Travelling Cookie Cutters

I grew up in Ontario, Canada in the ’50s where my American parents settled after the war. My mother always made 5 kinds of Christmas Cookies. My favorite being Anise Cookies. These were always cut out using Aunt Chick’s red cutters. When I moved away from home, being the youngest, my mother stopped baking at Christmas time letting her married children carry on the tradition. My siblings were not interested in continuing the Anise Cookie tradition so, loving these cutters, they became mine. They have continued to bring delight wherever I have lived. Even young Jamaican children have enjoyed these shapes unique to them. Over time they have become cracked and chipped but with great care, I continue to use them not willing to see them replaced. My daughter decided to try looking up how old they might be as I have kept them in their original box, sold by The Four McB’s in Tulsa Oklahoma, and discovered that Aunt Chick’s four red cutters are celebrating the 70th Anniversary! Imagine my delight that it is possible to replace mine with new the same! These shapes will continue to be shared with so many for another 70 years for when I no longer get excited about baking, they will be cherished by my daughter wherever she may find herself.

Patricia Cawley Reid
St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick, Canada