Short-Cut Menu | Aug 19, 1936

The World’s Kitchen Log – 8/19/36
By Mrs. Sam P. McBirney

Another Short-Cut Menu

  • Tuna or Salmon with lemon quarters.
  • Scalloped boiled potatoes
  • Raw vegetable, slaw, tomatoes, celery hearts.
  • Iced tea made with cold water.
  • Dessert – Sliced peaches, fresh plums, ice cream cones.

Let’s get part of tomorrow’s dinner tonight. When you cook potatoes for dinner tonight, cook enough for tomorrow. Leave their jackets on. You know these minerals that I am eternally harping on, they lie close to the skin and boiling in this manner, you get every bit of them. Tomorrow evening, peel and dice. (This is better than slicing). Put into casserole; almost cover with canned milk that has been diluted with the water. Season with salt and pepper and cover well with cracker crumbs that you have buttered this is what you are going to cook your fish patties in. Let’s save on dishes also. Bake in a 350-degree oven until the milk is boiling well and the crumbs browned.

Choose your canned fish with one eye on the price mark. Either tuna or salmon is good and although the more expensive, bright colored salmon is prettier to look at, I wouldn’t spend the difference for the color. One of the smallest cans will serve three nicely. To one can add a slice of bread that has been soaked in water and wrung out.

In the before mentioned skillet that you used fro buttering the crumbs, add some bacon fat, if yes have it. If not use butter but allow it to get past the bubbling stage. Drop tablespoonful of the fish mixture brown on the one side, turn and brown on the other. Serve with quarters of lemon. By the way, when you serve lemon, do not slice it. Instead, cut lengthwise, through the end and quarter it making it easier to grip and squeeze. Just good sense, eh.