Gingerbread Cutout Cookie Recipe

Gingerbread Man Cookie Decorating Instructions

Before you start, you will need –

  • Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter (found in our store)
  • Brown colored sanding sugars (found in our store)
  • Cranberry Red & Holly Green Luster Dust (found in our store)
  • Artist Brush (found in our store)
  • Raisins
  • String Licorice
  • Egg white or corn syrup mixture (with water)
  • Piping Bag and Decorating Kit (found in our store)
  • Royal Icing (found in our store)
  • Gramma’s Cutters Gingerbread Recipe (found on our site)
  1. Make cookies and let cool
  2. Paint egg white mixture or corn syrup mixture on the pants area and sprinkle with brown sanding sugar.
  3. Mix luster dusts with a small amount of vodka (which will dilute) paint bowtie area with green luster mixture and cheeks and nose with red luster mixture.
  4. Outline pants and suspenders with icing (pipe on using tip #800) as well as a curly cue for his hair and zigzagged cuffs on his arms. Then lay the string licorice on top around pants and suspenders.
  5.  Finally cut raisins in 1/4 and dab in icing to stick on the cookie for buttons on his shirt.