Poinsettia Cookie Decorating Instructions

Before you start, you will need –

  • Found in the Aunt Chick’s Garden Cookie Cutter Set
  • Royal Icing or Edible Paint
  • Piping bag with outliner and filler tips (found in our store)
  • Artist Paint Brush (found in our store)
  • Red & Green Food Colorings (found in our store)
  • Edible Decorations – Christmas Lights (found in our store)
  • Egg White or diluted Corn Syrup
  • Red sanding sugar (found in our store)
  1. Paint on red-colored icing (or paint) on the front leaf – avoiding leaf veins. 
  2. Paint with egg white the remaining leaves that you want red and sprinkle everything with red sanding sugar. Let stand.
  3. Paint remaining leaves with green-colored icing (or paint).
  4. Put on yellow-colored edible decorations. Affixing them with red icing. Let sit for 24 hours to assure that the royal icing hardens.



For our Blackcherry Poinsettia Cookies, you will use our Aunt Chick’s Jello Cookie Recipe. To decorate we painted on Desert Plum Luster Dust in the poinsettia veins and dipped the cookies in white chocolate and crushed walnuts.

Jello Cutout Cookie Recipe

Click here to view recipe

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