Santa cookies

My mother brought the first Christmas cutters when they came out. Please tell me I have to make a lot of Santa’s cookies for my grandson’s work about 70 or more ugh. Ha. You freeze the cookies after you bake them and then color them a week before Christmas. I would like to make the […]

The first Christmas I remember Santa clause

The first Christmas I remember Santa Claus was in 1953, I was almost 6 years old. I remember Christmas before this particular Christmas but Santa Claus had not figured into it. Set the time, we were living in a trailer park in Tampa, Florida, not far from Macdill Air Force Base, after having spent three […]

I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

There on the internet, late last night was the Christmas Cookie Cutters our family cherished so very, very, much. Wow! I could not believe my eyes. I hit the jackpot of all time. I quickly ordered two sets of “Gramma’s Christmas Cookies Cutters”. My 93 year’s young Mom, has baked a sugar cookie recipe each […]

Generations of cookie love

The Aunt Chick’s cookies have been a part of our family tradition for over 60 years. The first time I used the cookie cutter to make the Santa cookies was for both my son’s 2nd and 3rd grade class Christmas party. The children loved them so much that they hesitated to eat them at first. […]

Worked for Aunt Chick

I use to work for Aunt Chick when I lived in Tulsa Okla. I helped package hundreds of these cookie cutters to get them ready for shipping. I rented a little house on her property and I loved it! That was when I was around 19 years old. I am now 66 years old. I’m […]


I would like to share a song I wrote about my mother’s cookie molds. I have carried on the tradition of using her cutters and they are now in their 60th year of use. I’ve created a video and blog, which gives a link to your site. I hope you will share my story as […]

Santa Cookie Cutter

My mother started making Santa cookies in 1952 when my older sister was in Kindergarten. The tradition continued until she was unable to make the cookies. At that time, 1983, the cherished cutter was passed to me. She also ordered sets of Aunt Chick’s cookie cutters for my 3 sisters and me. A few years […]

Good memories

My great aunt gave me a complete set of cookie cutters in the 1970’s when I started my own family. We have made and decorated cookies ever since. So much fun as the children and I decorated especially the Christmas set. They are stored in the original boxes with the original recipe between uses. I […]

The Santa Cookie cutteer

My mother born in 1920 made Santa Cookies during my childhood in Berkeley. We put them in baggies, tied with a ribbon and hung them on the Christmas tree. When other children arrived they could take a cookie from the tree. I made the cookies for my children and one has caught the spirit and […]

Travelling Cookie Cutters

I grew up in Ontario, Canada in the 50’s where my American parents settled after the war. My mother always made 5 kinds of Christmas Cookies. My favourite being Anise Cookies. These were always cut out using the Aunt Chick’s red cutters. When I moved away from home, being the youngest, my mother stopped baking […]