were young - what fun they were to decorate! Then several years went by when I had to forgo cookie making and I thought I lost my cookie cutters! This year my daughter found them and I can't wait for next Christmas to make them again with our grandkids. Of my original set the Stocking broke, the Santa and Tree are cracked so I can't tell you how excited I am that I found this website to order another set. I will keep my originals forever, and pass them on to keep the tradition going! Merry Christmas to all!
Sandra Riley      
I am SO happy to see I can again purchase these wonderful cookie cutters. I ordered my first set the first year they were available in Marshall Fields in Chicago, IL. I was only 12 and made them to take to share at school. I have made these with my nieces, nephews, children and now my grandchildren.
I have purchased some at rummage sales and outlets.
I still have the original papers that were packed with my first set and have them laminated so I won't lose the recipe. Thank you so much for having this wonderful tradition that we can pass on. Sandy
Robyn Edwards      
When I was growing up, a neighbor who had worked in a bakery lent my mother a box of Aunt Chick's cutters. My mother, sister and I had so much fun making santas. I was so disappointed when we had to return those wonderful cookie cutters. Twenty-five years later I attend an auction and these very same cookie cutters were up on the block! I, of course, out bid everyone and have been making Christmas Cookies with them every since.
I don't think I can remember a Christmas without our Santa Claus Cookies! When my brother and I were old enough, we were so excited to be able to help decorate them. I don't like coconut so mom had to make sure and make some for me with just a plain beard, she would "fluff" up the frosting with peaks to make it look more realistic! We just bought sets for our own adult children this Christmas. Sadly, we lost our beloved mom/grams this past October, the cookies mean so much more to us this year. Thanks for all of the great stories and Happy Holidays to one and all!
Diane Penner      
The Santa Cookie Cutter has been in my family for over 50 years. My grandmother who will be 94 on 1/1/2010 had passed down her Santa cookie cutter to my mom. Our family always took the day after Thanksgiving and made close to 200 cookies every year. There are four girls in my family and my mom would bake the cookies and my grandma would always take the cookies from the oven and place on the table for the four of us girls along with my dad to do the painting with food coloring and icing of the cookies. We would always share with our classmates at school and family and friends.

I have been married for 25 years now, and this tradition has been passed down so I do the baking on the day after Thanksgiving and my son who is 19 and his girlfriend and my daughter who is 22 help do the painting and icing.

I wanted to get my own cookie cutters to have to pass down to my kids and I asked my grandma where she found the cookie cutter. My great-aunt (my grandmother's sister)went looking and found her Aunt Chick's cookie cutter in the original sack it was purchased in from over 40-50 years ago. She passed it on to me and I ordered the cookie cutters from Oklahoma at the time (Aunt Chick's) and gave them as Christmas gifts. That was about 15 years ago.

I made over 180 cookies this year and take them to work, Christmas parties, and for family and friends to enjoy. My son's girlfriend and a co-worker have both now ordered the cutter so they can start their own family traditions based on the tradition I started. The Santa cookie is still our favorite! It is nice to know that traditions still exist!

Diane Penner
These cookie cutters have been in our family for more than 50 years. It is the Christmas tradition to make and decorate these. My mother remembered making them with my grandmother as a child. We have not missed a single year of making these. Unfortunately, now both my grandmother and mother have passed away, and the cookie cutter is slowly cracking. I have been terrified for years that it will break, and always told my mother that I reserved the right to cry when that happened. She would always tell me that it was just a cookie cutter, but it is truly more than that; it is the memories and time spent together making the cookies.
I am so excited to have found more of the cutters. This means that even if the original breaks, I can still continue to make the cookies for my family, and hopefully with a daughter of my own someday. I hope that the cookies will mean as much to her as they do to me.
Sue Friedrich      
Our family uses the Aunt Chick's cookie recipe as our holiday favorite. My mother started using this recipe and the cookie cutters when I was just a child (I'm 54 now), and it was the talk of the neighborhood when people would see the decorated cookies. This is and will always be the most special part of Christmas for me - thank you SO MUCH for creating such a marvelous product and a wonderful cookie dough recipe!!!
My mother made the Jolly Santas by the hundreds when I was growing up. Every school and church party, all the cousins and nieces and nephews saw these cookies at parties. From the time I was in about the fourth grade, I hosted a cookies decorating party, and we decorated the Santas, with plenty of frosting, coconut and raisin left on the table and floor to clean up! My friends expected the party every year.....when we had our 30th high school reunion, my wonderful mother made Santas for us to decorate! My children and I continue to love Santa, and make them annually.
Mary Gentry      
My mom got her set of Aunt Chick cookie cutters when I was in the fourth grade. My brothers and I had Santa cookies for every Christmas party we went to all through school and they were the biggest hit of the party. My mom is now 88, I am retired, and we are preparing to bake our latest batch of Santa cookies for this Christmas. I was thrilled to find I could still buy the cookie cutters because our old Santa is getting pretty tired and worn. The memories evoked by these cutters and cookies span a lifetime. Merry Christmas!
Elaine Olson      
I took a chance tonight to google and see if Aunt Chick's cookie cutters would come up. I was shocked to be linked to your website. You are still making them! My story goes back to 1959 when I was nine and my best friend's mom invited me over to decorate Christmas cookies. It was quite a process but something I LOVED and never forgot. I was invited every year after that. When my mom died when I was 16 my best friends mom, Dorothy, made sure I had the stability of tradition even though I no longer had a mom, I had this to look forward to. After I got married, Dorothy gave me my own set to create my own memories with my children. I am almost 60 years old and my grown daughters are coming over Sunday to continue the tradition. There are a lot of memories in those red holiday cutters, and I know every time we finish, life's reflections get a little sweeter with each passing year. Thanks so much, Elaine
Carol Zimmerman      
Im convinced that no one ever made more beautiful cookies than my mom, my sister and me. We are all artists and we relished our time together doing details on each Santa, stocking, tree and star. It was the best of childhood memories when life was so much more simple and Mayberry-like. Mom is long gone, and life is way too complicated, but somehow...these cookie cutters call us back to those simple times and my sister and I both want to go there. Problem is...we are thousands of miles apart. As old as the box is...I was able to make out the "Aunt Chick's" brand and googled it....and FOUND IT! One of the few good things about living in modern days!! I had to order a set for my sister. I hope she is ok with the new box. I’m so happy I found these just don’t know!
Linda Gentry      
I am 62 years old and our neighbor baked these Santa Cookies every year and gave everyone on the block a cookie and shared them yearly with her church. I started the tradition of baking these Santa cookies in 1966 and have never missed a year. My sister and my daughter in laws now come and help and we spend the day baking and decorating and enjoying family. We made 124 Santa's today and will share them. They are such a wonderful part of my family's life and warm memories. Our neighbor passed away several years ago but at her funeral the pastor told about her baking these cookies every year and sharing them with the families in our town. Thanks for the memories!!
Roberta Frush      
My Mother, Jennie Kamerer Kaiser, and I made Aunt Chick's Merry Christmas Cookies in the late 1940's and early 1950's. We lived in the Pittsburgh area, but the Santa, Xmas Tree, Stocking of Toys, and Star came from The Four McB's. Box 4246, Tulsa Oklahoma. The Santa was our favorite, and we used half raisins for the eyes and a candy heart for the mouth. My daughters, grandaughter and I will use these cookie cutters again this week. Thank you so much for this great website. Bobbie Frush
Doug Martin      
I remember your cookies and cookie cutters with great fondness.
At Christmastime my mom was definitely the most popular mother in our little country school because she made those exquisite Santa Claus, snowman, star and stocking cookies. Even though she worked full-time, she would sit up long hours, cutting raisins into little triangles for the eyes, painting cheeks and noses and making coconut beards. She also made the stocking cookies, snowmen and Christmas trees.
But she didn't stop there. Pumpkin cookies were a must at Halloween. I even remember the Easter bunny cookies. But our favorites were the lifelike little santa faces.
Although I was a greedy little kid, she always insisted that I had to take some of the precious Santas to our little country school with me. This gave the other kids something to look forward to, and my popularity definitely shot up at Christmas time. Mom made those wonderful and delicious cookies every Christmas for years.
At the time, I didn't appreciate her sacrifice or how hard she worked on those cookies, but when she finally broke the Santa Claus cutter I actually sensed her relief at no longer having to work so hard. I was disappointed, of course, but I also understood a little bit of how she felt because, when I was a little older, she sometimes let me help a bit.
My wife and I still have the original cutters and their original boxes (now tattered) and just locating your website this year brought back all those wonderful memories. Thanks for making your incredible cookie cutters again.
Babette Hester      
I happened upon your website after entering a search for Santa Cookie Cutters. (I should say my guardian angels sent me to this site LOL)I ordered the Jolly Santa Cutter. I know it is the same cutter my Mom used for years!!! Even the recipes for the decorations are the same. Each year she would decorate the cookies and individually wrap them in saran wrap. She would then tie them with red & green curly que’s and hang them on the tree. We could not eat them until Christmas Day and believe me she kept count. Mom would also make some up for school parties and Christmas gifts. She passed away in 1975 and the cookie cutter was lost also. I am so excited that I have found this cutter again and plan to rekindle memories of Moma's Santa Cookies. Thank you so much.
Bett Padgett      
When I was in grade school my mother was the 'grade mother' for my class. Each year she made cookies from Aunt Chick's Merry Xmas Cookie Molds and I promptly would sit myself on the kitchen stool and we'd sing holiday songs and she would tell me silly stories of things she did when she was a little girl. This was our 'special time' together when she rolled out the cookie dough. Many years later I was my son's grade mother when he was in 2nd grade. I was at my mom's house helping her clean out her cabinets and we ran across those old cookie cutters. She said her baking days were over and I was welcome to them. So, that year, I rolled out the cookie dough and the next thing I knew, my son was sitting on the kitchen stool and we were singing holiday songs, and I was telling him silly things that my MOM did (I didn't do anything silly when I was a girl). Although my son has grown, I still make the cookies for young friends and my music students. I wrote a song about the cookie cutters and my tradition (The Christmas Cookie Cutters) and I sing the song and tell the story of the cookie cutters each year at a huge holiday gathering we have where everyone sings holiday songs for an hour or so. I now have two adorable grandsons and I'm sure that one day I will roll out the cookie dough and they will be sitting on the kitchen stool as we sing holiday songs and I tell them of all the silly things their DAD did when he was a little boy (cause I didn't do anything silly when I was a girl!) I've been afraid to use the molds for years as (in the song it mentions) the crack in Santa's cap, and one in the toe of the stocking, but the cook hopes some glue will fix that!'). I was sure that one more slap on the hand to get the dough out was surely be their demise. I am SSSOOO happy to find that I can continue the tradition with some new cutters, and I hope these cutters will keep the tradition going!
Dee Brown      
I have been looking for these cutters for years. I still use the ones my Mom passed down to me over 40 years ago. The stocking and Santa are broken and I have glued them so many times...but they still worked; with extra care.

I remember my Mom baking these cookies; or Santa, and having them left out on Christmas morning.

I have passed this tradition down to all my children, oldest to youngest. They all helped me do the baking and hand decorating, as they grew up.

This always a three day process, one day making dough, second day baking and at least one whole day to decorate by hand.

I now have been able to send them each they own new set of cutters.

Thank you so much for bringing them back.
Kathleen Y. Kelley      
My mom first bought the Aunt Chick's Xmas cookie Cutter set in 1948. As small children (3 of us) we looked forward to helping our mama decorate these special once a year cookies and this continued till all 3 of us left home. Mom ordered the Xmas cutter sets for my sister and I and I continued making the cookies. Mom made these special cookies until her death in 1992. I am now ordering sets for the daughters of a good friend. I will be getting together with friends in early Dec this year to make the Xmas cookies and will have 3 of the neighbors daughters joining the fun. Thank you Aunt Chick!
Jo Heffelfinger      
My mother bought Aunt Chick's cookie cutters in the late 40's or early 50's. My brother and I and later my 3 kids and later still my granddaughter Hannah, had the best parties to celebrate birthdays, Easter, Halloween and Christmas, as well as tea parties and classroom parties. Oh, how everyone loved those tasty and beautiful cookies! In the late 60's, I found the beautiful boxed cutters and I bought several sets to give to friends who admired our darling cookies and I bought even more to have a Christmas Set and a Happy Days set put away for each of my three children. People kept admiring our beautiful cookies so that I ended up giving away the sets I had put away for the children. Later when I wanted to buy more to replace their sets, Aunt Chicks was no where to be found. I was so sad. After many years of making those special cookies, the kids were off to college and they wanted to make cookies at school. I had to packed up my cutters for them to use, all the while threatening them with their lives if they were to lose one and I taped my moms fragile cutters together so that I had cutters to use at home. Mom was up in years and no longer baking, so we were able to make due, as not to disappoint my husband or any one else while my cutters were away. We as a family so enjoy this tradition and we love our Aunt Chicks cutters and thank you for keeping these beautiful cookies alive and well. The children will all be so happy when at Christmas, they open their own beautiful boxed sets of Christmas and Happy Day's cutters. My granddaughter Hannah will be especially happy to be taking her own sets back to college with her. Over the years we have learned many tricks for making the most beautiful and tasty cookies, all originating from our love of Aunt Chicks. Thank you so very much. Jo Bullard Heffelfinger, Novato, California.
Mary Bass      
I was introduced to these cookie cutters about twenty five years ago. The Santa is the main one I use . My children and family and friends have loved these. I lost my jolly Santa cookie cutter and have been very upset for I really like the face on this one. I have the other Santa but not as well. Been looking for the jolly Santa for about ten years.. So happy to find it. These cookie are our favorite every Christmas. Now my grandchildren ages three and four are helping me make cookies. They have so much fun. I'm so happy I found you. Thanks Mary Bass
Carolyn May      
I seen the Santa Cookie at my minister's home and had to have them (I Ordered them then) That has been at least 45 years ago. I remember baking them for my 1st son's kindergarded class, and he will be 50 this December. I have made them every Christmas since. Maybe only 1 batch, but many times several batches. The teachers have raved over them thru' the years. I am 69 yrs and still make them. In fact, I make them in August and entered them into the Fair, and Of course got 1ST PLACE. I was not surprised!!! I am going to send my daughter-in-law one of the Santa cutters I have just ordered.
I love the Santa Cutter. I color egg-white a light red and put it on his nose and cheeks before I bake Santa.
Linda Tilton      
My Aunt Alta Bair always made the Aunt Chick Santa cookies for all of us nieces and nephews each year for Christmas and also made the other Christmas cookies in the set to include as a part of our Christmas gifts. We were a large family as she had 9 brothers and sisters, so she had a big job doing this each year. When she went to heaven I was the lucky niece who received her cookie cutters. This led to my becoming a collector of cookie cutters and now have a huge collection, but the memories attached to the Santa Cookie make it still my favorite cookie cutter. I always smile and remember the love and the fun that Aunt Alta shared with us all the years we were blessed to have her with us.
Vickie Y.      
I ordered my very first cutters in 1966 and have worn them out and are on my second set. I was delighted to find that you are still in business. These cookies have become a valued Christmas tradition and are continuing through the next generation as I have ordered them for my kids' families. I have the original directions from the 60's typed all in caps and it is falling apart. I use the recipe I got with them years ago--the one without leaving agent, so that the face features do not get distorted when baking. Thank you for still manufacturing these adorable cutters.
Every Christmas since I little, my mother would pull out her set of Aunt Chick's Cutters (still in the original box) and begin rolling out dough with her rolling pin with the cloth cover. When all the cookies were cut and cooled, my brother, sister, father and I would gather at the kitchen table and get ready for our favorite build up to Christmas. My mother would make bowls of all different color icings and there were containers of dragees and sprinkles and colored sugars. We'd spend hours decorating, although no one but my mother was allowed to do the Santa Claus (she took great pride in these and they were taken to her best friend's Christmas party so they had to be perfect!) The cookie cutters even made the journey with our family when we moved to Hong Kong! They were a lovely reminder of snow, sledding, and Norman Rockwell Christmases that we all loved and missed horribly while in Asia.

After my mother passed away, my sister inherited the cookie cutters and kept the tradition going in her family. She bought me a set when I had my daughter. Now each Christmas, my children, husband, father, brother, and their wives all gather around my kitchen table to decorate the cookies. The only difference is at my house everyone gets to take part in the Santa cookies, although we don't do it nearly as well as my mother. Heck, we had a competition last year to see who could make the ugliest brother won with Santa Smurf- he was blue! We posted our results on facebook for everyone to enjoy! These cookie cutters are just one of those fantastic relics that stand the test of time, and make it happily from generation to generation. Thank you for all the great family memories you helped us create!
I can't remember a Christmas without the Santa cookies. My mother always had the Christmas cutters set and the Santa was the favorite. Since I have learned to use the decorator tips I have changed the beard to frosting in swirls but still use food coloring for the eyes, nose and cheeks. I use the Aunt Chick cookie recipe for all my cutout cookies and receive rave reviews from everyone--nieces, nephew, students. They tell me I should go into business. One of my secrets is to make the cookies and freeze them in Tupperware until ready for eating. This seems to add to the flavor and softness of the cookies.
Sue Kafcas      
I pulled out my box of "Flower Garden Cookie Cutters" by Aunt Chick today. In checking out the box the address listed was "The Four McB's --- Box 4007, Tulsa, Oklahoma with the order sheet inside listing items and prices starting @ 10 cents which states " sold by The Chicadees, Box 4246 Phone 7-6794, Tulsa 5 Oklahoma. On the direction sheet there is a picture of Michal and Patricia using the cutters. On another there is a picture of a little girl names Trinka, age 8 using the snowman cutter. I also have a set of the Merry Christmas cutters as well as the Jack-O-Lantern. These cutters belonged to my mother and I am guessing they are originally from the 1950's or possibly earlier. She used these cutters while I was growing up and passed them on to me. I used them while my children were growing up. Every year while they were in grade school I made orange colored cookie dough with the Jack-O-Lantern and sent them to school. They were always a big hit. I still use the Chirstmas cutters every year to make our family recipe of cream cheese butter cookies. Now that I have grandchildren, I am using them to make cookies for them. Thanks for all the wonderful memories!
Gwen Woirhaye      
The following story was written for sharing with two memoirs writing groups. It's very long but you may use any parts you choose.

A Half Century of Baking with Aunt Chick

When I was in junior high school Mother ordered a set of four Christmas cookie cutters–Santa, a tree, a star, and a stocking full of toys—I think it was a margarine promotion. Coincidentally that Christmas we received two sets of the cutters by Aunt Chick as a gift from my grandmother–-the Christmas set and a general holiday set with clown, jack-o-lantern, snowman and Easter Bunny. I had enjoyed baking and decorating cookies before that but these cutters really launched my cookie baking career. I don’t think we had instructions–we used a regular sugar cookie recipe and decorated with colored frosting and sprinkles. I can’t remember that Mother ever made decorated cookies after that time–my sister, brothers and I did it. The cutters were made of translucent red plastic with molded designs and we tried to roll the dough to the perfect thickness to cut the dough and impress the molded design. This was much more difficult than it sounds.
Through my years in high school I spent hours creating beautiful cookies every Christmas. During my college years there was always one day that my sister and I would bake and decorate.
When I married in 1967, acquiring two stepsons, I immediately inaugurated the cookie baking and decorating tradition, stopping at the village of Santa Claus on our honeymoon to purchase an assortment of cookie cutters.
Then in or around 1974 I attended the Whittier Assistance League Holiday Carousel home tour. What to my wondering eyes should appear at the Chapter House but sets of Aunt Chick’s Christmas cookie cutters, now in opaque red plastic. Delighted, I immediately purchased a set for myself and one for each of my brothers and my sister, and began to bake and decorate, this time following the directions and recipe that came with the cutters.

Merry Christmas Cookies

Study directions on small white pictures and words....just do as you are told. These directions are better than those that first came with the cutters. Don’t have a neighbor show you how. Hope you have a pastry kit....absolutely no sticking of your dough again. Just follow directions for that also. The two most important directions are. [Sic] Make dough from recipe. Shape into rolls about 3 inches in diameter. Wrap in waxed paper. Chill. Slice off about three at a time about 1/4 inch thick. Roll one a wee bit thicker than 1/8th inch thick. (Read white sheet). To press design into dough, press firmly but not roughly staying about 1/4 inch from edge of cutter.
Recipe–cream together 1 cup shortening, 1 ½ cups sugar, 3/4 teaspoon salt, 1 tsp almond or lemon flavoring plus 1 tsp vanilla, 3 eggs and 4 ½ cups sifted and measured flour. If you wish a pink dough for Santa’s face add few drops red coloring. This will give a peach pink dough. If you want a clear pink use only egg whites and 4 cups all purpose flour. Red is a hard color to find in the stores. I make one. This year it is better than I have had for three years. Scarlet sugar is still harder to buy, and you want it really red. I use three different reds to get a good scarlet. Suggest you be sure that you have both coloring and sugar. Don’t try to decorate cookies until good and cool. Eyes are seedless raisins that have been pressed between fingers and cut across on the slant. Then make the bottom of the eye curve up or be notched. Then press into position on top of cheek before baking. Careful that you make them straight. A cross eyed Santa is not very fetching. Decorating cookies has become a family affair in so many homes—according to the lovely letters that I receive. Many as I make it is still fun. If I have done no more than establish this custom—a family get-together for the Christmas period—my cookies will not have lived in vain. We send them all over the world. If the eye is straight across the bottom he will not smile for you.
If oven is running right, bake between 325 and 350 degrees until a light brown. Cool on wire racks if you have them. Don’t dawdle. Sit down when you decorate them.
She continues with instructions for decorating, including putting coconut on the beard. I long ago found that children do not eat the part with coconut so I began to swirl the frosting and leave off the adornment. Note that a usual ingredient missing from the above recipe is baking powder; you do not want the cookies to expand as you would lose definition. It was with these directions that I learned to cut the cookie, pick it up with a spatula, turn it over, and press the dough into the molded features–much more successful than the method we had used as children.
I started to make these cookies about the time the Whittier Friends School started so I packaged and sold dozens of them each Christmas to raise funds for the school—I believe I sold them for 50 cents. The price has risen over the years to $2 as each takes at least ten minutes to form and decorate. I have also distributed them to children of family and friends over the years.
I went online to see if I could find out more about Aunt Chick. Her son was running the mail order business when I ordered some cutters in the mid-seventies. Aunt Chick’s name was Nancy McBirney and she wrote a column for the Tulsa Daily World from the 1930s to the 1950s. When her first column appeared in print her banker husband was horrified. “That crazy woman will start a run on the bank if people think she has to work,” he shouted. She died in 1982 at the age of 96.
Among fans of Aunt Chick’s cookie cutters was Princess Margaret who gave a set to her nephew Prince Charles on his fourth birthday. The cutters are currently available online.

Gwen Vaden Woirhaye
December 2006
JoAnne Swank Rowe      
During the 40's I helped my mother make the santa and stocking for each of her first graders--every year until I went to college! I later shared the love of making and decorating Aunt Chick cookies with my children and they have shared with theirs and we're going strong on the 4th generation. When the children were young, each holiday they had separate cooky decorating parties with a group of friends. We all baked a day or two before and their friends had great fun decorating a dozen to take home. (Their mothers still talk about it and that was 40 years ago!) When the kids were teens, they often helped me produce large numbers of decorated cookies for special events--up to 100 different cookies (which never were tasted but taken home--a phenomenon of beautiful cookies!) Since my grandfather was a baker, my collection of over 350 cutters includes a dozen or so of those old cutters. But the Aunt Chick cutters--and the dough--remain my favorite because they are much easier to decorate so beautifully. I have three old sets of your cutters and the children have bought theirs in antique stores--before we found you on the net! Thanks for a half century of fun with cookies.
Leonore Messenger      
My first Christmas, in 1950, my Mom and Aunt went shopping and each bought an Aunt Chick's 4 McB's set. Every year my Mom made Santa Cookies. She would make enough for my whole class for the Christmas Party. I helped decorate and place the raisins. As I grew older I made more and more of the process until they were all mine. The only problem my Mom had had so much trouble removing the cut cookie the cutter was falling apart. When I was in college My Aunt died and I remembered that she used to make the star and tree cookies so I knew she had a set. I asked my cousin if I could have her set, so he gave it to me now I have a perfect set bought for my first Christmas. The reason she only used the tree and star was because the stocking and Santa were too much work. I also made ginger bread Santas they taste great and my multi racial friends really liked them.
amy griffiths      
we have had the Santa set in our family for as long as I can remember(I'm 52). every year for Christmas we have a cooking baking day and it includes the women and men in our family. The best part thought is Santa Claus. We have a technique our mother started and we continue it, we hand paint the baked cookies with Rosie cheeks, blue eyes, raised eyebrows and a smiling mouth. There are some people who actually save these cookies each year and preserve them. there are some people that have a certain way to eat them, i prefer beard first, hat second, etc. I have had two nieces married this year and i plan to send them their own cookie cutters to help carry on the tradition. Thanks for the memories.
Susan Roberts      
I can remember when I was a little girl in the late 50,s and all of the 60,s my mother and I would go to my aunts house for 2 days and make the santa cookies and decorate them. My mother and aunt are no longer with me and I now will show my grandchildren how to decorate them. I have four granddaughters and two daughters to show. Looking through a magazine I spotted your add and it brought it all back to me. Now I will share it with my family.
Patricia Shope      
My husband Paul began sharing his Santa cookies with me the first Christmas we were dating in December 1987. His Mom, Jerline Haegelin Shope had ordered the cookie cutter when he was a little boy and made the cookies every year until her death in 1983. The cutter was the clear red plastic "Santy" cookie cutter. I had never seen a cookie cutter like this and thought the cookies were amazing. We married in January 1989 and continued the family tradition of making the cookies every Christmas until the cookie cutter cracked! He was devastated and I tried to repair the cutter by using several types of glues which did not work. I finally used some plastic pellets I found at a craft store to make a mold and make a new plastic cutter. This lasted until about 3 years ago.
We of course, were upset again and our children were disappointed as well. They had been making the cookies with us since our oldest was about 2 years old (she is now 14). This was a wonderful way to share some of Grandma Jerline's love with them since they were never able to meet her.
My husband decided to search Santa cookie cutter on the internet and was so excited to find your site! I remember how happy he was to tell me about it, he called me at work!
We ordered 4 of the sets (the Indian and Santy cutter) just to make sure we have spares! We also are planning on giving the each of our girls a set so they can share the cookies with their children in the future.
We share the cookies with friends every year and never fail to get compliments on them.
Thank you for making the cutters available again. I never thought we would find them. This means so much to us!
Patricia Shope
Peggy Anderson      
My mother always did the Santa Face cookies at Christmas time for us as children. The cookie brings back fond memories of past Christmas's for my brothers and myself.
My mother passed in 2004 and I have continued the tradition since then by having all the family at my house on Christmas Eve with the Santa Faces being part of the continuing tradition. I make a point of doing the cookies for all of my mother's 10 great grandchildren so they will also have some of the same fond memories as their parents and grandparents when they have a Santa Face cookie.
My niece mentioned during the Christmas holiday season that she had fond memories of making these cookies with my mother, her grandmother. She wanted to borrow the cookie cutter so that she could make them with her son. Now I have found that I can order these cutters so that they can continue the tradition in each family. I am thrilled! I'm also pleased that I can get a backup cutter since the one that my mother had cracked and my husband glued it. Not sure how well it will hold up with more use.
Mary Ann Flynn      
I am 61 years old. My mother learned to make the Santa cookies from a nun at the school we attended. I was 5 years old at the time. My mother acquired several sets of the cutters over the years, and we made the Santa cookies every December. When I graduated from college I received my own set of cutters, as did my sisters-in-law and nieces. I have continued to make and decorate the cookies every year since that early beginning at 5 years old. My husband loves them and I have always given them as Christmas gifts to friends.
We retired 3 years ago and moved to a tiny town in the Colorado mountains. I now belong to a women's club that raises money for several deserving groups in town. For the past three years I have made the Santa cookies for a Christmas bake sale that raises money for gifts for children. Needless to say the cookies have become very popular and make a great contribution to this cause.
In my family we joke that when a family reaches the age of majority they are given their own set of these cutters. It's a real legacy.
Patricia Goodnight      
I bought my first Aunt Chick cookie cutters in 1955. I owned all of them, Merry Christmas, Happy Days, Flower Garden, Indian, Cowboy, Angel, Santy, etc. I can remember many a night staying up until 2:00 and 3:00 AM decorating and wrapping in Saran wrap so my children could take them to school for their Christmas parties. I have received Thank You letters from so many school children that it has been worth every minute. I have mailed them to many different states from Alaska where we lived at that time. People were always excited about them. And, they tasted good. I eventually bought three more complete collections to give to my three children. They have passed the tradition on and did the same for their children and friends. We have so many fond memories of these cookies and were so sad when "Aunt Chick" passed away some years ago. But we are happy her family carried on so that others can enjoy. Wish I could buy a complete collection for all of my grandchildren.

We use to decorate with the colored sugars by "painting" an egg white wash, sprinkling on the sugar and then shaking the excess off. I thought that technique was so much prettier and delicate. We did, however, use white frosting for Santa and Santy's beards and a little flaked coconut. Currents cut in half for the eyes. We use to buy the sugars from Aunt Chick because it was a finer grind than most store bought sugars and she sold so many different and bright colors.

When my children were old enough to help decorate, it was more than just me working. It became a wonderful family time together and creating new ideas and then the opportunity to share with all our friends and family.

What a wonderful and memorable tradition it became, and still is, in our family.

Thank you so very very much for carrying on this wonderful product. I recommend them to anyone who loves family together.

God bless and Happy New Year in 2009

Pam Lytle      
Merry Christmas! It is Christmas Day, 2008. My daughter and I were baking some Christmas cookies and came across a box of Aunt Chick's Merry Xmas Cookie Cutters. I can remember using them with my mother and grandmother, and I am 54 years old! Now we are into 4 generations as my daughter helped make cookies. This has been a memorial Christmas to have discovered how many years Aunt Chick's original Christmas Cookie Cutters have been in our family. Lots of good memories and delicious cookies! Have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!!
Shirley Kleinen Parsons      
I was thrilled to discover your website. My mother, who passed away two months ago at 95, bought a set of our "very special" Aunt Chick's cutters in 1948 and we have made them every year since. It is our family tradition, we love them. I was able to replace them about ten years ago and will now get more sets for my grandchildren to have. I want to keep mine! I even hang them on my kitchen cupboards in December so I can enjoy them and relive the wonderful memories of baking cookies in our farm kitchen in Capay Valley, California in the past. Thank you for your great website!!
I just finished baking my Christmas cookies. I inherited my aunts cutters, including a set of Aunt Chicks. I make the recipe on the insert that came with the set. It is tattered and yellow but still the best recipe around. My aunt had written on it "double this recipe makes 300 Santas." Each year she would make them and send them out to all the family. I don't make 300 - but I do make enough to share with family and friends.
What a great holiday tradition.
For years I have made many many Santy cookies.
For my kindergarten children, for my children, and for their school classes. But they grew up so I slowed down. Now my great grands are clamoring for them as they have seen the pictures but 3 years ago my house burned and I lost my cutters. Now I need another. Thanks for many years of fun.
Carol Kimbell      
My mother baked these cookies in the 1950 and 60s. I baked them for my girls in the 70s and 80s and again recently for my grandchildren. The Santas were so beautiful that I arranged all of them on a big 1950s platter, photographed them and used a photo for my Christmas card two years ago.
Such memories.
Jerry Thalhammer      
Just came across your website and was reading about the "Aunt Chick's" Santa, and Santee cutters. So far we have made 10 dozed this year, working with my mother and grandmothers original cutters from the 40"s. We calculate this is about the 60th year our family has been making these cookies, and once people see them, look forward to them each year. My brother and I will see people we knew in elementary school and before the conversation goes very far we are asked if we still make the Santa cookies. My mom and grandmother also would make cookies for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and I recall a clown, although the only "mass production" we do now is Santa. As I said, 10 dozen so far and probably another 5 before we are through. One year my parents made enough for 6 kids to take to school, four adults to take to work and, of course the 3-4 dozen to have around the house.
Jerry Thalhammer      
Just came across your website and was reading about the "Aunt Chick's" Santa, and Santee cutters. So far we have made 10 dozed this year, working with my mother and grandmothers original cutters from the 40"s. We calculate this is about the 60th year our family has been making these cookies, and once people see them, look forward to them each year. My brother and I will see people we knew in elementary school and before the conversation goes very far we are asked if we still make the Santa cookies. My mom and grandmother also would make cookies for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and I recall a clown, although the only "mass production" we do now is Santa. As I said, 10 dozen so far and probably another 5 before we are through. One year my parents made enough for 6 kids to take to school, four adults to take to work and, of course the 3-4 dozen to have around the house.
My mother made these beautiful and delicious Santa cookies every Christmas and gave them with presents. They were a very big part of my Christmas. I made them for my children who are now 40,39,37,36 and their friends and family for years. I would like to make them again. I can't wait to get the cutters.
Johnne Coston      
I remember back in about 1960 my mother got a set of Aunt Chick's cutters. We had the four with Santa, the stocking, star and the tree. We also had Santy Claus. When I was a teenager she and I would spend hours in the kitchen baking and then decorating the cookies. I almost hated to give them away after doing so much work on them. My mother is 88 now, and will not give up the set. She still makes them, but cannot see to decorate them.
Peg Miller      
I read thru the stories and mine is so similar. Lots of grandmas must have had your wonderful Santa cookie cutter. My Grandma Elliott (later called Amazing Grace in her 90's) made them for us. There are nine kids in our family so it was special to have something just for each of us. Grandma made them for years and then my brother inherited the cutter and made cookies for each of our families for Christmas. He used the recipe that Grandma used with the lard. I think it is still the best. It's only once a year and your only eat a few cookies, so....
Anyway, he gave me a cutter a few Christmases ago when I became a grandma myself. So now I make the cookies for my kids and grandkids. It isn't Christmas till I get my cookie cutters out and make Santa cookies. Thanks for the memories!
My mother bought her Aunt Chick's cookie cutters 57 years ago. When I started school she made the fancy Santa, Snowman, and Stocking for everyone in my class...She did that for each one of us (there were 5 of us) every year we were in elementary school.
As we grew up she still made them every Christmas for us.
When her grandchildren came along she made them for their classes.
She sure got her money out of those cutters.
Last night she went to my Brother's and taught his son in law how to make the cookies. She really enjoyed it. It was nice to see the tradition passed along.
My brother has ordered the cutters for them. I hope it brings as much joy and memories for their children.
We are going to order them for all the grandchildren.
My mom has made them again this year.(she is 82 years old.} for the big "kids"!!!
The tradition continues!!!
I can't believe I found this. My mom made these cookies every year of my childhood; nothing compares to the beauty & fun of these ...I am ordering many sets -mine are ALMOST broken, and they are a good 40 years old....
Marie Cammack      
I cannot believe I was able to find the Jolly Santa cutter online! I was so pleased to read the story of how Gramma's Cutters came to be and am thrilled that your pursuits have created this fabulous website. My Grandma Carlene used to make these cookies every year. This year we are creating a recipe book with all my grandparents' recipes, including the cookies, so we can continue the tradition. My mom thought we would never be able to find the cutters, but on a whim I did an internet search anyway . . . and here I am! I can't wait to receive the cutter sets and pass them on to the rest of the family. Thanks again!
Amee Eddy      
I am SO excited to get my own set of Christmas cutters. My grandmother and aunts made us kids these cookies every year for school and I am so excited to carry that on with my own children! My Grandmother is 87 and still has her original set.Grandma & My Aunts and now myself still get together ever holiday to make Santa! My grandmother always had rules when it came to Santa 1. Don't touch my cookie cutters!!! 2. no stacking you'll mess the eyes! 3. If its ugly you eat it!!! Thank You for the memories Aunt chick!!
Diane Reissig      
I was very happy to come across your website. My mom made Aunt Chick's Christmas cookies in the 1950's and 1960's and she hung the cookies on our Christmas tree every year. I started making the cookies in high school and I have continued the tradition of hanging the cookies on our Christmas tree every year. It's a wonderful memory of Aunt Chick's Christmas cookies, Christmas, family and friends.

Denise Thompson      
Awesome, you are still around. As a child my brother and sisters and I had an assembly line to make dozens of Santa Cookies. My favorite to do was the cheeks. This Thanksgiving my husband's family all got together. My mother came, to cook of course, and she brought baked Santa Cookies for the kids to decorate. What a hit. I just ordered Santa Cookie Cutters for all of the other families. I hope their kids and them have as fond memories as I do after years of Santa Cookies. Thanks Denise Thompson
Laura Greer      
My box of Aunt Chick's Cookie cutters is well used and falling apart, but the cutters still work beautifully. Every time I see the box it reminds me of baking with my mom and brothers Paul and David. We would make Christmas cookies and Mom would let us help decorate the tree, stocking and star. When it came to decorating Santa though, we had to be super careful. Mom always made enough for us to take to school and there would be always be one Santa cookie for each of our classmates. Now that I think of it, that is a lot of cookies to make! Mom's not here anymore, but.....what a great memory!
I have grandkids of my own now and I think I might just let them have a try at baking with Aunt Chick's Cookie Cutters.
Thanks for the great memories!
Carolyn Allen      
My Grandmother and Mother made the Jolly Santa cookies every year and shared them with neighbors, friends and family. When I was very small, I would stand at the kitchen table and watch my Grandmother carefully decorate the Santa's, waiting for my very own Santa. Now that my Mother and Grandmother are gone, my sisters and I have continued the tradition which is now well into 50 plus years in our family. This year I'm giving Jolly Santa cutters to my daughters, continuing on a family Christmas tradition to the fourth generation. Thank you for the lovely Christmas memories....
My grandmother always made each one of my siblings and I a santa face cookie for our stocking at Christmas. We didn't get much else in them except fruit and nuts so the cookies were very special to us. That was many years ago as I'm 69 now. When my mother died my son got the cutter; he lived in the same town
(Alpena)as my mother; and I didn't find out about it until recently. I decided to make them for an organization I belong to but am handicapped with an immobilizer brace temporarily so decided to enlist the aid of family to get the job done. With the help of two daughters-in-law, two daughters, two granddaughters and one great-granddaughter we began the task. It took one evening to make the 4 batches of dough to chill and one whole day and evening to do the baking and decorating but half way through the process the old, cracked mold with the tassel missing finally cracked in two. I thought about super gluing it to have copies made of it; we were all so bummed out over the loss of our beloved santa face. Thank goodness my daughter-in-law kept the treasured box and I typed in Aunt Chicks cookie cutters on the computer. Now the whole family can continue to make fond memories for many more years to come. Thank you Aunt Chick and the internet and my diligent son and daughter-in-law.
Sheri Conover      
Well tonight I am preparing my dough to start on my "Garden" cookies for the spring! My daughter in law to be introduced me to the world of Aunt Chick’s cookie cutters and recipes last Christmas. Her mother and grandmother as a tradition would make the Santa, holly, stockings and stars every year and she talked me into doing it with her when she moved near us. We ended up making over 800 cookies and had a ball doing it. I have pictures of all the stages of the cookie making process and I am planning on making about the same amount for her wedding come June.

I would love to share my/our story with others and our pictures of my first Christmas, of many to come, with Aunt Chick.

Thank you,

Sheri Conover
Sequim, WA
Sandy Shepherd      
When I was a small girl, in the 40's, my Mom had a set of these cookie cutters. She would make the Santa's, trees, snowmen and stockings for us every year. She would paint them with coloring, and we thought they were one of the best memories about Christmas. In the 70's I found them offered in a booklet, and ordered a set for me and a replacement set for my Mom. With my children, I would make these every year. It came to the point that their school would call me to make sure that I would include a couple of extra cookies for the teachers of both of my children's classes. It turned into a 4 day event... but what fond memories. My daughter just found the web site, and again we are ordering cutters for me and my son and daughter. The memories will continue. Thank you so much, Sandy Shepherd
Rita Ware      
I was thrilled to find your add in a magazine at my hairdresser's! I have been trying to get a lead on how to contact you --again. I contacted your family in the early 70's while living in California.

I told you the story of how my Favorite Aunt had made these cookies for my family every year since I could remember. She was a baker by profession and took great pride in decorating the cookies with patience and love! They were the family favorite back then. When I married in 1969 I wanted to continue the tradition for "my" family! I talked my mother into giving me her set--she had never used them. I don't remember how I found you back then, but I ordered a new set plus the new ones that we didn't have in our family. It quickly became my job to provide these cookies for the entire family for the years to come. About 4 years ago the Santa and the Christmas tree developed a crack and I stopped making them in order to preserve the set. Needless to say my Grandchildren now request them every year and were disappointed when I had to quit making them--for every holiday! I'm going to surprise them at Easter with the Easter bunnies and the little flowers--They are such a hit with our friends and family at our Easter gathering! Thank you so much for making them available! FAMILY TRADIDTIONS ARE SO VERY IMPORTANT!!
Anne Marie Capossela      
Some of my very fondest Christmas memories are going to my Aunt Gen's house Christmas morning. She had a large home and everyone they knew were invited for an open house that special morning each and every year. In her dining room, large and grand, was her dining room table laden with cookies and spirits for all to enjoy. Each and every year I would truly run to her table to find the beautifully decorated "Santa Cookies" that she made. I would sit there and slowly eat just one (they were huge!).While I did I would close my eyes and actually hear Santa laughing and saying...."Have a very wonderful Christmas Anne Marie". Today my Aunt Gen is 92 years old. And, today, each and every Christmas for the last 40 years, my home is open to my friends to share in our joyous celebration that day and my table is laden with cookies for all to enjoy, and there on my very best pedestal Christmas plate are those wonderful Santa cookies that I take great joy in decorating. I smile while I paint Santa's cheeks and nose with food coloring, put the "fur" on his hat and oh so carefully pipe on his eyebrows, mustache and beard and I can hear him saying "Have a wonderful Christmas Anne Marie, and may your children and grandchildren pass on these Santa cookies each and every year!" My daughters are grown now and wonderful cooks and bakers but each year, no matter what, they ask if I've "made the Santa's yet" and I delight in my two grandchildren running in, sitting down and ever so slowly, and eating "their" Santa on Christmas Day! Thank you Aunt Chick's for helping us to have this most beautiful memory. (My Aunt tells me though that the Santa cutter I now use (the one above) is NOT the one she used back then. I broke one after many years of use so I again went to Aunt Chick's to purchase the above and I think you might have modernized it.....could that be? I now see another one in a pack of two that the old one? Please let me know because this year I would like to make my dear Aunt the old form cookie. And, of course, I want to be certain that my grown children have the "right" cutter to carry on this beautiful tradition. Thanks Aunt Chick's, so much.
Lynn Anderson      
I could hardly contain myself when I saw a small Martha Stewart advertisement for Gramma's Cookie Cutters with a photo of the Santa cookie of my childhood. I remember my mother painstakingly (but lovingly) creating these every year. They were the hit of my father's business office. She would bake them with a hole at the top, thru which she strung a ribbon hanger, wrapped them individually in plastic wrap, and hung them on the office Christmas tree. I inherited the cutter, but Santa had a big crack across his face by then, and no glue gun could repair it. I have ordered one of the kits with several extra Santa cutters and can't wait to share them with my mom and my baking friends. Making a cookie decorating date for next December already! Ho Ho Ho!
I just purchased on ebay one of Aunt Chicks original pastry cloths and rolling pin cover.
Dated Jan.30, 1940
Unused, with envelope.
Original price $1.00
Came with green handled rolling pin of same era.
My mother-in-law used one of these cloths.
After my mother died I was the daughter that "inherited" the Aunts Chicks Jolly Christmas cookie cutters. I do not remember when my mother purchased them but it must has been in the 50's. I was surprised to find a website that had the cookie recipe so I can make them again and let my grandkids have as much fun as I did "painting" the cookies. I think my mom had just as much fun getting things ready because she had to color the egg whites, and to make our own colored sugar. We were busy all day.
Mary M Cousins      
I have had the pleasure of making Santa cookies for the past 45 years. My children, their friends, my grandchildren and now my great grandchild looked forward to having these cookies each Christmas.
The first year I made these cookies, I borrowed the cutters from a friend, I didn't hesitate to place my order for Gramma's cutters, I still have my original cutters and directions.
I would like to share with you a picture of some of the cookies I made this last Christmas.
Mary M Cousins
Karen Laughlin      
As a child in the mid-west my mother had Aunt Chick's cutters and made them for all of our school events. Not only the santa, star, stocking, but the other cutters for other holidays.

I moved to the East coast and eventually overseas and lost the cutters. I was elated a year ago when I heard about them and ordered and have made them for events at the US Embassy where I now work. I've lent them to friends in the Embassy community who will also be ordering them.

Sandy Whittley      
I was given my set of Aunt Chick's cookie cutters by the mother of a dear friend in the early 1960s, and I have been making them ever since. It wouldn't be Christmas without them!

Twenty-three years ago, I asked my cookie exchange group if they would like to decorate the Santa cookies and give them to Meals for the Elderly for only those on the neediest routes. This came about when I learned that an elderly friend had kept her Santa carefully wrapped in her fridge one year because she said sometimes she just needed to see a happy face. I thought if it meant so much to her who had so many friends, it would mean so much more to someone who had very little.

My friends jumped at the chance to do this. Three of us made and baked two recipes each of Santas, and on the appointed day, all gathered to decorate over 150 Santas. To see that many beautiful smiling faces was wonderful! Even better was when we delivered them to Meals for the Elderly!!! The joyful response was overwhelming!!!

Each year after we decorate the Santas, we then exchange our cookies - each of us goes home with 12 dozen cookies of all different kinds - no duplications because we go "first come" on recipes. I make up a "cookie cookbook" each year of all the recipes, and now we have two large loose-leaf folders full of recipes.

This has been a very gratifying experience for all of us, and we plan to continue as long as we're able to "make and bake"! Our children are now involved, and sometimes we have 3 generations at the table. Everyone has a set of cutters, too. Thank you, Aunt Chick, for helping us help others and make wonderful memories!

Sandy Whittley
San Angelo, TX
kim Schin      
It is January 2nd, 2008 and I am sitting here at the computer eating the last of the Santa cookies that I baked for Christmas. There is a picture in my parent's family photo album dated Christmas 1957 that shows a tray of beautiful cookies that my mom baked using her Aunt Chick's cookie cutters. I assume that is the first year that she had them and it was also the year I was born. I always thought my mom made the most beautiful and delicious cookies in the whole world. Neighbors, friends, teachers, etc. who received Mom's cookies at Christmas time thought so too. Mom bought her sister and her mother a set of the cookie cutters, but only Mom could make them turn out perfectly year after year. When my brother got married in 1974 Mom ordered a set of Aunt Chick's cookie cutters for her new daughter in law. A few years later when my other brother was getting married, she found the cookie cutters were unavailable. Mom even had friends in Oklahoma searching for the company's address thinking maybe the company had just moved. Mom's cookie cutters were getting small cracks in them by this time, but she still made the cookies each year. I inherited the cookie cutters from my aunt and grandmother as they were not using the cutters. I searched antique shops and eventually did find some Aunt Chick cookie cutters as I knew mine would some day wear out from use. My sister in law finally found this website and we now have new cookie cutter sets for us and also our children who are now adults. This year for Christmas I made up a shadow box for each of my two brothers. I put in 2 of the old cracked Aunt Chick cookie cutters along with mom's handwritten sugar cookie recipe that came with the cookie cutters. There was not a dry eye in the room when the shadow box gifts were opened. Mom's Santa face and stocking Christmas cookies are probably my most precious childhood Christmas memory. I am keeping the tradition going as Mom is no longer with us and I always strive to make my cookies as beautiful as hers. Mom's secret ingredient was "love" and I always try to make sure my cookies are also baked with love. Thanks for helping our family keep the 50 year old Christmas cookie tradition going.
I remember when my Mother first made the Santa Claus cookies at Christmas. I was about 5 years old and have had them every year thereafter for 55 years. We have two cookie cutters and the old recipe and the cookies look and taste great and I really look forward to them every year. In fact, today I decided to check the web to see if the cookie cutters still existed and found your website. Next year, I plan to order the Santa Clause kits and give them to my son and daughter who are 27 and 25 and keep the traditon going. Thanks for the fond memories!
Evelyn Riley      
Every Christmas during the 60's and 70's there were three or four magical days in my mother's kitchen as we baked these beautiful cookies! My sister and I would help stir the dough, until it became too stiff to stir for our untrained muscles! Then Mom would take over and refrigerate the dough. We couldn't wait for it to set and be ready to roll out! My mom had a table full of colored frostings, coconut, silver balls, red hots, colored sanding sugar which she made herself, and food color paint to add color and adhesive for the sugars. My, did we have a ball baking and decorating with holiday music in the background. Each year my sister and I brought trays of the santas to our holiday parties at school. After I left home to go to college, I left that tradition of baking cookies behind. When I had my own three daughters I then rediscovered it when bringing the girls home to grandmas and finding the cookie baking still going on. My sister, now Aunt Jane, also rediscovered the tradition. My mother unfortunately had to give up baking as she came down with Alzheimer’s. But she still lives on in the tradition of these beautiful cookies. For years though, I was frustrated as I couldn't remember the cookie dough recipe. My Mother couldn't give it to me as she had Alzheimer's. My sister found what she thought was the recipe and it worked somewhat but was not the same. Then, when visiting my Mom's home, one of my daughters discovered the original paperwork which had accompanied the Aunt Chick's cookie cutters. On it was the recipe! This year, tears filled my eyes as the familiar scent of the cookies I remembered filled my kitchen and then the taste! Also the features of the Santa, Star, Stocking, and tree came out beautifully! How happy I was and also transported back in time. I could almost hear my mother's happy whistle and her familiar humming as she decorated the cookies when we were little. Thank you for preserving these happy times and keeping those we love alive in our memories...God Bless you!

Evelyn Riley
North Carolina
Joanne Reutter      
I am one of 5 kids. My mom always made Jolly Santa cookies every year for all our classes. When my youngest brother got out of grade school, she actually had one of the teachers ask her to make some more cookies for her class. She declined because she then had grandkids classes to do. Over the years that plastic Santa has been taped together many times, and yet mom still used it. I got the brainy idea of looking on the web and through GoodSearch, I found exactly what I was looking for. (GoodSearch is for your favorite charity to receive points and money if you use it.) She will be so surprised when she gets this package. And not only that, I live in Brazil so they will be made here next year.
Cathy Schilling      
It just turned 50 this December and every year that I can remember we have made Santa Clause Cookies and now our own children are also! I am giving these cutters for Christmas gifts this year to keep the family tradition going. Thank you for all of the memories this cutter has brought our family. I still use the one from when I was little! It is in sad shape but still so much fun. Back then the cost for the set with Santa was $2.00 ppd! Merry Christmas! Cathy
Ilse B.      
I am 76 and I also got the cookie cutters during the 1950's - perhaps through a magazine ad? My daughter has a December birthday and she would take 35+ Santa cookies to school for her birthday treat. I tried the coconut for his beard, but being not fond of coconut I do his beard with just the frosting by curling it around in the indentations. Presently I am doing cookbooks of my recipes for my granddaughters and am putting Santa's recipe in them and plan to get them each a set of the cutters. All my grandchildren have enjoyed finding Santa in his plastic bag tied with red yarn and hanging on our Christmas Tree. One year in the 1960's I thought I would sell Santa cookies, but got so many orders that I had to stop. These decorated cookies are really a labor of love for the family.
Lillian Donivan Therriault      
I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and am now 63 years young. Here is my story!
My mom who just celebrated her 86th birthday, purchased the set of four Gramma's Cutters in our local grocery store in the early 1950's. Our favorite was the santa face and each year, like the magic she brought to our celebrations, our mother ensured these fully decorated cookies made their way to the Christmas table. We loved them and Christmas would not be special without them. She used white icing for Santa's beard, then immediately sprinkled icing sugar over the beard. Santa's hat was also trimmed with the white icing as were his bushy eyebrows. She then mixed a bit of red food coloring into the icing and gave him rosy cheeks before adding yet more red coloring to give his hat a deep red look. His eyes were bright with raisins and his nose was also decorated with a raisin.
My mom continued the tradition, each year making enough cookies for her three girls, then later, their husbands and each of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Note that her grandchildren are between 42 years to 28 years and they still need grandma's santas for Christmas! Unfortunately our mom's eyesight no longer allows her to make the treasured cookies so I decided I would carry on her tradition and try to make them as a surprise for the family. Her santa cookie cutter is now very, very fragile and with each cookie I cut out, I breathed a prayer that I wouldn't break it.
Just this December my sister decided to try to find a facsimile cutter but our children insist it won't be the same if it's not the one grandma used.
What incredulous joy and yelps of glee to find that we can purchase these favorite santa cutters after 55 years. Bravo to you. Each of us have ordered one for ourselves and one for our children. The tradition is alive and well, thanks to "Gramma's Cutters."
Thank you from Northern Ontario and Merry Christmas.
P.S. Feel free to add this to your site.
My mom (now 89) would bake these cookies every year for Christmas. My dad was a dude guide and had many wealthy clients. They would give us expensive gifts every year for Christmas. Our family would spend lots of fun hours decorating these cookies to make them worthy of our friends as our gift to them!

I still have the cutters my mom used. They are cracked and fragile now. I love seeing they are available again. Thanks for bringing such a smile to me!
Cathy Billeci      
My mother-in-law probably bought her Santa cutter in the mid 1950's to use with her Girl Scout Troup. She managed to keep her troop from Brownies to Girl Scouts and kept the same girls involved from age 6 to 18. The original Santa cutter she used to make cookies to use as a fund raiser for her scout troop.

When I married into the family in 1967 she had baked the Santa's occasionally over the years. I had never seen a cookie cutter that provided so much detail and she offered it to me to use one year. After using her cutter I decided to purchase my own set so in the early 70's I bought my own Special Days, Merry Christmas and Happy Day cutter sets. I spent many hours baking and decorating these yummy cookies over the last 30 plus years. Now there is a new generation experiencing the art of baking and decorating these unique cookies.

Just today my daughter asked if Aunt Chick's cutters were still available, so that is the reason for my visit to the web site to pass on that these wonderful tools are still available.
Carren Mines      
I remember helping my mother make these cookies for Christmas when I was barely old enough to help with them. She would do the icing and let me do the sugar. when I got old enough, she would let me help with the icing. We put a little different twist on the decorating, though. We would use a toothpick and blue coloring for the eyes, like his eyes were closed, and just "paint" the cheeks, nose and mouth with red water. We would put them in baggies and tie the top with a green ribbon and put them on the tree. When someone would come visit, they got to take a cookie from the tree. When my mother was too old to do these anymore, she gave me the set of cutters along with the recipe and instructions. I have used them so much, the cutter is cracked and chipped. I was so glad to find a place where I could get a new santa for my set.
Donna Lauzon      
My aunt brought these wonderful cookies to us when I was around 10 years old [ I am now 69 years old] When I was 12 my mother finally got a set of Aunt Chick's cookie cutters. We had these cookies all of my years at home. When I started my own family I was living in Norfolk and there were no cutters so I made a cardboard pattern and cut them out by hand. My husband was in the Navy at that time. When we came home I got a set of cookie cutters and started making cookies. Over the years my children have grown up and they all have a set of cookie cutters and now I have Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren that have all been introduced to Santa Cookies along with so many kids that have come and gone in my life. It has brought so much joy to me and to all I have been lucky enough to share them with.
Thank You
Donna Lauzon
Debbie Greenfield      
In Santa Ana, CA., during the 1950's our mother purchased the Aunt Chicks Christmas Cookie Set at the famous upscale hardware store, Clark Dye's. She had especially fallen in love with the Santa face and had visions of just how to decorate him. Well, that purchase changed our Christmases for years to come. After baking, our Santa's beards and "fluff ball" where swirled with lush seven-minute icing laced with cream of tartar to make him last. We would dilute red food coloring to swab with Q-tips his hat; and while still wet, we would load on red sanding sugar and knock off the excess. His eyes were tiny pieces of raisins, with an application technique that only Mom had mastered. For his checks and nose, we would dilute the food colored water even more, and lightly swab with a finesse that would instantly bring Santa to life. When completely dry, Santa would be encased in a perfectly sized cellophane bag, topped off with a generously cute satin bow. He was gifted to everyone, and even tied on wrapped packages. Oh, how we loved him!

We also got the brainstorm to purchase the Halloween set of Aunt Chick's and make our own wonderful Trick-or-Treat wrapped Pumpkin cookies. (Those were the days when you could bake treats.)
My, were they ever glamorous with their glistening orange sanding sugar! The pumpkins looked marvelous in the cellophane bags tied with orange satin ribbons...One year, I think we switched to black ribbons when black became fashionable.

My sister and I have tried to keep the Aunt Chick legacy alive with our three daughters, and now granddaughters. Thank you Gramma's Cutters for helping us to do just that! Thank you for your wonderful website. We hope your legacy stays alive for generations to come.
Beth Walker      
My mother bought these cookie cutters I am quite sure before I was born. I am the youngest of five and my mother is now 80. In the cold winters of Central New York State, The box which held these was one of my favorite toys to play with while she baked during the holiday season. My mom gave cookies as gifts during the holidays to friends and church members who were elderly or shut-in. I remember sitting on the floor of the kitchen playing with these cutters and reaching for the colorful box which they came in. As I became older I was the one decorating after mom completed the oven duty.

When I started to have children, my mother gave the cutters to me and my son now has the box as one of his decorations for the kitchen during the holidays and asks for santa cookies with the coconut beards as his favorite every year. This year he will do more baking than I and we are continuing my mom's tradition of baking together in the kitchen and giving the cookies as gifts to friends and the elderly in our church.

I am ordering a new set this year, just for back up! Hey, maybe the best gift one of my girlfriends might get this year.

What a great gift we give each other from this simple thing...My thanks to Aunt Chick and her ideas and devotion. My thanks as well to the people who have kept this site and product available. Thank you...
Jodi S.      
I was born and raised in Illinois. Now I have brought these cookies to California! My mother made these every year until she lost her eyesight. Now my niece and I make them every year. Whenever I give them to anyone or my husband takes them to his office, everyone loves them! These Santas are the cutest ever! I am so happy I found this site because this year my cutter, which was my mother's and older than I am, cracked. *sniff* I just ordered two more! It’s not Christmas without these Santa Claus cookies! Thanks Aunt Chick! Happy Holidays!
Ilene Wass      
During the 50s, my mom would sew and bake and have a "Christmas Sale" for friends and neighbors. The most popular item, of course, was the Santa cookies which we took orders for to be delivered on Christmas Eve---my birthday!! I remember many years of staying up way past midnight on the 23rd as we decorated the Santas and it became our family tradition that as soon as midnight came we would take a break and I would get to open one Birthday present. Some years ago I ordered Aunt Chicks Christmas Cutters for my 2 daughters and son and now they and their children carry on the Santa making tradition!
Bernnie Thorne      
I can remember at a very young age sitting up all night decorating these cookies with my Aunt.
They always came out beautiful. Once I made the mistake of coloring the snowman's eyes red she informed me that her snowman aren't drunk so I never made that mistake again. They'll always be blue in my house. I have had my cookies cutter for 35 years so glad you have a web site.
Happy Holiday
Ellen Marshall      
As a child ,my mother made christmas cut out cookies, which we loved to decorate. We had the original "Aunt Chicks cookie cutters which I still have and use.
My sister in law wanted a Santa cookie cutter, and I knew I had one but wanted to get her one. I saw an add for Aunt Chicks cutters and was surprised to see I could order some, just like my mother had. We love your web site . Keep up the great work.
Marlene Von Ins      
My mother sent for the "fat" face and "skinny" face Santa cutters in 1961. She found them for sale from a Doublemint Chewing Gun wrapper and 5 cents. She received with the cutters the hand written instructions from a "very southern" lady and I still have that letter. My mom made them every year for all us kids and her grandkids. She made them until 1994 when she had to go into a nursing home. I, being the oldest daughter took over the tradition and I'm proud to say that mine look "almost" as good as hers. Everything on the cookie is decorated per the southern lady's instructions. My children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren are still enjoying my dear mom's tradition.
Thank you for still making these cutters available. Marlene
Janet T      
Oh, I have lots of memories making cookies at Christmastime using these cookie cutters back in the 50s & 60s when I was growing up in Illinois.
I think what I remember the most about them is when a friend of my mother's took some cake decorating lessons and went into business, and one of her biggest sellers were the Santa cookies that she made, and oh, how she decorated them! They were solid frosting with appropriate colors and textures, and they tasted so good!
They were masterpieces - each one of them! They couldn't have been made with any other type of cookie cutters but Aunt Chicks, because of the 3-dimensional effect.
I've had these cookie cutters all these years up until just recently when they got lost in a move, and have been very upset about it.
I'm so glad to have found this website and to see that they are accessible once again!
Janet T
As a child growing up Christmas would not have been Christmas without these cookie cutters. My Mom would stay up all night in order to color the cookies in peace. when my nephews were very young my oldest nephew was staying with us and he had a fever and slept all day. Needless to say he was up during the night, helping Granny paint the Santas. Well, this was the first year we had the Santa's with eyeglasses painted and we had very creative cookies. In 1992 my brother was transfered to Hawaii, my sister-in-law had a set of the cutters, with the Santa cracked. At that time we could not find the cutters anywhere. She actually tried to see how much it would cost to have a mold made. It was much to expensive to do. I am so happy to see you back! The tradition will continue!
Kaye Petersen      
What fun to find your website! My Mom first bought the cutters in the late 50's. I am 75, live in WA and have enjoy these cutters for many years. I have instructions from Box 4252-W, 3687 H-D,3687 Utica Sq. I have 5 daughters and many happy memories of our decorating days. My favorite is Santy, Over the years I have ordered cutters for my Daughters. I have used them at my Church, for children’s Christmas cookie decorating events. I have 10 cutters, all in perfect shape. It’s wonderful to know they are still available. I will be using them for a gift for our Church special family this Christmas.
My mother had an original set of these cookie cutters. The santa, star, stocking and tree. From the time I was very small we would make a big batch of the dough and bake the cookies. After they sat over night we would decorate. Mother always followed the original package directions, coconut for Santa's beard, silver dragees for the star and so on. It was a much loved tradition. Mother passed away a year ago, and I'm going to make the cookies next weekend with my 2 year old daughter and start the tradition all over again. I love these cookies. Mother always said they weren't so good to eat but too pretty to pass up.
Nancy Bales Hartle      
My husband and I lived in Sunnyvale,CA. in 1965 when I was pregnant with my first child. That Christmas I went to a Pi Beta Phi Christmas auction and bid and won a cookie ornament for my little boy's first Christmas tree and we still have that ornament. It was made with the Santy cutter. I found the address in the Pi Beta Phi Cook Book and wrote to Aunt Chick to get a cutter like the Santy, however, received the Jolly Santa. I have used it every Christmas until my son started making the cookies for his four year old daughter. My youngest son also has a child one year old and wanted to find another cutter to make cookies for has son at Christmas. Both sons went to the internet and found "Aunt Chick". Now all three families can have the Christmas cookie cutters in their home and I will have the "Santy".
What a delightful web-site, and aside from the many who have enjoyed eating those darling Santa faces, I'd say we must NOT over-look the other cutters and how beautiful THEY ALL ARE!

You've created not only a great place to 'keep' the standard tradition, BUT, you've given recipes; ideas, and other information so we can make these delightful shapes into paper ornaments; candles, etc. You've expanded the JOYS of using these many cutters by including ideas that were never part of our personal family tradition (but now they can be started thanks to you).

One of my children is nearing 50 years old; the others are 'right behind'. As children, when their grandmother would hand out a cookie (Santa) to each, it was fun watching them decide whether to eat the 'top off' first; devour the 'beard', or just go straight for the face by breaking it in half and grinning at that first bite.

It was lovely to see that big tray of Santa faces; hard to start 'eliminating Santa' as each would take their single cookie.

Putting them in little baggies; tied with ribbons, they could make a beautiful tree even more lovely. Handed out to friends; visitors - a welcome treat with coffee or hot cocoa.

While the children's grandmother only did the Santas, I think the entire assortment made up - a big decorating party where everyone participated, could certainly be a joyful time for everyone, and each would have their own individual creation; adding their personal touches and making quite an array of great confections.

I loved seeing the 'gallery' of photos of the Santas; expanding that gallery to include ALL of the various cutter creations would even be more fun as your business grows, and you have the time to add to your web-site.

You've made a wonderful tradition started years ago, even greater by also keeping your prices nominal and fair - it's tough when those who'd like to join in, can't always afford some of the items I often see on various web-sites, and it becomes cost-prohibitive.

I'm sure Aunt Chick would give you many hugs and kudos for keeping her spirit alive - truly, you become the spirit of Christmas, by all that you've offered us.

Thank you; and the many others, who've shared such heart-warming stories!
In 1961 I was eight years old in McAlester, Oklahoma. My Grandma, June Troy, made Santa cookies every year and we made them together for me to take caroling at nursing homes with my Brownie troop. A very old lady, to my very young eyes, chose one of my Santas from the tray, then quickly told me not because it was the biggest cookie, but because it was the prettiest. Grandma died in the 70's, and somehow I ended up with the cookie cutter, and for many years my husband and children enjoyed them, although without coconut on the beard as Grandma did. It was cracked and chipped, but I could deal with that. A couple years ago I left the cookie cutter on the baking sheet and stashed it in the cool oven, only to have a teenager turn the oven on and melt my cookie cutter! I am very grateful to replace it. Thank you!
Joan Brayer      
Oh the memories of Santa Claus cookies in our family!!!! As a young child I remember watching my Mom make Santa Claus cookies! She always made them at night when her "5 J's" were to bed. I was allowed to watch as long as I was quiet and didn't get into anything. These were so delicately designed for so many years by Mom! They were hung on the Christmas tree and eaten afterwards! Mom made her last Santa Claus cookies in 1987 at the age of 74! We had a lot if not all of that batch shellacked, to keep them!
My 3 are brought out each year at Christmas time. They looked as if she just made them! Mom taught me so much and was my best friend! One of her Santa Claus cookies was placed beside her in the coffin in May of 2002! Christmas was her favorite time of the year! My youngest brother who will be 50 soon, made the cookies a couple of years ago when a mold of Mom's was given to him!
Thank you for keeping such precious memories alive! Merry Christmas to all!!!!
Letty Jo      
My mother and her friends always got together at Christmas time and made cookies and used your cutters. I remember when we came home from school my mothers close friends, children and my sisters used to decorate the Santa's for years, beginning around 1958. My mother passed away in 1995, and I thought I would carry on the tradition of baking and sending her cookies to my sibling’s families and my new family. We could not find the cookie cutters anywhere in house. I talked to our neighbors and my mothers close friends; Loretta and Mary. Loretta had a set of her own; no one remembered if Mom had a set. I checked their families to see where to find them, no one knew.
Twelve years has gone by and I still cannot find the Santa cookie cutter, but I have still baked and sent out that familiar taste we all loved and remember.
In October I was in Va. visiting my sister Kris; we were going through Mom's recipe book and copying some recipes for me so she can keep the original cookbook with her. (she's the oldest).
She took out the 3x5 index recipe card for the roll-out cookie recipe, Mom used and copied the front and back of the card.
Today I was preparing my list to start baking for the holidays and going over recipes. On the back of the rollout cookies recipe, in my mother's handwriting it said: The Four McB's
1350 E. 27th Place
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Aunt Chicks Cookie Cutters
Star-Santa Claus
Stocking of Toys-Christmas
I would like to Thank You. You have made my Christmas a miracle this year and years to come.
This is dedicated to my mother, Dolores and her friends, Mary and Loretta.
Happy Holidays to All.......
The Keasey Family
Brenda Rapp      
My Mother baked Aunt Chicks santa cookies for my class each year for Christmas. Not just mine but also those of my two sisters and my brothers. Every year the students in my class would ask if I was bringing in the santa cookies again for Christmas. My Mother also made them for my children and now I make them with my grandchildren. We decorate them just like it suggests and everyone loves them and comments on how beautiful they are. My Aunt asked to borrow my cutter the other day because she has a grandson getting married at Christmas and he wants Aunt Chicks santa cookies at his wedding.
DiAnne Cooper      
My mom Rea Walters, has been using your Santa cutter every year since 1956. She has made as many as 300 cookies some years. It would not be Christmas without them! My brother and I think if we were on a desert island and could have only one food, it would be Mom's Santa Claus Cookies! She decorates the eyes lightly with diluted blue food coloring using a tooth pick, brushes his cheeks and nose with a drop of red food coloring mixed with powdered sugar and beaten egg white, the hat and mouth are just colored powdered sugar and water, and the white beard, had, moustache and eyebrows are a meringue that dries hard. I have a good picture to share, I will email it to Carrie. Please do a spell check here.
Martha Jane Miller Tomb      
My mother, Grace Oldfield Miller, was an excellent cook from Big Cove, Alabama. She mastered the art of the Christmas cookies out of Aunt Chick's Merry Xmas cookie cutters and they were beautiful. Each year as a present, my brother and I write a Christmas story to each other and he wrote the following story "The Christmas Cookies" - enjoy!!! This year I want to order the cutters for my adult sons. Thanks for keeping the memory of Aunt Chick and her cutters alive.

The Christmas Cookies

My mother, Grace Oldfield Miller born in 1915, began preparation for Christmas during the first week of December. She started listing aloud the items that she would need to get for Christmas baking. After thinking about the number of ingredients that would be needed for her Christmas baking, her thoughts would turn to the Christmas tree. “When do you think that we should get our tree?” she would say. Then a discussion would take place as the weekend to cut and decorate our tree. In our family, the tree was usually cut and put up on a Saturday.
As soon as my mother got her groceries up on that first weekend in December, she began laying out in small stacks the items for each Christmas recipe. In the later afternoon, she might be shelling pecans. Sometimes I remember her carefully handling a large piece of coconut after she had cracked the fresh coconut with a hammer and a large nail. The fresh juice of the coconut might be in a glass jar sitting on the counter. The jar of coconut juice might be sitting in the refrigerator, and I would sometimes attempt to get a swig. Boy! It was awful and mother would look at me with disgust and tell me that it was not good to drink. My mother had begun and in a deliberate but totally concentrated fashion she would work until Christmas Day getting the cakes and cookies ready for her family and friends. I frequently remember Mother working after everyone had gone to bed on grating coconut, shelling pecans, or baking a layer of one of her cakes. Before retiring she would wash the dishes so as to be ready for the next day of baking.
When I got up the next morning, Mother already had the Sunbeam mixer going and two cake pans had been greased and floured. I can still see my mother carefully turning each pan to make sure that the flour coated every inch of the round pans. Sometimes two fried eggs, two bacon strips and buttered toast sat in a plate waiting when I got up. I ate the breakfast and then spread some apple jelly or maybe honey on the second piece. I chased breakfast with a large glass of tang and three tablespoons of sugar.

When the Christmas tree was brought into the house, Mother would say, “That’s the prettiest one we have ever had.” For many years, Mother made Ivory Snow suds to go on the tree. She was particular about how the snow was put on and like an artiest she would stand back and judge how each clump looked once it was on the tree. Mother took her greatest pride in placing icicles on the tree. They had to be hung just right. Frequently, she would complain about my decision to just fling an icicle and let it land where it might. Many times she would rearrange many of my icicles because both of the strands were not the same length. Mother always saved the icicles from the year before and was concerned that no icicle be thrown away. Finally, my mother would for the moment decide that the tree would do and return to holiday baking.
I loved the Christmas cakes. There could never be too many for me. It is difficult to say which one of the nearly half dozen or so was my favorite. Mother’s Red Velvet cake was extremely rich. The red in that cake was crimson. I remember them laid out on the freezer and the layers seemed redder still when placed with the creamy white frosting. Since as a child I loved orange slices, I loved the cake that had orange slices in the middle. It also was filled with pecans and was buttery and sugary. The $100 Chocolate Cake was so chocolaty that it almost took your break away when you took a bite. Mother seemed to put a tremendous amount of work in her fresh Coconut cake. I loved Coconut cake, and I remember that Mother froze it and we ate on it until February. Mother’s Coconut cake was the one she took to Aunt Lou’s on Christmas Eve. Later, she would cut the cake into slices and put them in the freezer for us to eat later. Sometimes in my haste to get to those rich desserts I have eaten more than my share of near frozen cake slices. If I had one “binge” cake, it was the German Chocolate cake. I can remember on the evening of Christmas after feeling depressed that the day was over that I started really binging on German Chocolate cake. Unfortunately, I sometimes would eat half the cake.

Mother’s true abilities as an artist lay in her devotion to the Christmas cookies. The Christmas Cookie cutters, ordered from The Four McB’s from Texas, came in a rectangular box. On the outside of the box, were pictures of Santa Claus and a Christmas stocking. The Santa Claus was decorated with raisin eyes, a coconut beard and a beautiful red cap. The stocking had the most beautiful shade of blue in it. The blue was more than a sky blue and somewhat like the blue that is shown with the Virgin Mary. My mother’s Christmas cookies looked EXACTLY like the pictures on the box. The same shade of red and the same shade of blue. My mother did not and still does not believe in improvising when it comes to following recipes or following directions for the way cookies are to look.
My mother used an assembly line approach to cookie decorating. She usually decorated six at a time. I believe she would take, for instance, the beard and all six would be decorated with the white icing and the coconut. If there was a mistake she would immediately fix it. My mother worked at her craft much like a diamond cutter with intense concentration. When mixing the red for the hat, she worked until the red was just right. It could not be too orange or pink. My mother hovered over her creations. She checked them closely for any defects: a crack here, a funny looking eye there, or just the right amount of coconut on each beard. If I was lucky, then a completed Santa Claus might get cracked and I could enjoy the entire creation. I must say that this seldom happened.
Several times I would get just the plain cookie because after coming out of the oven a defect was found. My mother carefully placed the completed Santa Claus cookies on wax papers in large plastic containers. Then she placed another layer of wax paper on top of the cookies. My mother did not like for me or any other member of the family to get too close to her creations. She knew that I for one would be likely to put my hands on one if I got a chance. Therefore, my mother watched me closely whenever I came close to the kitchen table. Many times she said to me, “Get away, you might mess’em up, Bud.” I did not resist too much because I knew that while I would not get too many frosted cookies that I could take the broken ones and put them in the icing bowls to get that ever needed sugar high. My mother gave her special friends and family members the Santa Claus cookies. Mother took a batch to the sisters and other staff at Holy Spirit School where she worked. She gave a batch to her good friend, Hazel Shreve and her family. Of course, Mother gave them to the Oldfield and Miller families. We would have a batch set out when we ate our cakes on Christmas Day. They were primarily for decorations. I did not care to have one then because my full attention was on getting all the cake and boiled custard that I could. The cookies always looked a little sad on Christmas Day because everyone just gave them a glance as they sat on a plate near the cakes.
The Santa cookies were a symbol of joy and warmth of the Christmas Season. They were bright and bold. I appreciate that my mother did not scrimp on getting the colors of the cookies just right. They were true expressions of love and generosity. Countless hours of patience and hard work went into getting each cookie just right. They were so beautiful that I find it hard to believe that recipients ate them. I remember that my mother handled each with care. My mother’s best baking talents were reserved for these cookies. I doubt that the finest bakeries in America could have produced such delicious treats of such beauty and genuine good will. I find that I am more peaceful and happy when I just remember the sight of the Christmas cookies.

Written by:
Paul Crawford Miller, Jr.
December 20, 1995
Trudy Fletcher      
I can't believe I found you! From the time I can remember (I am now 50) as a family, we set aside one whole day each December as "cookie decorating day". It wasn't easy because my family ran a small farm so finding time was hard but we made a commitment each year to do it. We decorated Santa's every single year. They were my Dad's favorite so my Mom would sometimes wrap them as a present and hide them so we had some left for Christmas. The Santa cutter was truly worn out from use over the years. Dad fixed it MANY times until it was beyond repair. This past year, my sister and I found the original box with your company's name on it at our parent’s house. We have the original box and the many-times repaired cutter which we cherish. Our Mom has passed away and we want to share this precious tradition to our future generations. THANK YOU!
I was so happy when I found new Aunt Chick's Christmas cookie cutters online! I have many happy childhood memories of decorating the wonderful cookies my mother made with the set she bought in the mid 50's when her and my Dad got married. My brother's and sister would sit around the kitchen table and snack on the coconut we used for Santa's beard while we decorated. Well, when my Mom decided she wasn't using them anymore, she gave them to me because I was the only sibling with children at the time. My brother is always asking to borrow them and I don't think he's too happy that she chose to give them to me instead of him, so won't he be surprised this Christmas when he receives his own set as a gift! Maybe I'll buy a set for my sister, too!
Diana Otterson      
I have been making the Santa cookies every Christmas for at least 12 years. I have purchased cutters for all of the bakers in my family. Every year we set aside one day to get together and decorate our Santas. We have a production line, one or two do the red hats, noses and mouths. One or two do the frosting on the hats, beards and moustaches and one does the eyes. We have done around 300 of these wonderful cookies at one time. It has become a tradition, everyone looks forward to my cookie trays with these beautiful cookies as the star attraction.
Santa Lover      
Like so many others, the cookies my Grandmother made from these cutters were beautiful and a family treasure until she passed. I am now 50 and all of those fond memories came flooding back when my cousin Cindy was looking for a picture of "Grandma's Santa Cookies". Her brother David found your web site and passed it along to the rest of the family. I was thrilled to see that these same cutters were still available!! I bought my set today!! Thanks!
Donna Haig      
I grew up with these cookies. As long as I can remember my Mom has made these cookies. I am now 65 and my sister called me and said I found Mom's Cookie cutters and I just had to make an order and get some too. Mom has been gone for quite a few years and my sister got the cookie cutters and I never thought I would be able to find them ever again. Thank you for making it possible to relive all of the memories.
Connie Geiter      
When my husband and I married in 1973, the vows included "love, honor, cherish and learn to make Santa Claus Cookies". Not really, but during the
holiday preceding our wedding my future mother in law, Mariam Geiter taught me to make these wonderful cookies and presented me with my very own set of cutters. She had begun making them in the early fifties when her "boys" were small. My husband remembers being "snowed in" one Christmas and spending the day making cookies with his mother, dad, and brother. I have made them nearly every year since our marriage, and now my daughter is carrying on the tradition with her very own cutter. Her co-workers believe that she is the next "martha stewart".
I was so surprised to find these in the Martha Stewart Living magazine. My Grandmother used to may the Jolly Santa cookies when I was young, and they were my all time favorite cookie. She has since past away, and that was one of my special memories of her. I was so glad to find that you still made these. Thanks I will pass the tradition on.
Pam Gifford      
I remember as a little girl my Mother making these cookies. I loved the way she places each eye in place and painted the little fat face red with food coloring. Then all the coconut for the hat and beard. She would then wrap each cookie up in plastic wrap so they would stay nice. I also remember my Godmother having one of these sitting in her kitchen that was there for years, she said it was to cute to eat. The cookie it's self was wonderful. Thank you so much for letting me have this memory of my Mom again.
Karen Laughlin      
As a child in the 50's and 60's in Kansas City, Missouri, my mother made cookies from Aunt Chick's cookie cutters every Christmas, Halloween and Easter. I have such fond memories of her making and decoration them, as they looked so beautiful when she was done. My mother passed away in 1979 and I lost track of the cutters since I was working overseas working at a US Embassy. When my sister wanted to make them for her grandchildren, I got on the internet and looked under Mrs. Chick's cookies and was linked to Gramma's cutters. I was so thrilled to find these again. I hope to make some for this holiday season.

Karen Laughlin
Pat Tasker      
My grandmother had a set of holiday cookie cutters (l950's). She made them every year, mostly santas, stockings, trees & snowmen, along with about 25 other types of holiday cookies from the Gas or Electric company holiday cookbooks. I have the cookbooks with her handwritten notes, marking the year and her rating of how good they were....The santas were always one of the favorites. I inherited her cookie cutters, and we share them within the family. My mother always made by brother a box of Santas for a Christmas gift!

A few years ago, I found them in a magazine or somewhere, and sent of for several sets....I got a set for my sister in law so now she can I got one for each of my sons, for when they get married, I will give to the bride as a shower gift. Amongst a large tray of beautiful and colorful holiday cookies, it is the Santa that always gets the raving comments, and it is the Santas that are gobbled up first!

These cookies have been a part of our family's Christmases for decades, now are assured to be there for decades to come!
Kerry Hall      
I can remember as Christmas approached my mother making her famous Santa Cookies. I am now 52 years old and her cooker cutter was older than me. At any rate my mother passed away almost 7 years ago and in cleaning out my kitchen linen drawer I found a plastic bag with recipes in it and one of the papers was the ORIGINAL that she had bought her "Jolly Santa" cookie cutter with, for $1.00!! My how times have changed. I only wish I would have looked on line before she passed away I would have loved to have bought her a new one as hers has cracked and she used it anyway. I'll never forget those Santa cookies and would like to do the same with my Grandchildren. Thanks again Kerry Hall
Anne Price      
I made the Christmas cookies for our children and grandchildren. I let the grandchildren decorate them and they had a ball. They are in college and high school now and are coming for Christmas. I want to surprise them with these cookies. I have used the folded instructions so much that some parts are so hard to read, but I plan to have them for the boys. They will love them again.
Jean Miller      
I started making the christmas cookies as a bride in 1949 which I purchased for 50 cents and a paper disk from Swiftning shortening. I used to send them to school, scouts and friends. Many years I made 350 of them. I am now 80 years old and still make about 175 of them every year. I have not missed a year. My children are all in their 50's and it would not be Christmas without them. I still have the original set and the box that they came in.
Rhonda Watkins      
My dear friend Donna, makes these cookies EVERY year, She told me the story and history of the cookie cutter, and it was such an awesome story i had to share it.
The first time I had these famous cookies were back in 1992 I was invited over for a church Christmas party and she had the awesome and incredible cookies, Every year I would ask her where did she get the cookie cutter from, she would just tell me that her mother got it years ago and you wouldn't ever be able to find another one like it. Well this year just last week I BEGGED her for the recipe and a picture of the cookie cutter when she sent me a neat message that said Rhonda! I'm so excited, I found the cookie cutter online, thanks to my mother, who purchased this cookie cutter set back when they lived in Hawaii 40 years ago, to much dismay, her mother said that she kept the "original box" they came in and that is how she knew to look online and look for them. She was so shocked when she put the information in that she landed on your website. Donna said, "my mom and I have shared this cookie cutter over 20 years" her mother lives in Arkansas and she lives in Texas so they would take turns using it for these many years. So Donna asked me when you order your kit, can you order me a Santa cutter, because my mother will be happy to know that they still make them. She said her mothers is about to break. And wished me luck for the next 40 years of using this cookie cutter.

So Thank you Gramma's Cutters for sharing your awesome cutters with us for so many years.

Rhonda Watkins
I was cleaning out a closet and found my mother's original Aunt Chicks cookie cutters! We used to make the Xmas cookies and hang them on the tree. We kept these cookies for years and years until they finally fell apart. I have very fond memories of making these cookies. We used to have an assembly line and make them all day to give as gifts.

The instructions for decorating the cookies were missing out of the box, but I have ordered new ones, but I will not get rid of the original cutters! I was so surprised to find them on the internet. I am so glad. I am going to make them this Christmas for all of my family and friends.
My mom purchased this Santa cookie cutter in 1968 and made them every year for friends, family, classmates and coworkers. When I had my own kids we would take turn with the cookie cutter - and be very careful, because we didn't know how to find another one, so it went from my mom in Arkansas to me in Texas for several years. One of my friends who had seen and tasted my Santa cookies emailed me from Wyoming and wanted the recipe and info. That got me looking into the cutter and its origin. When I called my mom she actually still had the original box the cutters came in, so that is when I searched the web and found this site. I am just so excited. Now we can carry on the baking tradition. Thank you!
Kathy Crowder      
When I was a little girl my favorite Aunt used to make your Santa cookies. All the love and work she put into them. She would give us one every Christmas for as long as I can remember. I missed them after she passed away and what a relief when a few years ago I got some e-mail from your company and low and behold there was my Aunt's Santa cookie cutter. I ordered right away your Christmas cookie cutters including Santa to make for my own Granddaughter. Thanks for the fine products and bringing back some very fond memories.
Lois Gochoel      
My mother had been making the Santa cookies since the 1960's. They were an integral part of many friend's and family's Christmas celebration each year. Even when the hat cracked and was almost completely split, we continued to use it ever so gently, until by accident I found an advertisement in the back of Southern Living and recognized the 'one of a kind' face so familiar to me. Mom used what I believe was the recipe enclosed with the cutter and we have never found another recipe that holds the shape or tastes as good. When Mom began suffering signs of Alzheimer's disease, she couldn't make the dough, but she never forgot how to decorate them. She is no longer with us, but my sister's and I can't look at the Santa cookies without thinking of Mom. Thank you for the opportunity to make such memories.
I was thrilled a few years ago I saw a magazine ad with the cookie cutter box I remembered as a little girl. Then even more excited when I found these cutter available in the original box. I ordered several and I wish I had ordered more!!
Every Christmas this was a tradition.. making THE Santa cookie. We all got a job. I had 2 older sisters and they always got to work with the frosting/sugars. I would always feel insignificant in my little duty of placing the raisins for the eyes before they went in the oven. One year my Mom said, Virginia, I don't know WHY you feel your job is NOT is the most important of all. When you give Santa his eyes, you give him life and personality. Even as young as I was, 5 or 6 I was profoundly affected by what my Mom said. After that was I content with my job! And Mom was right...they all have a different personality because of their eyes!! :)
I had just moved into my new home and was unpacking my kitchen stuff and came across the box that has the aunt chick's merry Christmas cookie cutters in it.. I figure i would check to see if the company was still around.. I have the 4 original ones.. i was 8 years old remember my mother making these cookies and i would help. I’m now 44 and still use these cutters and im so glad that somebody will continue to carry out them. my mother is 89 now and gave them to me because she wasn’t using them anymore.. I love these cutters..
Alice Edelman      
Oh what exciting news I received from my niece today, who found your web site and a place to order the Santa cookie cutters. My mother had ordered such cutter back in the late 40's or early 50's, I guess. She used to bake these special cookies and include with her famous Spritz Christmas tree and wreath cookies. She would package them up and give to relatives and friends for Christmas. While I was in nurses training, she would send me such a box and everyone delighted in seeing the smiling Santa with his coconut beard and raisin eyes as well as sharing in the special treats. When my mother came to live with me, I found her cookie cutter, broken and pasted as best she could, but really wasn't usable then. So I wrote to the address on the box which contained the broken cutter but received no reply. So I figured that was a lost cause to ever see a Santa cookie again. Well, my niece was interested in it so I sent the broken cutter to her to have as a keepsake, such as it was. Anyway, she looked it up on the internet and was able to find the exact same cutter, thanks to you. As I watched the TV show on your site, the tears filled my eyes as it brought back so many memories of my mom in the kitchen, preparing special Santa treats for family, friends and neighbors. Thanks so much for renewing the cookie cutter and making it available for others to pass on to their children and make more childhood memories.
Brad Hopkins      
My grandmother has been making cookies with these cutters ever since I can remember and I am now 32 years old. It's always a battle to get there 1st when we've found out that she's made the cookies. My cousins and I are always in a hurry to get ours. My grandmother took them out a good while back and was wondering if she might be able to find them again since hers have been used so many times that they have several cracks in them and she keeps hanging on to them for all of us. We looked at the box and I wrote the info down off of it and told her I would look on the internet and see what I could find. Thank God I found them. I can’t wait to place my order and get her the ones she already has as well as all the rest of them. I also can’t wait to see the look on her face when I send them to her. Thanks so much for all the years of cookies. Bradly and the rest of "Mom's" grandkids.
Toni Webb      
I come from a family of 7 kids, 3 boys & 4 girls and as I was growing up I can remember my mother making the Santy cookies, she made cookies for each of our classrooms in grammar school. I know she had the cookie set, the tree, star, boot, and Santy since the 1940's, or early 50's. It wasn't Christmas unless she made cookies for our classes. In 2000 she gave me the cookie cutters in the original box minus the boot as she lost it I still have the box. She passed away in 2001 and I have made the cookies every since I have made them for the kindergarten class I volunteer in for the past two years only my Santy cutter cracked so I am so glad to find one again. When I make the cookies, I make them in a production line, I have an 8 foot table set up in my front room. That is why I am so glad to find a cutter again.
E. B. Wright      
I am 75 years old. My story goes back to the 1930's when my family, Anna and Dick Broach, lived next door to Nettie and Sam McBirney. Once when she experimented with a chocolate pie recipe, I was the happy recipient of the result. I secreted myself in a hiding place to try to devour the entire pie before my three older brothers could take it away from me. The result became part of one of her newspaper columns. The first wedding I ever attended was that of one of her daughters. The last time I saw Mrs. McBirney was at my own wedding in 1957.
Debbie Llano      
I first became familiar with the traditional Santa cutter when I was newly married around 1970. A teacher friend of mine said her mother or grandmother had always made them so when I had my own children, I called that friend and received the McB's mailing address, sent for the order and still have my letter hand written by Bette Lou McBirney dated 10/8/77. I ordered the Santa Claus and the Happy Days set.
Well I have lost touch with my old friend since it has been so long ago. I know she lives in east Tennessee and is still baking the cookies at Christmas.
I was cleaning out my recipe file this morning and found all of the old letters and order forms. Brings back warm memories. I immediately came to google your name and found this site. I am ordering the American Traditions set today. I am so happy you have kept the business going. I plan to start my daughter's collection when she marries next year. She was born in 1979. Wow how time flies!
LouAnn Kocsis      
My mother received an Aunt Chick's pie making set for her wedding in the 1940's. She has been making world famous pies ever since and continues to this day. Everyone has always raved that she makes the best pies they've ever tasted. Her trademark on her pies has always been the star pie cutout (metal) that came with her pie kit. I have never seen anyone else make such beautiful pies. My mother found one of these stars at a garage sale and saved it for the first person in the family that asked to learn how to make pies. My sister-in-law was the winner. Since then I've wanted to learn how to make these prize winning pies and have literally searched in antique shops across the U.S. for one of these star pie decorators. It had become a mission of mine...and just today, I found your website and the pie star decorator (although now it is plastic). I am so happy and cannot wait to begin making beautiful pies...just like Mom...and just like Aunt Chick! I'm so happy to have found you. P.S. I also bought a set for Mom!
Mrs. Dorothy Brown      
I cannot remember exact date I found the Santa Claus cutters but it started a tradition in our family. Every Xmas it was Santa just like the original, now it has been handed down from my two daughters and their children and now my Great Grandchildren. My cutters came from England and recipe also and after that I kept buying each of them cookie cutters when I could find them. We are so HAPPY to find you on the Internet.-----to the best of my memories it has been 50 years of using these beautiful cutters.

I came across your add with the santa face cutter and thought I probably had the only one until now. I just want to share the fact that I have 3 of the original cutters of that set which would probably make them over 50 years old. My Mother taught me unique ways to decorate them which I have passed on to my children.

I am very happy to see them in production for more generations to enjoy.

Judy Goldthorp      
My mother had a number of Christmas cookie recipes, but my favorite was always the one called "Aunt Chick's." I never knew who "Aunt Chick" was. Until tonight, as I was going through a portion of my mother's collection of old recipes. There was a flyer my mother had sent for, with the cookie cutters on one side and a list of "Aunt Chick's Gadgets" on the other side. That got me thinking about looking Aunt Chick up on the Internet . . . and here I am. A friend who grew up with me recalls the Santa cookies my mother made every Christmas during the 50s and 60s. That has remained a strong memory for her all these years. The copy of the "Aunt Chick" cookie recipe has a notation at the bottom that it is "good for large cookies, like Santa Claus." Now I know why. I will be looking for that cookie cutter when I go through the items I had shipped from my mother's home after her death last month at age 92. Thanks for having this site.
My Grandmother was an excellent baker. Her home was always filled with warm, inviting smells that wrapped their arms around you when you walked through the front door. I remember her sewing me my own apron so I could help her bake. The cookies we baked together tasted sweeter than anything I have tasted since. At Christmas time my grandmother had taffy pulls and make countless batches of peanut brittle, but what I remember most is decorating the cookies that included: a Santa, a snowman, a tree, and a star. We also decorated an ornament cookie and an angel cookie. These memories are fresh in my mind 25 years later. I can hear our laughter and feel the sharing of love as we sat as a family with colored sugar and egg whites decorating our Aunt Chick's cookies. My Grandmother had ordered the cutters out of a magazine and then ordered a set for my mother and aunt. I am working to complete my Aunt Chick's cookie cutter sets so I can carry on the tradition. Although most of the people in my memories are long gone--sharing the making of cookies with my husband and son bring them back in my mind.
Thank you to Aunt Chick's for such a wonderful family memory.
Carrie C.
Karen Groves      
It was great to find this website!! One night I was talking to my mom about the cookie cutters we would use every Christmas, lots of memories, good times shared. She said," I’m going to give you the cutters" i was very excited, she has had them for 30 years now, all in great condition! I was surprised I didn't realize how old they were, she also told me she still had the recipe that came with them. We laughed and wondered if they were in business still, so i jumped on the computer and put a search for the FOUR McB'S AND BILL MCBRINEY, we were shocked to find all this, and very happy, can't wait to tell everyone about this page. Thanks for the memories they were great and will continue, love the santa cutter!
Joana Ferrell      
I received my cutters for a wedding gift in 1967. When my boys began school I began making the Santa cookies for school parties and for all at church. I would wrap each one with a bow on them. I would make 200-300 a year. To this day people will come up to me telling me they still have the Santa cookie and hang it on their tree.
Working on these cookies and the joy of watching my boys make the other ones in the kit bring me much joy.
Ann Shirley      
We grew up with these cookies cutters-all the sets. My mother made them for every season. She had a stroke about two years ago and she has been unable to bake like she used to because she is confined to a nursing home. I gave my sister the cookie cutters so they would be in a safe place. Then there was Hurricane Katrina, and she took everything in my sister's house including the cookie cutters. My mother asks about them every time I visit her, and I have to tell her that they are gone. But they're not now. I am so glad I found them again. We can now continue the tradition that was so dear to us as we were growing up.
Meredith Onion      
I was in tears as I read these stories of other family’s traditions and love for the Santa cookies. My mom made these cookies for our family for about 40 years - always making enough for all of our classmates, our neighbors and my Dad's customers. My dad was a traveling salesman, and found Aunt Chick while traveling - he visited her many times to restock on sugar, etc. When my mom's original plastic mold broke, and my dad couldn't find Aunt Chick, he had a foundry friend, make a replica in metal. My dear Mom passed away 12/23/06. The first thing my 15 year-old daughter did was rush home to finish the Santa Claus cookies, in Grandma's honor. We will carry on the tradition.
susan desruisseaux      
I made a comment about the Santa cookie in 2005 but I received it too late to make my cookies for Christmas 2005, however I had a girlfriend Christmas this past year and made over 50 of them and wrapped them in cello bags and gave them as favors and I have had nothing but wonderful comments and what a work of art they really were. No one wanted to eat them because they looked so beautiful. I just gave a girlfriend this website so she can order the cutters too. They are a lot of work, but a pleasure for all to enjoy. Thanks so much.
Doreen Johnson      
I started making the "SANTY" cookies in 1958 and have made them every year since. Even my grandchildren say it is not Christmas till we have Grandma's Santa cookies. The original mold I got from Bill McBirney at the Four McB's and he would always write notes on the envelopes thanking me for my order and I have saved the envelopes. On one envelope he wrote "I was "Bloomed" by mother in Mpls- 1917- " On another envelope it says, "Thank you Doreen. 2 Santys enclosed as per your order and 1 Santy and an Eagle chief for your daughter and the retarded children. -- a present from mother Aunt Chick - 92 years happy. Happy Days, Bill McB" (One of my daughters was working at a home with retarded children at that time.) He also sent me a newspaper article about his mother donating her cookbooks to the Tulsa City-County Library. The article said over 1000 cookbooks were donated from her collection and he commented in the margin of the article and I quote " 1,327- I know for packed them". Through the years I have purchased the molds for my four children and for five of my working colleagues at one time and now have been making the cookies for fund raisers at our local Senior Center at Christmas time. A couple of ladies have requested information on where they could buy the molds .
Susan Perrine McHugh      
This year my Santa finally broke. It has been cracked for awhile which is to be expected since I have been using it since the 1960's when my Mother gave me a set. I have many memories of my Mother making Santa cookies (and trees, stars and stockings) every Christmas. (I was born in 1946 so you can see how long ago that was). When I was little, she made them for my whole class at school as well as my brothers and sister's. That's alot of cookies since there are 7 of us. Recently there was a survey sent that many of my family replied to online. It asked for your favorite Christmas memories. Many of my family members (especially the grandchildren) mentioned Mother's (their Grandmommy) Santa cookies. Later, when I was a young adult, my own Grandma Nell was in a nursing home in Tulsa, OK and guess who her roommate was-Aunt Chick. We couldn't believe it. Thanks for all the generations of memories. Susan
The first Christmas my husband and I were married, his mother convinced me to bake Santa Cookies ,I fell in love. Christmas of 1973, she gave me a set for a gift. Of course Santa became a tradition, for me and my children. I've gone through two sets over the years, and made literally thousands of Santas. I had been searching forever, even went to a manufacturer of pressed plastics. Thankfully we found your web site and I was able to give my girls each a set last Christmas. I will be purchasing more sets for my Grandchildren. The Santa cookie tradition in this family spans four generations, and 50 plus years. As far as decorating them we have come a long way. Pre-Wilton, we just used a plain old butter knife. I hope everyone has as much fun with the Santas as we have.

Wendi DuBach      
I can't tell you how happy I am that I found this web-site. I have been sharing the story of decorating these Santa Clause cookies with my children for over 20 years but I was never able to find the cutter so I could start the tradition with my own family. My sister and I decorated these every year with our mother and gave them to friends as gifts. Now thanks to your efforts I will be able to do the same next year with my children.

Thanks so much,
Wendi DuBach
Sylvia Reinsalu      
I have been making the Santa cookie every Christmas since 1967. My 2 boys insist that the Santa cookie be there on Christmas eve. I've bought the set for my daughter-in-law, and now the other one wants a set. It has been the longest lasting Christmas tradition in our family. I've started having trouble finding the rose water and glycerin for the frosting. I hope I can find it for next year. I'm sure it must be habit forming, as we can't wait to eat those cookies.
Christmas 2006 was the 50th year my mother has made Santa Claus cookies. (She started the year my younger brother was 2) They are a treasured family tradition - she makes 70 every year, cutting raisins for the eyes, painting the cheeks with egg white and food coloring, coconut for the beard. She has all the original Aunt Chick's cookie cutters and the original boxes, but the Santa is the one most used...and the one we all cherish. He's currently held together with duct tape and prayer, so I am so delighted (and grateful)to find this site. I plan on purchasing several Santas - for my children, nieces and nephews - to keep the memory alive.
Pam Morrison      
My son is 38 years old. When he was a baby my mother in law gave me a set of cookie cutters with the recipes for the Chrstimas cookies. These were hard red clear plastic and had some stippling on the inside. I made the cookies every year until one year when we moved the cutters got lost. I searched for years in magazines, kitchen stores, specialty shops and never found them. And then I saw them on-line. They are a little different than the original set but they work exactly the same. Thank you for finding me so that I can continue this tradition. No other cookier cutter is as detailed or works this way. Spectacular!
Mary in California      
I received a set of Aunt Chicks cookie cutters while living in Tulsa Oklahoma in the early 70's. My story about the santa cutter dates back to about 1979. I made and decorated a set of cookies to give out as gifts and kept the only one left for myself. For some reason, I put it into the glove compartment of my car and now it remains in the glove compartment of my current car. I feel like it brings me good luck. At this time, that cookie has traveled a total of 357 miles with me in my car! My Santa cutter is now cracked and I am thrilled to be able to replace it now that I found this website.
Judy Peterson      
I grew up in Southern California is the 1950's-1960's. A neighbor family, the Abrams, had Aunt Chick's Cookie Cutters. Every year, from the age of 8 through 18, we got together and decorated these cookies. This was my fondest childhood memory. When I got married and moved to Las Vegas, raising four children, I looked everywhere for cookie cutters that we as cute has Aunt Chicks. I wanted my children to experience this wonderful tradition. I had a hard time finding my old neighbor, but finally got a phone number for these cookie cutters. When I called the number I was so surprised to have Aunt Chick herself answer the phone. I told her about how I tracked her down to get these cookie cutters. She was so cute on the phone. She sent me her Christmas cookie cutters along with another box that had a snowman and other holiday cutters. She sent such a special note along with them that I treasure. It is all typed in CAPS with XXXX to cover her mistakes. It was directions on how to make the perfect Snowman and Santa. We never missed a year making these cookies. I now have 16 grandchildren, 8 live in Las Vegas and 8 in Salt Lake City. Every year we go to both cities to make our cookies for the holidays. My cookie cutters are so old they are cracking so I looked for the first time on the Internet to try and find these cutters, (we are so fortunate to have this resource) and found this website. I am going to order 4 sets for each of my children. Thank You Aunt Chick for all the fun through the last 52 years.

Terry Reagan      
The Christmas set was always my mother's special cookies when we were growing up in California in the 50s and 60s. No one else in our town had cookies like them and they were much appreciated gifts among all our friends.
I took a set with me when I moved to Chile in the 70s. One year, we had a cookie painting party for the local American community right before Christmas. One of the Peace Corps volunteers did a double take when he looked at the cookie table. He wanted to know where we had gotten "his" family cookies from Missouri. According to him, they were unique and only his family had them.
I now continue to impress the friends with the beautiful painted cookies every Christmas and have given a set to my daughter who sells her creations at Christmas time to coffee and tea shops in Santiago.
Penny Rudesill      
Ann lived next door. She made Santas for my two children and younger sister. Today my sister is 54 years old and my daughter is 45 years old. My daughter has three children. The 18 and 16 year old can not wait to share them with their friends. Nickolas, age five, takes them to school to share with his friends. My sister makes them for work and her grandchildren. Nickolas proudly to0ok his Santa cookies to school. Barbara made certain she had enough. Told the teacher that she would take back what the children did not use. Arriving at school, all the teachers had their cookies and none were left to take home. Penny
For as long as I have lived, my grandmother has baked 10+ different types of cookies each year. She creates plates full for her friends, family, Doctors, and other community members. When I was a child and into my teen years, I would make a date with my grandma to go over to her house to decorate Santa Claus Cookies. That was always my job and I loved it. Just a week ago my grandma passed away at the age of 80. She still has her old cookie cutter that she used to make cookies for all those years, as a result it is cracked and hard to use. I plan to purchase a cookie cutter and carry on our tradition.
My family has been making these cookies for years and years. My Grandmother made them with my Father and my Aunt while they were growing up and she continued making them well after all the kids were out of the house. I can remember being a little girl and looking forward to "the santa cookies" every Christmas day. My father has been making the cookies on his own for many years now as well. Christmas cookie making in our house is mandatory haha. He makes them for everyone in his office, neighbors, relatives, friends... Not more than 10 minutes ago I got an overnight package from Fed Ex. Yesterday my father made his cookies for the season and he overnighted the cutter to me so that I can make the cookies with my husband and carry on our tradition. I can't imagine Christmas without this very special tradition. We use raisins for the eyes, coconut for the beard, eyebrows, and ball on the hat, and egg yolks with red food coloring to make his cheeks and hat the perfect shade of antique rose. We also use the egg yolk to decorate the other cookies (Stocking, star, and tree) It gives the cookies a beautiful vintage antique look. I am 23 and I hope to carry this family tradition on for another 50 years.
I can still see my Mother making these cookies from my childhood in the early 1950's. The santa was her best, she would cut triangle eyes from raisins, actually use a tiny paintbrush to paint the red mouth, put frosting on the cheeks with red sugar on top, and the hat, the beard was frosted with coconut. She also did the stocking with a paintbrush and all the different colors of sugar for the toys. Such wonderful memories that took her hours to do just a few cookies to perfection.
30 years ago my mother-in-law gave me a set of the Christmas shapes. It had been a tradition in my family growing up to make sugar cookies every year but I had never seen cutters like these. I not missed a xmas using them in all of these years and this year I am giving a set to both of my girls so that they can carry on the tradition.
My mother gave my youngest sister and I a set of the Xmas cutters many, many years ago. For 30 years my sister has made Santa cookies and it has become a tradition. When visiting the other day I asked her if she wanted to get together and do some Santa cookies this year. She had already made hers but would I look around the net and see if I could find where she could buy another Santa as hers had become tattered and unusable as this would be the end of tradition. I still had the original paperwork so I surfed the net trying to find where I could buy them and finally after many tries found grammascutters.
April Jo Rogers      
My mother purchased two sets of these cutters in 1950. One for herself and one for each of her sisters. My mother and I would make and decorate these every Christmas for our family and for my school PTA Christmas party. When my mom died in 1964, I took the tradition on and continue to this day to make these cookies. I have three grown sons that have enjoyed them and still ask me to make them for Christmas. One of my aunt's recently passed and I now have her set of cutters as well and will give them to my oldest son's fiancé when they marry in April of 2007. Now I find out that my sister-in-law has a set of these from her mother. We have a true "family" tradition going on here.
When we decorate them, we use colored sugars as well as the frosting. it is so much fun to make these cookies and to decorate them. I also wrap them, as my mother did, in saran wrap and hang them on my Christmas tree every year.
My Grandmother used to make the santa claus cookies for my father when he was little. He is now 62 years old. My mother made them for us when we were now 38...and now i make them and have taught my children who are 8 and 11 how to make them. It is a wonderful family tradition and memory.
I have looked for these cookie cutter for years. The ones I have are glued together and I still use them. I have lost my bunny cutter and some of the christmas cutters. Oh how glad I have found you. You do not know how many phone calls I have made trying to find you. Tomorrow morning I am going to order. These are the best ever. I am so glad to find you. Your cookie cutters make my holidays so special.
Going back 50 years, we kids (6 of us) would bake these cookies with my mother. Then she would set us all up at the dining room table, complete with colored sugar, colored icing, coconut, sprinkles, silver dragees, paintbrushes, etc. and we'd go to town decorating them. When the relatives came to visit on Christmas night, we put out lots of Christmas cookies, except for these. These cookies we kept for ourselves. Thanks for the memories.
I have an old set of your cookie cutters that I got from my grandmother. I grew up making your cookies with my grandmother and mother I am now 40 years old. I decided to check the internet to see if you had anything on line. I was very pleasantly surprised. The original Santa I have the tip of the hat had broken off and for the past several years that I have been making these cookies with my children I have had to hand fix that part of the hat. I love your cookies and it just isn't christmas around here without out family tradition of making your cookies. This year I'm expanding to making several batches of your cookies to give to a local childrens home for families with leukemia (cancer). I have been wanting to do this for a while but was unable till now for unfortunate circumstances. I just wanted to share this with you, For me traditions are very important and your cookies bring families closer together. It allows us to come together to make something special and to continue this tradition down through our children and grandchildren. They make for some fun and delicious memories to hold on to. Thank you for this!!!
cindy robertson      
Hi I'm Cindy and I am 52 years old. Every year my aunt Rosie would bring over the most coveted Christmas treat for our family. We looked forward to them every year, and knew then how special they were, and how much love went into them. For years, we knew that Aunt Rosie had to keep repairing her Aunt Chick Santa head, and we always worried that it would finally be beyond repair. Now I now I can keep this tradition going with my children and future grandchildren. Can't wait to try the candy mold. Cindy Lou and Sugar Too (My pretty horsie)
I received an ad with your website and when I first seen it I tossed it to the side with the rest of my junk mail until your santa cookie cutter caught my eye. When I was very young my grandma and I used to make these cookies every year for christmas. Then her cutters broke we tried everything to fix them, even called the company and they could not help. I came to the website tonight to see if my eyes were right and they were and I started crying. You have brought back so many memories and I will be purchasing my own to make so many more memories with my boys and maybe one day my grandkids... Thank you!
Sandi Bergeret      
A good friend shared the making of these special Santa cookies 30 years ago when our sons were both two. I have been making them ever since! As my three children grew they became more and more involved with making and decorating the cookies. When they were young we would have a "cousin's day" and all their cousins (13 total) would come and decorate the cookies that their Mom's had made. Now that they are in their 20's and 30's they still look forward to "cookie day" at my house where we roll, cut and bake the Santa cookies (at least 100 of them). As Christmas approaches we have special nights that we gather to decorate the cookies around the kitchen table. Each year we wrap each cookie in a plastic bag tied with red ribbon and give the cookies as gifts to our friends. It's become quite the tradition for almost 30 years now, and this year my granddaughter will join in the festivities! Over the years I have had friends ask where I got the cutter and I told them I did not think they were being made anymore. Imagine my surprise when I found them online! Those friends will be getting a cookie kit for Christmas this year! Thank you for making that possible.
Rachael Murray      
My Mother and Aunts would make these with my Grandmother when they were young! All my life, (I'm 36) every Christmas someone was making these cookies!! I have wonderful memories of making these with my Grandmother as well! She passed away a couple of years ago, but we still have her original set! A few nicks and dings, but we have acquired more. We even have the original boxes! My mother and I started a small cookie business, and the Santa's are of course the star of the show!! My aunts still make these cookies at their homes, or at my mothers house!!! What a wonderful tradition to pass on to my 4 children as well!!!
Andrea Cowser      
My sister Margie was visiting me in Mo. last week. She found the ad in Martha Stewart.
We got on line and ordered two sets, our Santa Claus was broken years ago. We tryed other ones not the same. I am 62 one of my first memories was decorating cookies at Christmas. My father worked at a steel mill he would take in dress boxes full, the men would fight over them to take home. It caused a family rift, my mother and her sister-in-law took all the kids down to Chicago, and they bought the cutters at Marshall Fields. When ours broke my aunt wouldn't lend us hers.
Thank YOU. I will bake the cutouts this year, I stopped years ago i have sons and they lost interest.

Sharon L      
Just saw your ad in the March issue of Martha Stewart Living and couldn't believe it. My mom used Aunt Chick's Pies as her bible all the time I was growing up and when she passed away almost fourteen years ago at age 87, I found her original small red pie book! While she was still living, I wrote your company in Oklahoma to see if the book was still in print and was delighted to learn I could get a copy for one of my own daughters. When my second daughter began making her own pies, I found a copy for her in an antique shop! How surprised I am to see that I can go to the internet now when my pie book gets too messy to read the recipes!!
laua ruck      
I was thrilled to see an ad for Aunt Chick's in a cooking magazine that I receive. When I was growing up it was a tradition and Christmas would not be complete unless my Mom helped my sister and myself in making Aunt Chick's sugar cookies. Those Santas, stockings and trees were all works of art by the time we were done! I still have the original box and cutters but over the years have lost the insert that came with the sugar cookie recipe. I have tried others but they do not compare to Aunt Chick's. Now that I have discovered your website I can now make the "real" sugar cookie again. Many, many thanks!
My aunt has made Santa faces since I was a small girl. (I am 46!) She gave a cutter to her daughter, who is now in her 60s, her daughter-in-law and to me, and every year we make our Santa faces and compare them! Now our kids are enjoying them, keeping the tradition alive. I had no idea where they came from until she showed me the original box and I wrote down the information, The Four B's, and looked it up on the Internet! I never realized what a history there was behind the Santa faces! And now I can purchase them for my two daughters so that they can carry on the tradition! Thanks for keeping the Santa face tradition alive and well!!
Lou Sapeinza      
I had read where you were going to reproduce the original box for the cookie cutters. Just in case you don't - which I'm sure you must - I've got an original box in great - for it's age, here. Thanks so much for continuing the tradition. Any chance you'll use the transparent red plastic like the originals? That really brings back the memories. As a kid my mom would make dozens of the Santa Claus cookies for all of our teachers.
Best regards,
Phyllis Morreale      
I was thrilled to see the ad for the Santa cutter in Martha Stewart. My husband grew up eating the Santa cookies that his neighbor made and gave to his family. To this day, he looks forward to eating them at's a tradition for him. I am so excited to be able to get these cutters so that we can continue the tradition here in our own home whenever Santa needs to appear! Thank you again and I look forward to receiving the cutters and making and eating many Santa's for years to come!!!!!
Teri Bahnfleth      
My grandma has made santa cookies with this cutter as long as I can ever remember. (I am now 40 and have 3 grown kids of my own) It has been a Christmas tradition for her to bake the cookies and we all gather at her house and decorate santa cookies. This year her cutter broke. I have been searching forever to replace it but she did not remember where she got it or what it was called. I am so glad to finally find one! We will be able to continue the family tradition for years to come! (I bought 2 sets)
My Grandmother purchased two sets of cookie cutters when my father was small. She has made the santa cookies every Christmas since then. I remember the first Christmas I was old enough to help make the cookies, I felt so important to be able to make and decorate the Santas. My Grandmother is 84 this Christmas and still made that Santas for all to enjoy!
Elda O'Brien      
I was so happy to see an article in the Rochester D & C as I have been using the cutters since they came out with my Mom. It was always a tradition and I have carried it out with my son. The top of Santa's hat broke off year ago and I have had to super glue it every couple of years. I am thrilled to be able to have an additional Santa. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
I ended up with all of Mom's cookie cutters!! Shhh, my sisters don't know. Every year we had a cookie tree. Daddy made a tree out of chicken wire, spray painted it green and sprinkled gold glitter on while the paint was wet. Mom and us kids made the cookies using Aunt Chick's cutters. It was always spectacular! The star was at the top, but the rest of the tree had peppermint angels, snowmen, stockings, gingerbread Indians and cowboys (we were in Oklahoma), poinsettia, snowman, holly and even an occasional clown. Just fantastic. so happy to find your site - my indian got broken!
Annette Proulx      
Aunt Chick's cookies have been a family Christmas tradition for us here in Utah since the early 1950's. My mother bought a box of the Christmas cutters at the State Fair. We have made them every year ever since. About 10 years ago, my mother’s cutters, which I had inherited, were in poor shape. I got the original box out of the cupboard and found a city and state, but no other other address. I mailed a request for more cookie cutters to that address, and was shocked when four cutters arrived in the mail in a few days. We use the "Santy" cutter, not the Jolly Santa which came with the set, and so I wrote back and requested a Santy. It arrived on Christmas Eve as a gift. I was overwhelmed. Two years ago I found a couple of sets on E-Bay so I bought them for my daughters. The tradition will go on and on. One other thing, the recipe is so special to us that we have a family rule..."They are only for our Christmas cookies. We don't use the recipe any other time of the year. We are so glad that you are back! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Rebecca Holb      
My mom just called and asked me to look up this website for her (she doesn't have a computer). Imagine my surprise when I saw my favorite Santa cookie cutter smiling at me! She bought her set back in 1958, and all but the Santa are alive and well in her kitchen. Unfortunately, Santa succumbed, after years of loving use, to a crack right down the middle. I couldn't believe that I was actually sad over a cookie cutter breaking, but I was. When I was little, that was my favorite cookie to make. We've missed Santa over the past couple of years. Now that we both know where to replace the beloved Santa, and get a set for my family, we're ecstatic! Santa's coming home!!
My mother bought the Santa cutter many years ago when I was a child. I have so many memories of helping her bake those in the kitchen every Christmas. I carried on the traditions with my three boys and we often decorated the tree with Santa cookies. I am now baking a decorating cookies with my Grandson and hopefully the tradition will carry on. I am still using the original cookie cutter and recipe on the original paper and it is kept in the original box. it is cared for lovingly all year round. This year I made them for the whole family as a tribute to my Mom as we will spend Christmas together for the first ime in 20 years.
Gretchen Caister      
My family lived in Gurnee, Ill. in the 1950's and I remember my mother made these very beautiful cookies that I, my sisters and everyone else who saw them marveled at and adored them. When I married in 1960 she gave me the cookie cutters and said, "It is now time for someone to carry on the tradition of these wonderful cookies and I believe that you and not your sisters will carry on the tradition and that is why I am giving them to you and hope that you will do so". What a legacy to give to your daughter (actually I felt that it was a conspiracy). However, after enjoying these loving these cookies for so many years, I felt it only necessary that I attempt to create them. I took the challenge and made them every year starting in 1961 to about 1975 year in and year out starting the day after Thanksgiving. My children looked forward to it every year. For some reason, probably the kids going of the College, I stopped. I was, also, deathly afraid that I would break one of the cutters and after I wrote to you about purchasing replacement and hearing no response. I thought that it was doomsday. So for more than any other reason I stopped.
This year, do not know why, accept that at 64 years of age decided that the cookie cutouts were mine and even if I did break one and could not replace it, IT WAS OKAY!!! Use it, damn it!! At a certain age you have to learn to use the things that you have love and hold aside for the future as they will only be there for you to use as long as you are able to use them.
Anyway, thank you so very much for making these cookie cutter available for purchase. It is so very much appreciated.
Gretchen Caister
Jennifer Gray      
My story seems to be similar to those I just read, but I too was so ecstatic to see your add in the back of Eating Well magazine, I almost fell of my chair. I ran right to the computer in disbelief. My grandmother always made the Santa cookies, and helping to make them (and eat them) was the highlight of season. My grandmother passed the set on to me a few years ago, and Santa is cracked and puttied back together, but in sad shape. I searched the internet years ago hoping to find Aunt Chick's but couldn't. My husband and I even tried to think how we could make a new mold out of the worn one we have, but could never find an "easy" solution. I am thrilled to order these sets for my siblings and myself, and just wanted to let you know how happy I was to discover your website. Many thanks!!
Sharon Fulton      
This year I deceided to make the Merry Xmas Cookies. I had ran across the cutters in the original box while moving. I have forgotten that I had the cutters, but the memories are still fresh as I remember Mom, my sister, brother & myself making these at Christmas time in Missouri. To my dismay the recipe wasn't in the box, but a yellow piece of paper that had been added where Aunt Chick had made some changes "Dope" as she called it to the thickness of the dough as well as a different flour measurement if using all egg whites. I can't tell you how surprised and PLEASED to do a google search and find you! Thanks for keeping the memories alive as I will start up an old/new tradition for the grandkids.
jackie berger      
I had cherished the santa cookie cutter and kept it locked up. My fathers sister in IOWA always made the cookie tree in her dining room with your cookie cutters when I was a child - I am now 54 yrs old. I couldn't find my cutter when I went to make cookies and heard that your co had gone out of business - I was heart broken. Just by chance I looked under antique cookie cutters on the internet and there you are back in the lives of my children. Thank you so much. JM Berger Savannah, GA
I grew up in Tulsa, OK in the 50s when Aunt Chick's Pie recipe was just coming out. My mother had the pastry set and the cutters and used both for holidays. She also had a wire bottom pastry pie that made the best brown, crispy crust you've ever had but alas it wore out. I have tried to find one but no one seems to know what happened to it. It was listed in Aunt Chick's pies along with all the cutters. Do you know where this pie pan might be available? I actually drilled holes into the bottom of an aluminum pie pan I had but it dries out the crust too much. Aunt Chick was a wonder for her time. Her story is great.
shelley carter      
i can't believe that i found your site. i was reading martha stewart living mag. and almost started to cry when i saw the picture of the santa cutter. my twin sister and i have so fond memories of making and decorating cookies with our mother (who has past on ) when we were children , she had us late in life after 4 other siblings , she was 42 and dad was 50 , she would have bought them in the 1950's before we were born. i am still in disbelief that the cutters still exist. our older brother took them when our mom could not cook anymore , they are so cracked and beaten up they have tape all over them to hold them together, we have the santa , stocking , star , and the tree. mom must have had your instructions on how to decorate the cookies because they look just like ours from 40 years ago. this was a tradition in our house to make these cookies and you are now bringing that tradition back to my family of 3 , (2 girls and a son), that it is overwhelming to me to be able to pass this tradition to my children. thank you always for making such a wonderful product. i commend you for having something that can be used for wonderful family values. shelley carter
Fran Bollinger      
My mother first made these cookies back in the 50's--the Santa was and is our favorite. We had an assembly line going with my brother and sister--one year we made them to sell, and always took them to our church "pot Luck." I have been making them myself for over 35 years--they are fond memories for many of my friends adult children. I have been using a cracked cookie cutter very carefully, saving the only good one for my children. Baking and decorating the Santas is part of my holiday ritual. A few years ago, I missed some sort of sale from a warehouse, so I was becoming accustomed to the idea of the demise of the Santa cookies, but you have rescued me!!! I was thrilled to find the ad and be able to order more!! My mother passed away this June at the age of 87, or she would be ordering more too!
Jane Herre Erdahl      
Since Christmas 1949 I have had Santa, the stocking, the tree and star as a part of my holiday. My Mother made the cookies and we were limited to looking for too long! I have loved having these cookies with their incumbent clutter of paint brushes and colored sugars (home-made) in my life. The several days I spend baking and decorating provide me with quiet, alone time to ponder the season.
Jane Herre Erdahl
MaryJ Brett      
Who are you??
We live in Tulsa. My children and I had a Christmas tradition of making Santas since the 50s. They put them in a wagon and pulled them around the neighborhood delivering them to all their friends. I still have My cutters but am ordering them for my children. I don't know if they will make the cookies or not-- but the memories they bring are worth a fortune...Fortune Cookies....bringing smiles.
kelly jenne      
My story begins as a little girl and is shared by 2 sisters. It all started when our mother borrowed your santa cutter from our neighbor. we baked our hearts out and adorned our 7.5' tree with the darling cookies. Everyone who visited our home during the holiday season took one home.
This began a tradition. Many yrs later, after all 3 girls had married my mom searched for cutters to purchase for us. Being the excellent sleuth that she is we got the best gift that Christmas and have carried on the tradition with our children. Several years ago I was delighted to see them for sale in a local store and bought one for my sister to replace the treasured cutter her puppy had chewed up. After presenting the surprise to her I decided to order enough for all of our children, my 3, one sister's 2 and the others 4. I decided to pack them up with my Christmas decorations and give them on the 1st christmas in their own homes! I found your ad in a "Living" magazine just in time because my baby sister is pregnant with her 5th, so I need to order 1 more!
Thank you and Merry Christmas 2005!!
Kelly Jenne
Today I was looking at Martha Stewart Living Magazine and saw your ad about the Christmas cookie cutters especially the Santa. My best friend and I made cookies with a cutter like this one back in the 50's. When her parents retired, she got the cutters. Last time we used them a few years ago she said the santa was cracked and she did not know how long it would last. She had looked for a new one but could not find any. Now I know what to get her for Christmas this year.
Alice Davies      
I am soooo Glad that you have done this for Aunt Chick's cutters. They are my earliest memory of Christmas with my Mom, Dad, and brother Harry. I still have the original clear red plastic cutters they just get gently used for only 1 dozen each Christmas and those are prized cookies! My parents are both gone and my brother lives in Tennesse so every year I make some of the cookies and send them to my brother and his wife as my brother was ALWAYS the COOKIE MONSTER in our house and we fought over as to who would get those cookies especially the very last one.

I had bought the other sets 15 years ago to add to the original one, I have the Garden Set, Special Days, and a new original Christmas set for just in case.

Thank You so much, Alice Davies
Susan Desruisseaux      
I just ordered your Christmas Cutters. After seeing the Santa in a magazine, I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see him.. My grandmother had this exact mold of Santa. As a child I couldn't wait for her to get to our house because she would bring her lovely and delicious Santa cookies. Seeing the picture of your finished cookies reminds me so much of her. She used a half a raisin for the eyes and would blush the cheeks and sugar the hats and use the coconut for the beard. I just loved them so much. When Gram passed away my Mom took over the cookie cutter and she also did a good job on them, but not like the ones Gram did. Mom has also passed away and the cutter went to my younger sister. I really wanted to borrow it from her and then try to keep it. How lucky for me and for her that I saw your ad. I am truly looking forward to getting Santa and doing my version of this cookie and I hope that my Grandson's will appreciate all the love that will go into them. thanks so much......
Denise Ryczek      
I was first introduced to this wonderful cookie cutters in 1972 when I first meet my husband Scott. His mother made then every year since the 50's, and Christmas would not be Christmas without them! So every year, a few days before Christmas, Mom would enlist the help of the whole family to decorate the cookies. It was great fun. We would do the stockings in assembly line fashion. Each one of us was in charge of a different color. After the stockings were done, then we were on our own. Mom lost her eyesight a few years later and she gave the cutters to me. Now I am the cookie maker queen. I bake then all one day and the next my sons and husband help decorate. We give a lot of them away as gifts and people just love them! I'm so happy to have found this web sight. I know what my new daughter-in-law will get as one of her gifts for Christmas.
Leslie Norman      
For over 40 years our family tradition has been to make "Santa Claus" cookies. My grandma, mom, sisters, aunts, nieces and grand nieces have all participated in the family tradition. For the last several years we have really had to be careful with the cookie cutter since it was developing cracks, and we were afraid it would break, thus ending the family tradition (no other Santa Claus cookie cutter would do). My mom was just sick about it. She did everything she could to try and get another cutter made from this mold, to no avail. Much to our delight, we discovered your website from the back of Martha Stewart Living magazine, and we have ordered several Santa Claus cookie cutters; however, we will not be able to share this wonderful story with my mom since she died December 27, 2004. She would be thrilled that we will now be able to carry on the tradition. I can't help but think she may have pointed us to this discovery. Thank so much for re-making the old cutters.
Debbie Lechner      
When I was a little girl growing up in the 60's my mom would make trays of the beautiful Santa cookies for me to take to school for our class Christmas party. I remember what a fuss the other children and teachers would make over those special cookies. My mom died when I was 13 and I didn't see those cutters again for years, but when I was in college and visiting my grandma I found she had a box of the four Christmas cutters, still in the original box with the instructions that I remembered of the little girl helping her mom make the cookies. I was thrilled! Grandma gave me her cutters and I have been making the Santa and the Star every Christmas for the 30 years since then to put on the cookie trays that I give to neighbors and friends. I use the Sand Tarts recipe from the old Joy of Cooking that my mom used to use. It is a buttery cookie with a little almond flavor that makes a perfect cut cookie. I always used to painstakingly cut the raisins so they were slightly curved in a half moon shape, so the eyes were "laughing"… then I read on this web site about someone using the mini chocolate chips and now I "cheat" and do that. It's so easy and he looks just as jolly and cute! I bought Christmas sets for my 3 children and I hope they will continue the tradition of making these beautiful cookies. It is always the first cookie a child will take and the last one a grown-up will take, because they are so pretty!
Heather Reavill      
My mother found your website and ordered a set for my sister and me and I could not have been happier. Every year my Grandmother was alive, we would make the Santa cookies with her and it was such a wonderful tradition! Since then, I have ordered all the sets and have ordered extra Santa cutters for gifts. Thank you for bringing these back so we can all continue this wonderful tradition!
Marie Panazze      
I can't tell you how excited I was to see your ad in the recent Martha Stewart Living magazine...

I can't remember a Christmas without: Jolly Santa, the Snowman and the stocking... My mother made them for us and the neighborhood...

Her set was actually wearing out when she received a note from Aunt Chick letting her customers know that the cutters may not be available much longer due to her age... My mom ordered several sets; for herself my sister-in- law and me so that we would always have them for our children...

My mom passed away seven years ago but the tradition goes on... Christmas would not be Christmas without these cookies... My sister-in-law and I still make them faithfully and we're 60 and 59 respectively...

I can hardly wait to add additional cutters to my collection...
Lynne Latham      
I can't believe it! I bought the one and only copy of Martha Stewart Living I've ever bought, and saw your cookie cutters. If there was ever a Christmas without cookies made with Aunt Chick cutters (I'm 56), I don't remember it. My mother made them for me every year until I was old enough to help. I have the warmest memories of sitting at the kitchen table with my mother, painting and decorating the stocking, the star, the tree, and the Santa! My mother is now gone, but I have the box of Aunt Chick's cutters and lovingly make the cookies every Christmas. The cutters are in good shape, the box is worn, and the recipe is torn, taped back together, and nearly illegible. Is your recipe for Gramma's Cutters Cutout Cookies the original recipe? I'd love to know so that I can have a clean copy to store away with the cutters. It's my favorite cookie of all.
Peggy Lepofsky      
This has been a wonderful web site!
When I was a young kid my Great Aunt would invite me over to help her decorate her Santa Head cookies every Christmas. What wonderful memories I have!
I have had my set of cutters for a very long time and no one knew these cutters were still being made! Every year we would make the Santa Heads and put them is plastic sandwitch bags and tie them with red and green ribbon and hang them on our Christmas tree. Every guest would get a Santa head to take home with them.
My children are grown and married but now they will be able to make their own cookies, and make their own memories for the Holiday season coming up.
Thanks for renewing my spirit!
kathleen gillian      
I was browsing through my latest copy of MS Livingand was going through back of the book with all the different advertisers and saw the ad for gramma's cookie cutters and could not believe it. I have my mom's old set and have not used it for fear of breaking them. I will be ordering them and hopefully will get them in time for the holidays. I think I will order two sets so my daughter can have her own. Thank you
Glenda Lee Medeiros      
I am so excited about being able to order the Christmas cutters so I can share my own stories with my granddaughters while we make cookies together. I am 55 years young and my siblings and I always helped our grandma with these very same cookies. When she passed away back in 1989 we tried to use her old cutters, she was holding them together with masking tape. Well...long story short....All my sisters and cousins have been freezing our last 2 cookies that we got from her in the 80's. We hang them on the tree and then put them back in the freezer until the next year. I was visiting my mother's cousin, Debbie, in Washington state and she was talking about my grandma's cookies (her Auntie... she would go over to my grandma's house and helped her). A friend had purchased her a new set through E-Bay because her husband had put her Original Old ones in the dishwasher and they were wrecked. What a thrill for her and our entire family. Debbie gave me of the original instruction sheets. I can't wait to get my own!
Barbara Kegebein      
Mom always wanted to have something special for her 5 children even though we had little money. She scrounged and ordered the Christmas set from Aunt Chick in the mid 50's. She had a choice and got the Santy. It became a yearly tradition for us to decorate the cookies as a family. I took over the baking when I became a teen-ager and continued after I married. I even made the cookies and took them to Mom's for the family to decorate before Christmas. I ordered my own set in the early 70's.

I became a teacher last year and decided to share with the 5th graders I taught. I made enough cookies for all three classes of 5th graders to decorate and we had a math lesson with fun added in.
Cathy Gregory      
My mother has used your cookie cutters since the early 1950's. (I can only remember back that far).
As the three of us girls got older, we borrowed her sets. She had a the Christmas Cutters. Finally, my sister and I ordered our own. And last year, I order a set for my oldest daugher and my sets will go to my youngest we I'm done baking cookies! HaHa. Just wanted to let you know you started a family tradition that has lasted 50 years!

Cathy Gregory
Joanne Bennett Johnston      
My mother and I and my four daughters enjoyed using the original cutters. I still have that set. I thought my girls and oldest married granddaughter would like replicas. I am sure they won't take the time to paint the icing on the baked cookies with paint brushes as my mother did. They were too beautiful to eat, but we did. Joanne Bennett Johnston
Verna Wills      
I was so excited when I found your advertisement today in 12-04 MSL issue. The Santa looks just like the one I had as a child, hard red plastic!!!! I remember making cookies with my mom using the hard red cutters. I still have many, but my Santa got broken in the 70s.

In the 70's we made Christmas ornaments with our children using the Santa mold. The recipe appeared on the Morton's Salt box and consisted of salt and flour and alum. We baked at low temperature for a couple of hours until hard. They were painted and given as gifts and hung on the tree after inserting a hole through the hat before baking.

Well, two years ago my last Santa ornament broke and I was devastated.

Now thanks to your Company, we'll be able to make ornaments next Christmas with our grandchildren!!!!

Thank you so much.
Jan Mohler      
What a trip down memory lane! I saw the ad in Cooking Light Magazine and came to the web site. I have Mom's old set of Christmas cutters - it was a family tradition to decorate the Santa, stocking, star and tree each Holiday season. The Santas always looked the same - including raisin eyes and coconut on the frosted beard. We added a silver candy 'ball' on the tip of the hat. I found another set at a church rummage sale and was able to get it for my sister.
I have a question about the recipes - I have a well-worn original of the recipe page, along with the offers for other cutters and the pastry kit, etc. Is it possible to get a copy of those instructions again? Mom's (Mom is now 86 and in a nursing home) has yellowed and is torn, especially where the page has been folded and kept in the box all these years. I'll print from the web site, but wondered if a copy of the original can be purchased.
Thanks for the special memory!
Joan Rosolowsky      
Hello Again Carrie,
I have a fun bit of news. Recently I emailed you and mentioned that I was sending photos of my santa cookies (with the mini chip eyes and the walnut eyes). I also asked why there were no pictures of the original cutters on your website. I believe you explained that these were discussed but not pictured yet. I have been helping my mom clean out and pack up her place as she'll be moving in a few months. She found sets of the original cutters and personal handwritten notes from Bill McBirney (aunt Chick's son) from over 20 years ago. The irony here is that she only contacted him and ordered the cutters after I had in the late 70's/early 80's. I had mine before she did and all of mine were the newer, heavier molded solid red plastic. I am trying to figure out how she got the original sets. He must have come across a few after the new ones were manufactured. Anyway, I now have both the Christmas and Happy Days sets in the original plastic and boxes. I'll never use them as I have plenty in the heavy duty plastic (I even ordered another set from you). I was surprised to learn that there are differences in the original boxes and the newer boxes. The old ones have a PO box and no zip code and a description of each cutter on the box top. I was freaking out when my mom pulled these out! She never used them. I immediately thought of you and that I must send photos of the originals for your page. I shot them this morning and took them to a photo shop. I was trying to photograph them in a way that would best show off the translucency and how they differ from the solid plastic cutters. I put them in a window. Unfortunately the tape holding them up detracts from the picture. I also shot some on Plexiglas above a white tablecloth. Light shining through would have really given maximum effect but I didn't want it to glare. So I'll send you both views and you can chose which you prefer. We are surrounded by snow from yesterday's storm and I made the dough for the snowman cookies. I'll be making them tomorrow. If you'd like me to send a photo of the original Happy Days set as well please let me know. I hope this is a helpful addition to your photo page. I plan to mail them in the next day or 2.
Best Regards, Joan Rosolowsky
PS Isn't it odd that aunt Chick never designed a Valentine cutter? I use her dough and the Brown Bag Cookie art molds.
Marlene Von Ins      
These cookies have been made in my family for over twenty (20) years. My mom started with these cutters when my oldest son was very young. She originally ordered these cutters from a Wrigley Spearmint Gum wrapper for five cents (5).
She made as many as 200 for Christmas. I also make that many every year.
I started to help her a couple of years before she went to the Nursing Home. I took over and have been making them for around 10 years now.
This wonderful cutter has really made tons of kids happy. These same kids are now adults. I still give them one even at this age. And they still think there GREAT!!
This tradition will live on in my family, and when I no longer can do these cookies, my daughter-in-law will take over.
I will keep this web site in my address book as I know that eventually more will have to be ordered. I only wish they weren't made of plastic. Unless these now are made more durable.
Thank you,

Marlene Von Ins
Kelly Moody      
My grandmother made the Santa cookies every year of my growing up. I am 35. My mother continues to make them each year and has my three boys over to help decorate with raisin eyes and red food coloring and royal icing. This year she and her sister, my grandmother's only daughters, purchased set from you for each of their kids for Christmas. I in turn am purchasing sets to give to my kids when they grow up. Thanks!
Denise Davis      
I love your website, I have been an Aunt chick cookie cutter for over 40 yrs. and my daughters too, My cookie cutter wore out several years ago but still I used it till last year I was able to buy some on e-bay, today I found your site and I am thrilled, Thank-You, Thank-You. People love the cookies and I never have given out the recipe, my secret. Denise Davis in Southern CA
Diane Scheuer      
Thank You!!!! I have the Christmas and Happy Days sets from my grand-mother. Long ago the recipe was lost. When I saw your add in Living, my heart raced with memories. I downloaded the recipe off your site, but remember there was more. Something about Grandma pressing the dough into the molds to get the detail. I would love to surprise my 87 year old mother with her mom’s cookies this Christmas if you can help me with more instructions. Thank You so very much for saving a memory for me and helping me create one for my grandchildren. Diane Scheuer
Evelyn Westbrook      
Today I climbed to the top shelf in my kitchen cabinets to get out my box of Aunt Chick's Happy Days cutters so I could begin making cookies as gifts for the children in my AWANA group at church. On a whim, I wondered if The Four McB's were still in business in Tulsa. What a surprise to find you listed on the Web!
I am 81 years old, have four children, 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and have been using your cutters since the 1940s. The one I used the most over the years is the pumpkin. Each Halloween I would color the dough orange; use raisins for the eyes and white icing for the snaggle teeth. The cutter now has a crack in it, but it still makes a nice pumpkin.
I am making a Snowman and a Stocking for the AWANA children and am looking forward to getting to it. Now that the children are all gone, and my husband Lloyd is retired, he helps with the decorating.
Thanks for all the joy you have brought our family through the years.
Linda Hill      
My 9 y/o daughter had long admired the Santa cookies that my girlfriend and her mother have made using the old molds since my girlfriend was little. The mold was being held together with tape and a prayer when my friend saw your ad in Bon Appetit (I believe). She told me about it but I procrastinated and never got around to ordering! Now you are out of the antique ones but I thought I'd try the new ones and begin to make memories for my daughter!
Paul and Marla Zavala      
Many years ago my mother in law gave to my new wife a cookie cutter that was made of clear red plastic. It was of a Santa Claus and we determined it to be your "Jolly Santa" cookie cutter. Through the years whenever my wife would make Christmas cookies, she would use the "Jolly Santa" cutter and those would be the most popular cookie on the tray because of the way she would decorate the facial features. After awhile, the cookie cutter cracked and eventually broke in half, making it impossible to make any more of those beautiful cookies. Since we still had the original instructions with the cutter, we wrote to the "Four McB's" in Tulsa to find out if the company was still in business, and if we could purchase another "Jolly Santa." We were surprised to get a response to our letter and to find a new "Jolly Santa" and a "Santy" cutter enclosed! My wife, Marla and I have been married now for 30 years and she still makes the "Jolly Santa" cookie even though our kids are all grown up. What is really neat is, now she will make those same cookies for my grandson, and I'm sure that one day, she will pass this cookie cutter to my daughter so that she can carry on the tradition. Thank you very much for finding your way into our home and starting a family tradition.
Jayette Norman      
I am originally from Michigan but have lived in San Diego, CA for 28 years now. My Mother used to make Santas for every one in my elementary school class in the 50's. When my girls started school I did the same for them.
Now they are carrying on the tradition. The three of us get together every year on the weekend after Thanksgiving and our needs have increased to 200 cookies.
This year we finally took pictures of the finished cookies. Next year we plan to include pictures of the process.
Since Thanksgiving gives us a long weekend we are able to break it down well. On Friday we bake, Saturday we decorate, and Sunday we individually seal them in plastic.
I have given several sets of cutters to friends but I only know of one in Minnesota who took up the challenge.
Jenna Williams      
My great grandmother owned your Merry Christmas Antique set of cookie cutters. She was known especially around her small South Dakota town for the jolly santa cookie she made in large quantities. I have faint memories of some of those same santa cookies from when I was young. That original box and cutter was handed down to me about 9 years ago. I even made them for my extended family recently and had great fun not only making them but watching my aunts & uncles relive part of their youth and hear their stories. I found your site in early January 2004 and tucked away the idea of surprising my 7 aunts and uncles with a set this Christmas. I was sad to see that they have all been sold. Would it be possible to get 10 of just the new jolly santa cutters (not as a set)? Thank you for your continued work in creating memories and for considering my request.
Barbara Clay      
There was an article about Aunt Chick's Cookie Cutters in the Orlando Sentinel. I grew up with my mother baking the cookies every Christmas and my brothers and sister and I would decorate them. I have often wondered what happen to the cutters and have never been able to find another set. My daughter is now too old to be in awe of decorating Christmas cookies, but my grandchildren are not. Thanks for bring back a wonderful childhood memory and allowing to me to share with another generation.


Sandy Childers      
When I was a child, my best friend was an older woman that lived next door with her husband and spent time and love on every child on our street, and especially on me. Her name was Virginia Loch, and we lived in Sharon, Pa. Every year she would make the Aunt Chicks Santa cookies and hand deliver them to all the children on our street, including my brother and I. They were always perfect and were carefully wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. We handled them with such care and never ate them right away. We just treasured them, looked at them and the smell was wonderful. When we were grown, I followed my brother to Texas and my parents followed after their retirement, in the early 1990’s. We kept in touch with Virginia, and visited her every time we went back home and one time my mother wrote her and asked her how to make the Santa cookies on my behalf. She sent us the original cutter set in the original box with the instructions and her own personal notes. I have been making them ever since, using the original cutter that she purchased in the 1940’s. I have passed this tradition on and give all the children that I know Santa cookies at Christmas. They have become another of our family traditions.

Virginia has since passed away, but she inspired a tradition that will hopefully live on for many years. This past Christmas I was able to purchase 2 sets of the Christmas Cutters, from Grammas Cutters online including the Santa Cutter. I gave one to my niece along with a scrapbook of family recipes including copies of Virginia’s handwritten letter and her Aunt Chick’s recipes. The other set of cutters was a gift for my brother and his family to pass on the tradition we loved as children.
Laura Lea      
A wonderful memory box was opened Thanksgiving morning when I saw an article in my local paper that pictured Aunt Chicks cutters. I immediately pulled my set out of the hutch where it has been for 20 years or more. Treasures kept in the same place unused for too long. I have everything but the original box and for some reason I've always felt that I had the only set! Just me. When I was a little girl I received the cookies as Christmas presents from my Great Aunt Avalea in Tulsa. They were so beautiful that I could barely stand to eat them. I was named after this Aunt and truly enjoy the memories of decorating these cookies with her and then again later with my mom and sister; and even again with girlfriend making them for our boys. So my Great Aunt is gone and I believe I will lose my mom soon and the need for pleasant thoughts is so necessary. I believe we'll be making cookies and maybe making more memories for Christmas this year! I do remember they were a day-long venture and I look forward to it! I'm really blessed that I'm not alone with these thoughts. Thanks.