Mimama’s cookie cutters

My husbands grandmother would make the jolly Santa , Easter bunny, and snowman every year. Using cut raisin pieces for eyes, painting the rosy cheeks on Santa decorating his white on his hat. She did the same decorating on the others paying attention to detail. When she passed at almost 103 my father in law asked me if there was anything if hers I would like to have, after thinking a bit I said I would like to have her cookbooks and cookie cutters. He gave me the cookbooks right away . My mother in law has reluctantly given me cookie cutters last year for Christmas , my first question was where is Santa and the other chicks cutters. No response, this year for Christmas my father in law made her give me the treasured cutters. ( I’m not her favorite daughter in law) well bunny is missing, maybe next year. I have the original boxes. But here is the kicker for Christmas this year I got a cookie tin and in it was a petrified jolly Santa, my mother in law kept it for the last 20 years so she would know how to decorate it. I think she is crazy but I will put it away with the cookies. I believe these were cutters mimama handed down to mother in law and she gave me those. She likes to keep things and thinks I don’t know that she is keeping mimama’s stuff. I miss those days with mimama but I will hand them down to my daughter in law with pride when the time comes