Decorating Easter Bunny Cookies

cream-cheese-bunnies (2)BUNNY WITH EGG ; With no decorations the bunny, like a cunning little girl, needs to be dressed up for Easter. But “the boys” are fine as is. The bunny all dressed up with decorated eggs is too cunning for words. For her eye make very little powdered sugar icing color deep pink. Make little balls, size of rather a large pea or press in allspice berries. With red egg white draw a rather broad line down the ear where marked. The amount of work you wish to put on the egg is up to you. But if you ever with the little rosette of a cake decorating set make tiny flowers of pastel shades. You will be so enamored with her, that you will dress her up ever time. I made 75 last year for kindergarten, for the last little grand daughter. Then the counterpart of the little girls sash and bow is her coconut tail. Spread generously with white powdered sugar icing press in lots of coconut, preferably the mount coconut cans or plastic containers. You can use the dry but the moist kind is best.

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