Vegetable Bowl Dinner | Sept 10, 1936

The World’s Kitchen Log – 9/10/36 By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney Up here in Detroit they are just into grape jelly, green peas and peaches. It is hard to believe that two days’ driving from Tulsa could put one into such a different clime. Last night I had a vegetable salad bowl, for which I […]

Short-Cut Menu | Aug 19, 1936

The World’s Kitchen Log – 8/19/36 By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney Another Short-Cut Menu Tuna or Salmon with lemon quarters. Scalloped boiled potatoes Raw vegetable, slaw, tomatoes, celery hearts. Iced tea made with cold water. Dessert – Sliced peaches, fresh plums, ice cream cones. Let’s get part of tomorrow’s dinner tonight. When you cook potatoes […]

Summer Mayonnaise | Aug 14, 1936

The World’s Kitchen Log – 8/14/36 By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney You may get tired of seeing this recipe but requests are still coming is for it. I was so surprised the first time that some one had trouble with it. However one good thing was accomplished, I began to work with it and now […]

Angel Food Cake | Nov 15, 1935

The World’s Kitchen Log – 11/15/35  By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney This recipe is from a Goodwill Cookbook that Aunt Chick donated her recipe to. Aunt Chick’s Angel Food Cake 1 ½ cups egg whites 1 ½ teaspoons cream of tartar 1-teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon almond extract ½ teaspoon lemon extract 1-teaspoon vanilla extract 1 […]

All I Know About Pie Crust | Oct 30, 1935

The World’s Kitchen Log – 10/30/35  By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney ALL I KNOW ABOUT PIE CRUST  Enough requests have come in since my return to warrant another good old-fashioned pie crust lesson. I am going to begin at the very beginning so you, who know all about this American delicacy, take a vacation today. […]

Stuffed Peppers | Oct 22, 1935

The World’s Kitchen Log – 10/22/35  By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney I am going to tell you what she served three of us the other night. It was a great plenty; it tasted good, it had all the necessary food elements; it cost next door to nothing and she had prepared two meals with the […]

Aunt Chick’s Lemon Poppy Seed Cutout Cookies

Lemon and poppy seed together makes for a scrumptious cookie recipe. And with the use of our Aunt Chick’s Cookie Cutters these cookies just need a little cream cheese frosting to decorate to add to their sweetness. You will be surprised how fast these little cookies are picked off your plate! Yields 2 – 2 […]

The Truth About Candy | October 10, 1935

The World’s Kitchen Log – 10/10/35  By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney The national weeks of various kinds are about to descend upon us, and the one that is nearest is the “farthest fetched” in my opinion. Whoever heard of its being necessary to wrap candy in attractive paper to tempt children’s appetites? Mine would eat […]