Jolly Santa Cookie Decorating Instructions

Before you start, you will need – Aunt Chick’s Jolly Santa Cutter (found in our store) Decorator (found in our store) Artists “fine” brush (found in our store) Frosting – click here for recipe Small bowls for the corn syrup or egg whites Red colored sugar (found in our store) Chocolate Chips or Raisins Coconut (optional) Red Paste Food Coloring (found […]

Helpful Cookie Decorating Tips

HELPFUL HINTS FOR DECORATING Basic decorating tips: If desired, press small pieces of raisins, cloves, snips of string licorice, or other candies for eyes, nose and mouths, ect. Simply, press into cookie dough and bake. Colored Cookie dough may be placed on unbaked cookies as decorations. When the cookie is baked, the decoration will be […]