Frequently Asked Questions

As you can see in the picture on the left all the cookie cutters in a set are made from one mold. So when we make a set we have an equal number of cutters. If we were to sell one cutter individually probability is that it would run out before the rest. So it would be a never-ending cycle of too many Stars and not enough Santa’s.

Gramma’s Cutters stock is only in opaque red plastic. The transparent cookie cutters you are speaking of were some of Aunt Chick’s™ first to go on the market. Unfortunately, the plastic was not very strong and tended to crack and break more easily.

We are not looking to purchase any Aunt Chick’s Cookie Cuttersbut if you have anything different to share (unusual colors or decorating techniques) we would love pictures. However, if you are looking to sell your Aunt Chick’s cookie cutters I would recommend eBay!

I have seen the flower cookie cutters made in yellow, pink, and white plastics. The cowboy and angel cutters were made out of pink marbled plastic. I have also heard of green plastic but haven’t seen any examples. I think these plastics were used in smaller runs though so they are collector items.

I have been gifted 2 full Aunt Chick’s™ Pastry Kits by wonderful customers who were generous enough to share. We do offer the shell-piercer, starburst, and cherry/ leaf cutters, and have done our best to find a Pastry Cloth that is as good as the original but it is not the original Pastry Cloth because Aunt Chick actually made these by hand. Cherish the ones you have. If you are interested in the pie cutters we offer them in our store as Aunt Chick’s Pastry Cutters!

She sold the HRM Gingerboy cutter which you can find on many other websites. She never had a cutter that she designed though. But today we offer our Aunt Chick’s Gingerbread Man in our American Traditions Cookie Cutter Set.

Aunt Chick stopped offering these cookie cutters after her mold was stolen/confiscated (depends on who you ask). However Gramma’s Cutters was able to purchase original Aunt Chick’s Angel and Cowboy cookie cutters, then have them laser scanned and a mold made from the originals. A long process but a perfect reproduction!

Good question! These cutters were hard to come by because she didn’t offer them for very long. As Aunt Chick put it “A very bad man stole the mold that had the cowboy and angel designs in it.” This was in the 1960s, if you find the originals they are made out of pink marble plastic. Today they are offered in our Jolly Days Set!

We were able to acquire the original Pilgrim design that Aunt Chick came up with for her cookie-cutter but she never actually made it. It looked more like a witch is probably why she didn’t do it – we had customers vote on designs when we made our Pilgrim Cookie Cutter in our American Traditions Set but our new design won out.

Gramma’s Cutters started as a way to help families continue their baking holiday traditions. However, we have received such a great response from customers that we added Aunt Chick’s American Traditions Cookie Cutter Set recently and we hope to continue adding more in the next few years.

I cannot find any information of Aunt Chick offering a Nativity set. It could possibly have been an HRM cookie cutter set (which we do not offer). However, if you have a Nativity Set you believe to be Aunt Chick’s™ please send me a picture so I can post it on the website.

The Four McB’s are Nettie McBirneys four children who inherited the Aunt Chick’s™ Company when Ms. McBirney retired. They went on to produce the cookie cutters and pastry sets for quite a few more years before they retired also.