Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating Instructions

Before you start, you will need –tips_tree

  • Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter (found in our store)
  • Royal Icing or Edible Paint
  • Piping bag with outliner and filler tips (found in our store)
  • Edible Decorations – Christmas Lights (found in our store)
  • Egg white or corn syrup (w/ water)
  • Green Edible Glitter (found in our store)
  • Brown sanding sugar (found in our store)
  1. Paint egg whites on stem of tree and sprinkle with brown sanding sugar.
  2. Paint egg whites on underside of the tree and sprinkle with green edible glitter – let stand.
  3. Pipe or paint on royal icing or edible paint.
  4. Push in edible decorations (we also have gingerbread men, candy canes, color stix, snowflakes and holly & berry decorations available).
  5. Let sit 24 hours to assure that the royal icing hardens.
Cookie Decorating
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