Pilgrim Cookie Decorating Instructions

Before you start, you will need –

  • Aunt Chick’s Pilgrim Cookie Cutter ( found in our store)
  • Artist Paint Brush (found in our store)
  • Black Sanding Sugar (found in our store)
  • Luster Dust White, Silver & Desert Plum (found in our store)
  • Red Luster Dust (found in our store)
  • Black Coloring Gel (found in our store)
  • Egg White or diluted Corn Syrup
  • Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • Preferred Flavoring Extract (found in our store)
  1. Paint on hair area with diluted Corn Syrup that is heated in the microwave (this is because when it cools it hardens and loses its stick). Then sprinkle on Graham Cracker Crumbs. You will need to take a clean paintbrush and dust away from your face. Let stand until crumbs set. 
  2. Paint on hat and shirt area with corn syrup mixture and sprinkle on black sanding sugar.
  3. Mix luster dusts with flavored extract to create a paintable mixture. Paint the silver mixture on the buckle, lapels with the white mixture, and then finally deep plum mixture on the hatband.
  4. The face can be completed with a mixture of black coloring gel and water so you can use a paintbrush or toothpick to draw on the eyes and mouth (you can use red for the mouth but don’t make it look like lipstick). Then a little dusting on the cheeks of red luster dust (no vodka).