Stocking Full of Toys Cookies

Stocking Cookie Decorating Instructions

Before you start, you will need –

  • Aunt Chick’s Stocking Cookie Cutter (found in our store)
  • Royal Icing or Edible Paint
  • Piping bag with outliner and filler tips (found in our store)
  • Food Colorings, color is your choice (found in our store)
  • Egg white or corn syrup (w/ water)
  • Sanding Sugar – color is your choice (found in our store)
  1. Paint egg white or corn syrup mixture on interior drum area. Sprinkle with sanding sugar. Let Stand. 
  2. Pipe colored icing on to horn (I prefer gold or yellow) and sprinkle with similar sanding sugar. 
  3. Pipe on colored icing on drum detail (I prefer silver or gray).
  4. Pipe on icing around stocking and fill with same color and then pipe on patched toes.
  5. Let sit 24 hours to assure that the royal icing hardens.

Comments (2)

  1. laura taylor

    My mother use to make these Christmas cookies every year when we were in grade school. There were five of us and at least 30 kids in each classroom. WOW , thats a lot of cookies to make. Our teachers and classmates always looked forward to them every Christmas. My mom left us with many wonderful memories of that time and as I grew older she passed down the cookie cutters to me. I have since then made them for my own children and later, grandchildren. They have all been in the kitchen with me for this event and I must admit, mom’s turned out much tastier and prettier then mine…… I’m still working on it.

    December 7, 2017 at 7:50 pm Reply
    • carriefalzone

      Hi Laura – I think we always think that our mother’s did things better than we do… so I bet your kids will think yours will always be better than theirs 🙂

      Happy Baking and have a happy holidays!
      Gramma’s Cutters

      December 13, 2017 at 1:05 am Reply
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