Vegetable Bowl Dinner | Sept 10, 1936

The World’s Kitchen Log – 9/10/36
By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney

Up here in Detroit they are just into grape jelly, green peas and peaches. It is hard to believe that two days’ driving from Tulsa could put one into such a different clime. Last night I had a vegetable salad bowl, for which I paid 60 cents. It was worth it to me but you can have it for so much less and I thought as I ate it. I am going to write about this tomorrow. There is nothing different about it, we just do not bother to think ahead and plan, is all. With this, I would suggest a good serving of cheese, if no other form than cubes to be eaten with it. With rolls or bread and butter, there is enough for anyone unless he is a heavy laborer.

Vegetable Bowl Dinner 
Choose a large platter or chop plate for the arrangement of this salad and have enough.

Head of Cauliflower 
In the center a head of cauliflower that is cut into the number to be served, will make a nice serving. Be careful in the cooking, not to overcook. This will avoid the darkening of it as well as give it that fresh feeling as you bite.

Green Peas 
Around this head of cauliflower make a ring of green peas. There is one brand on the market that is a large, bright green, sweet pea. When I get home, call me up and I will tell you about it.

Quartered Beets 
At one end of the platter quartered beets that have been soaked in a very slightly acid juice to which a very little bit of sugar has been added. If you use the canned ones, just add it to the canned juice.

At the other end of the platter a pile of string beans, canned or otherwise.

And, if the chef at the Book-Cadillac had asked my advice, I would have suggested that he give the patron the choice of sliced sweet onions with this. But he did not ask me, so I did not have the crowning touch to such a salad, in my opinion.

I have neglected to speak of the dressing. I was served mayonnaise with it but I really think a good French dressing would have tasted better.


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