Santa Face Cookies

My aunt and her family used to make santa face cookies for years using the aunt chick cookie cutter. I admired those faces since I was young and after having three daughters of my own I asked her if she’d teach me. She finally agreed. My husband was away at deer camp and my three young daughters, mom, grandma and of course my aunt, spent the afternoon making santa cookies. I remember texting my husband pictures at the end of the day and he was so impressed. A few weeks later he was diagnosed with cancer and 5 weeks after that he passed away. I couldn’t bring myself to make those cookies the next few years. My daughters kept asking but I couldn’t make them. I just kept remembering that moment in time when everything was right and we were making beautiful cookies and all that was gone. Fast forward 3 years and I remarried. Another widow with his own three children. So this year, when he went to deer camp his son, my (now 5) daughters, mom, grandmother and myself made the santa cookies and more importantly, memories!