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Carrie Greno Falzone

Founder and President of Gramma’s Cutters, Inc – Bio
October 1, 2004

My first memory of Christmas cookies was when my Grandmother, Bunny Pittenger, let me help decorate Santa cookies in my highchair. Every holiday, she would bring out theMerry Xmas Set she bought from Aunt Chick back in 1949, and a beloved family tradition was passed on.

It was in 2001, after my Grandmother passed away, that I decided to bring new life to this cherished tradition. By the time Aunt Chick died in 1982, her cutters had not been produced in decades and bakers began hoarding them for fear they would never be available again. As a result, my family had located and bought a production mold to make the Jolly Santa Cutter. In August of 2001 with my experience as a graphic/web designer, I created a website call, and started selling theSanta Cutter over the Internet.

By early September I stumbled upon a gentleman in Tulsa OK with 18,000 of Aunt Chick’s Cookie Cutters in storage. I bought them all and soon my house was packed with cookie cutters from floor to ceiling! I took out a small ad in the Martha Stewart Living December 2001 issue. The response was phenomenal! In just the first few months I was in business, I had made back all of my initial investment.

In 2002 I made a reproduction mold of Aunt Chick’s Angel and Cowboy Cutters. After a diligent effort, earlier this year in 2004, I contacted and convinced Aunt Chick’s Granddaughter to sell the original production molds of the Merry Xmas Set, Happy Days Set, Special Days Set and Garden Set to Gramma’s Cutters. At the 2004 Cookie Cutter Collectors Club Convention in Pittsburgh, PA, I announced the exciting news and received an overwhelming response.

This fall I will be working with students from my Alma Mater, the Columbus College of Art and Design, to come up with new packaging design for the cookie cutter line. It will be a scholarship project for approximately 40 students and it’s a great way for them to be able to showcase their talents for their portfolios.

My website is dedicated to all things Aunt Chick including her food columns, recipes and personal history. The original five sets of Aunt Chick’s cookie cutters will be available online for Christmas 2004.

My goal is to have this cookie cutter line in retail stores around the country by Christmas 2013. I want to help future generations create the same heart-warming memories that so many others and I have experienced thanks to Aunt Chick. These cutters make more than just cookies; they are a labor of love that brings family and friends together in holiday spirit.


  • Sue houser

    Can I buy one near Portland or I need to teach my granddaughter this weeken. Thank you so much ! I love your story’. I made them with my mom and aunt in the 50’s!

    • carriefalzone

      Hi Sue –

      My apologies not getting back to you right away on this. It has been quite a hectic holiday season both in the business and personally… days do seem to get away from me!

      We don’t sell in local stores just yet. Right now you can purchase online through our website, or one of our retailers King Arthur Flour.

      Have a lovely Christmas!
      Carrie Falzone
      Gramma’s Cutters Inc

  • Pat

    Our family carries on the Santee cookie we started 60 years ago. Just got together for our annual Cookie Convention to decorate our baked, red-hat Santee… 36 DOZEN cookies!!!

    • carriefalzone

      Wow~ that’s a LOT of cookies!

  • Binny

    I was looking at your website and in the top Left your tabs for categories “shop” shows candy but that link when it goes iis not iin English, can you translate just that iinto English thank you

  • Trudy Fennell

    Hello Carrie,
    I have just spent some time reading your information and the comments about your venture into Aunt Chick’s cookie molds.
    I was introduced to them almost 50 years ago by an elderly artist, baker and the most talented human being that I ever met. She was already in her 70’s and lived in a tiny cottage that was her “studio” for painting, baking and decorating her edible works of art and many of the most awesome icing decorations that I had ever seen.
    Never having held an icing bag much less piped anything, I was a true novice. She held my hand in hers and my life changed in an instant.
    We became very close during her final years and although I never could have her talent or the ideas that seemed to come to her creative and brilliant mind until her very last days here on earth, she seemed happy to be my mentor and pass on her talent. I have given probably thousands of Santa Cookies, sending them to soldiers and sailors in Viet Nam, Thailand and other places of War while my husband, brothers and sons and spouses of friends spent holidays far away from home. My cookies even appeared on the front page of our local Christmas Morning paper in 1968, which was a total surprise.
    Santa in particular has become more than a family tradition. My grandchildren get notes from teachers who have loved them over the years and want to share them with new generations of students.
    I never tire of making and sharing them. As the holidays approach my email begins to fill with orders for the Jolly guy. My Santas are decorated with eyelashes,
    painted hat and a special icing for the trim and beard.
    Later, I too was a food writer and editor so Aunt Chick and I had more than cookies in common.
    I have only taught a very few classes related to decorating Santa cookies and so far my teenage grand daughter who lives in Minnesota is my best student! Too bad she wants to become a Plastic Surgeon! What a fabulous pastry chef she could make!
    Back to baking this year after a long illness, and my heart just can’t wait to get started with Santas again! I will try to send you a photo of my cookie but am not sure if I know how to get an attachment to you. God Bless You for keeping Aunt Chick’s legacy alive!!

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